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"The only reason that people talk about you behind your back is because you're already ahead of them." - Grandma

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If you didn’t tear up just a little when talked about his and looked heavenward on ... don’t ever speak to me again. Ever. I mean it.

I just want everybody to know my grandma is the sweetest. ♥️

Between busy schedules, worrying about our kid’s health and the family budget there are just some things that are better left for Grandma.

When you arrive and your grandmother makes you a homemade chicken potato bowl. Yes please!

My homegirl made frozen yogurt gummies for her grandson! There are beets and raspberries and yogurt, and he loves them!

This Cool Grandma Belongs To: Personalized with your choice of names, our Cool Grandma collection is available in hoodies, tee shirts, mugs, apron, tote bag and necklace.

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I know no one cares, but why does everyone have a cool grandma and I don’t? Ok, both of grandma’s are alcoholics and selfish as fuck. Well, one of them isn’t technically my grandma, but I’ve called her grandma my entire life, so. But still, she sucks. They both suck.

it’s such an indescribable feeling every time you find out somebody passed away… it’s like all the bad things, all the misunderstandings, all the anger, all the problems just wash away and time stops until you can fully process the information


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My dad is leaving this weekend for another hike on the Appellation Trail, so I am spending the night with my grandma.  We have had someone staying with her every second of every day since January.  It had been my uncle Pete for most of that time, until he came to the end of his rope about three weeks ago and couldn’t do it anymore.  So, the rest of us have been scrambling to take care of her until we can move her into a locked-down, assisted living facility on May 1st.

I am so grateful to have this time with my grandma before she passes away, which we have been told will be very soon (we’re actually all surprise it hasn’t already happened, based on the prognosis we were given by the palliative care specialist a couple of months ago.) . However, it is very bittersweet because I also see how quickly she is forgetting.  I stayed the night there last Friday, and she asked me several times if I was seeing anyone.  She has known Steve for eight years, and she has been to our house.  But every time she asked, she was surprised to hear that I had been with him for so long, or we had lived together for three years.  Once I reminded her of that, she would say, “Oh, yes, I have met Steve,” but it didn’t really seem like she remembered meeting him, I think she was trying to hide the fact that she didn’t remember this person that she has known for eight years.

It was really hard to process that she could forget Steve, because he’s the first big, important thing in my life that she has forgotten.  She remembered him the week before, and now he is just gone.  She doesn’t remember that I am starting grad school in August, but I just told her that a month ago, so I knew it wasn’t going to stick.  But Steve has been a constant at family gatherings for years, sat next to her at Christmas dinners, spent hours visiting her.  And in the span of one week, he was erased.

wait now im curious

what does/did everyone call their grandparents


I have A LOT of grandparents

i listed them in the tags btw

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Grandma Paladin

I want to play a grandma paladin or cleric.

I want magic wand knitting needles.

I want a spell called Swarm of Kittehs. I want another spell called Swarm of Cat Ladys. 

I want charm cookies. 

The ability to crochet chain mail. 

Detect lies. A spell that makes the target speak louder than they intend to. 

And a bad ass +4 Battle Axe named the Son-in-Law Slayer that when used against a married or divorced target is +8. 

The Bless your Heart charm makes the target +2 at all ability/proficiency checks, when reversed, their ability/proficiency scores all are at -2 for the duration. 

Jokes that she has a Brassiere and Spanx of Mighty Holding that helps keep her saggy bits where they belong…though whether she’s joking or not, you’re never sure. 

She carries a never ending Apothecary Chest that always has just what you need. If you get loopy from taking something she gives you, she chastises you that she usually takes four of those and goes to play Bingo, you lightweight.