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How to Add Charts and Graphs to a Vue.js Application? ☞

Moving between & property w Elixir. Graphs are everywhere. Graphs are about connected data. Graphs are about large-scale data integration. Elixir is dynamic, functional, designed for scalable & maintainable distributed applications

Pretty sure the person who made this pie chart had in fact just smoked a truly Olympic amount of weed

To kick start our math unit on graphing 📉we learned a cool 😎 song 🎶 AND watched a cool 😎 video 🎥!!💚 🧮 📈 – at Quail Run Elementary

Today in math we used our class Birthday picture graph to make a horizontal bar graph 📈 & a vertical bar graph 📉 ! 💚 🧮 – at Quail Run Elementary

Math and science combined!! We took our class recycling and made a bar graph. Love when they have ideas and we can make it come to life.

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Eurovision Placing by Year - Moldova

Moldova entered the contest with a strong debut in 2005, and achieved several more top half results before a 3 year non qualification streak. The famous 2010 saxophone solo took on a life of its own outside of the contest, and the same group gave Moldova their best ever finish (3rd) in 2017.

First Places: None

Last Places: None

Prequalification Last Place: 2014

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Benchee is a library for micro benchmarking in Elixir

It can happen sometimes that you work with Elixir and then you want to benchmark something. So, what will you use? We have a hint for you. Benchee is a library for micro benchmarking in Elixir that allows you to compare the performance of different pieces of code at a glance.
Benchee is easy in u…

Eurovision Placing by Year - Italy

Italy was one of the participants of the inaugural contest and won two times before heading off on an indefinite hiatus in the 90s. In 2011 Italy returned to the contest and was automatically instated into the Big 5, becoming the best performing member of that group. The long running Sanremo festival was one of the main inspirations for the contest’s beginnings.

First Places: 1964, 1990

Last Place: 1966

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Do you use OneGraph?

Do you use OneGraph? In simple words, OneGraph is a GraphQL service that hat wraps and connects the internet’s SaaS APIs. It supports the services that run your business and if you still don’t know how to use it, we’re sorry for you. Joking! We are here to tell you about about…

Eurovision Placing by Year - Russia

Russia’s history in the contest can currently be divided into 3 eras conveniently separated by gaps in participation: the first in the 90s as one of the new debuts, with mostly mid table results, the second in the 2000s as one of the most successful countries, and the third being the first failure to qualify from a semi final last year.

First Place: 2008

Last Places: None

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Los Angeles County attracts over 200K people a year. Yet we lose over 300K.  Where are we losing more than we are gaining and vice versa?

Note: Migration from other California counties has been removed from the chart. That dwarfs all at in-flow of 114K and an outflow of 180K.

Eurovision Placing by Year - North Macedonia

Originally set to debut in 1996, Macedonia fell short in the contest-wide prequalification system and officially debuted 2 years later, and continues to look for the first top 10 placement. Although Macedonia was the only country to participate in and make it out of every semi final during the single semi final era, Macedonia has only qualified a single time (in 2012, with their 2nd best placing) since the advent of the 2 semi final system.

First Places: None

Last Places: None

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TensorStream ML framework that supports pure Ruby

In our Introduction to Neural Networks you could get familiar with the basics of machine learning. But you shouldn’t stop exploring that huge field of knowledge. There are so many interesting things and we want to present to you one of them. TensorStream ML framework that supports pure R…

Eurovision Placing by Year - France

France is one of the most successful countries in Eurovision, with a total of 5 wins, and was very dominant in the early years of the contest. In 1991, France became the only country to score as many points as the winner but lose to a tiebreaker. Despite more mixed results in later years, France was known for having never come in last until 2014.

First Places: 1958, 1960, 1962, 1969, 1977

Last Place: 2014

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Eurovision Placing by Year - Iceland

Debuting in 1986 with 3 straight 16th place finishes, Iceland is one of the most successful countries to never have won the contest. Iceland has a history of ups and downs, having streaks of both qualification and non-qualification. Some fans are wondering if this year will be a successful one for Iceland, following their pattern of second places in 1999 and 2009 – however, Iceland has also come in last in 1989.

First Places: None

Last Places: 1989, 2001

Prequalification Last Place: 2018

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