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2 year ago today😞 miss and love you❤️

I think I'm experiencing my first Weather-Induced Old Injury Pain. If you need me, I'll be indulging in violet candies and crosswords.

Babcia podróżniczka, insta-babcia, babcia producent konfitur, babcia krawcowa, babcia lektorka, babcia bohaterka... Jaka jest Wasza babcia? Dajcie znać w komentarzu na naszym FB - najlepsze odpowiedzi nagrodzimy zestawami naszych gadżetów <3

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Pamiętajcie dziś o swoich Kochanych Babciach ❤👵One pamiętają o Was. Zawsze.

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La foto más valiosa que tengo en mi galería... Mi abue y yo, hace como 24 años! :') ❤️

Fighting a nasty virus so I this bassinet and tiny doll dress for my granddaughter.

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My grandmother doesn’t understand that I don’t like to be touched, then she gets bitchy and offended when I pull away


Grandmas Are The Best

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My grandma ranting on about how annoying the border controls in the DDR used to be (and how she illegally smuggled something out of the Czech Republic, and then yelled at the border control guy to leave her the fuck alone when he wanted to control her car) and how she is gonna sue someone if that starts again, just because some idiots think the EU is shit is the mood.