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season is here! Avoid the worry and hassle of surface care this school year when you purchase the Protection Plan with your countertop installation from BC Stone. Photo: //

We're saying cheers to 25 years and we're going gold with ! As we celebrate our 25th anniversary we are giving our clients the gold standard with a gift of products. Go gold with and purchase and Granite Gold products today!

💜stormy days to clean the house. I even waxed the granite counters d waxed the bathroom floors! product

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Tip: Seal frequently. Truth is, you can’t over-seal natural stone surfaces.

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Tip: Mold and mildew need moisture to survive. After each shower leave the shower door open to allow ventilation.

Check our store locator for a store near you. Your granite, marble and more will thank you! .

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Treat your stone like gold with ! Check our store locator for a store near you!

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Granite Gold - Polish


This Polish by Granite Gold should be used in combination with the Granite Gold Daily Cleaner. I used it on the marble kitchen counter and on the bathroom sink area. It is simple and easy to use. I like that it makes the surfaces look shiny and bright. It is a safe product because it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. I also like that it doesn’t have a strong scent, in fact, it seems more like a neutral scent to me. It is a nice sized bottle that it is of good value. I am happy with this polish because it gives me my desired results. It is very effective and useful. I’d definitely recommend it to everyone. #ad #FreeSample

Granite Gold Sealer


This Sealer by Granite Gold has a scent that is to die for! At least for me anyway, it has that new, raw or fresh scent that you can smell around a construction like area. It doesn’t smell harmful and I personally find the scent pleasing. It is very safe and easy to use because it is free of chemicals like phosphates and ammonia. A few sprays go a long way, so for that reason, the bottle size is great and valuable. I used this after cleaning the surface with the daily cleanser. Please do follow the instructions on the bottle.For instance it is required to wipe off the surface after the sealer has been sprayed on, do not allow it to dry out and then wipe it off. This product basically protects the natural stones that are found on the kitchen or bathroom’s surfaces. I am very pleased with this product and I’d recommend it to everyone. #ad #FreeSample

Granite Gold - Daily Cleaner


I used this Daily Cleaner by Granite Gold on the stones of my kitchen counter. I like that it’s gentle and has a slight scent of nail polish. It easily dries off with a paper towel but you can also use a lint-free cloth. I like that this product is completely safe because it’s free from all kind of harmful chemicals. I also like that the scent isn’t too strong. A few sprays of it go a long way. I like that it deeply cleansed the surface area in my kitchen and the floor in the bathroom. I’d definitely recommend this product to everyone. #ad #freesample

Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Wipes


These cleansers are wonderful for many reasons. They are moisturized but also aren’t dripping. They clean very easily and effectively. What I liked the most about these Daily Cleaner Wipes is that they are gentle to the touch and they also don’t seem harmful unlike other cleaner wipes that I have used before. I like that they don’t have a very strong scent either. I loved using these to clean area in my kitchen. Thanks to these wipes, I actually enjoyed cleaning my kitchen for once! I loved the simplicity of using these wipes.They come with a very convenient packaging too that is resealable.Id definitely recommend these cleaner wipes to everyone. #ad #FreeSample