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Perspectives NYC Some good advice found its way onto this abandoned storefront window.

Mistigram: did someone say ? Here's a portrait of the designer as made by saint , from who we shall be seeing much more very soon. This was drawn into by and included in the new …

Subway & buildings owned by business or city/gov aren't "public space" like streets. Others property. on them without permission no diff than individual's house, still a crime. Public use doesn't = "use how I like". Painting etc. OK? No. World isn't canvas.

En la ermita de Santa María de hay una gran variedad de , aquí muestro algunos de distintas épocas en el exterior de su ábside semicircular

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7233.35.jpg. 2018

Maybe one day we’ll get up,

Pack our bags and leave.

Get on a hopeless search

For things in which no one believes.

We’ll search for places where hope lives,

The sunsets and the purple skies,

We will drive way past midnight,

We’ll learn the taste of time.

We’ll travel to less known towns

Eat cheap food in street side stalls,

Sleep in dingy, musty motels,

Graffiti over walls.

And when the roads start looking familiar,

The cafe barista remembers our name,

We’ll get our stuff and leave once more,

And in their minds a muddy legend remains.

We’ll be nameless in every town,

That we pass through out,

Just a smile and a fiery story

That know one’s quite sure about.


THE ROAD WARRIOR 2019/ Trailer


Spirit of f*** von Berliner Mauern
Über Flickr:
Berlin Window Graffito