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7 Useful Tips for Improving Your Mental Focus

for "10th Convocation" scheduled on 19th October 2019 (Saturday). The 10th Convocation 2019 will be held on 19th October 2019 (Saturday) at HITS and Science. All are invited.

We are so proud of the Class of 2019 and wish you all the best as you take this exciting step into the next chapter of your lives

To all you Aussie Year Twelves good luck on your end of year exams.πŸ€ dont stress to much πŸ€— is coming ❀ Im thinking of you guys.

After 10 years of university, I finally have a PhD in English Literature. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey. ❀️

Hey! We're celebrating tonight! Niagara Catholic's 2018-2019 rate is once again 2nd in ON among English-language boards and 4th overall! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard for this outstanding result, especially our students.

Happy now and would love to share fascinating feeling! Innovation is the which helps to use resources to create better life for everyone. That’s where we aim! from

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every once in a while, i try to figure out wtf happened to kanye. like, im on my commute this morning listening to the college dropout and graduation and this nigga got me damn near crying on the train. how tf did he go from spaceship and never let me down to being who he is today? i don’t understand and it makes me sad.

jayz ruined never let me down btw. im sitting there literally about to have a tear fall and here come this idiot – who else you know been hot this long – shut the fuck up lol. my tears dried instantly.


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Wish I could go to Lover Fest but I can’t. That doesn’t make me any less of a fan. I have other priorities and responsibilities my money has to go to right now like graduating college. I graduate from my university on December 13, so that day will feel like a Lover fest in itself for me 💖

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Hi! I hope you are doing well. In the corporate world in general, is university prestige more highly desirable than what you did in a course? For example studying in a top university vs doing a lot more (international collaborations on projects) in a sub par university?

Related answer:

You as well. Before I answer this question and before the “that isn’t fair!” banshees on the internet start howling, remember that even though “university prestige” is subjective– university resources, academic/professional networks, endowments/scholarships ($$$), career programs, and intangible benefits are not.

We can debate all day and all night if University A is better than University B, but if Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Louis Vuitton, and The Volkswagen Group all recruit for internships and full-time positions at University A but they don’t recruit at University B, then the discrepancy is crystal clear. Students from University B can certainly make it into these companies too, but the process will be more difficult for them because University B doesn’t have the professional relationships and campus presence (pipeline) with company recruiters that University A already has.

For those reasons, studying at a top university will give a greater recruiting advantage into selective corporate roles than studying at a sub-par university (my usual disclaimer for people triggered by generalizations: not always) even with international collaborations on projects. The exception is if those projects are attached to well-known programs (for example, the Fullbright Program) in which case it gives a huge advantage.

With that said, students have no control over the rankings and prestige of their universities so I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. The goal here is clear: land a great position post-graduation. To do that, review the job hunting guide and avoid the 3 most common job hunting mistakes college students make.

9 months till graduation

sometimes I wonder if I even want that corporate job in the big shiny conglomerate anymore? I think about my previous internships, the monotony of a 9-6 job, the lack of decision making in your life, to act as a cog in the wheel; insignificant and replaceable.

then I think about being an entrepreneur, a full time entrepreneur. the thought is thrilling but equally, if not more terrifying


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