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Jordan art🎨 which is your favorite jordan?👇👇Follow my graphic art account on instagram @ gal.a.x.y

waited a couples days to release this piece, figured it would show us how much has changed with very little to see, im also looking to expand my platform and where i post my art

made some 3d art today i know we're all looking toward the future of sean and Daniel but, does anyone else what to see a continuation of captain spirit

歌舞伎町イメージ 何色の何

new art: "Heckin' Chonkbirb". This Chonkbirb makes me Heckin' happy. Look for "BeringerTwit" on and for this and other designs (cheaper on teepublic for a few days). Thanks all.

look that cuts the heart music: [FREE] "New Year" Lil Peep Type Beat Inst: miroslav.afanasenko Artist: miroslav.afanasenko Художник: Мирослав Афанасенко

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