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Effort in the myths about (or supposed diets) and here at the day, Gastronomic Science Course at ! Great job by , and the undersigned!

Looking for somewhere to enjoy and πŸŽ“πŸ΄πŸ₯‚ We have another full day of celebrations ahead of us today & you'll find us directly opposite #

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Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Red Big Metal Fan Wall Clock Large Mural Art Decor Industrial Vintage Design 20''


CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE GRADUATING THIS WEEK. β€œLearning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.” – Leonardo da Vinci

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Congratulations to all the Coventry University and Warwick University graduates! Come celebrate the cosy way with us and claim your well deserved free glass of fizz! πŸ₯‚

Don’t forget to register for your class of 2019 pin & collect it at . Find it at the alumni stand:

Chancellor of Lord Burlington and Vice-Chancellor Professor Kathryn Mitchell congratulate graduands from the College of Arts, Humanities and Education at the first of our summer ceremonies .

Blackburne House Graduation 2019 in full swing. We are so proud of our students

Love this time of year as the harvests from our plot really kick in - here bowls for BBQ later

For all of our from - we've got a dedicated Facebook photo album of your day photos! πŸ’ͺ πŸ“Έ πŸŽ“ Take a look on the following link, and get tagging and sharing:

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March 16th - Graduation

Today we watched the 6th grader’s graduate. It was…a little sad. A few of the kids cried, as did a teacher, and a few parents. I’ll miss quite a few of these kids, particularly Midai, Ginnosuke, Shutou, Anri, Miyu, Yuria, Sora, Riku, Takashi, and Karina.

Similar to 4th grade, 6th grade wasn’t exactly the best in terms of week-to-week experiences. While fourth grade was rocky, sixth grade is really what made me question if I’m cut out for this. 

Coincidentally, today also marked one year finished since my plane first landed in Japan. It’s hard to believe that the year went by so quickly, even harder to believe that at the same time when I arrived there was another person here in my place with a group of kids that I’ll never get to teach, with memories and struggles of her own. Only now…Brittney is in Hokkaido. Funny, that I never mentioned her before, but I did briefly talk a time or two with the previous ALT when I struggled with what to do, or was uncertain how to handle certain situations. Truth be told, the other ALTs, teachers, and Kyoto-sensei spoke so fondly of her that during the first semester I felt I really had someone to live up to…and was failing to do so, but now I don’t think that way anymore. I’ve found my own stride and rhythm to all this and now it’s just a matter of polishing my skills to become even better than I currently am.

I can’t change the past, nor can I change the nation’s education curriculum, nor prevent the fact that it’s going to change again in 2020 (or maybe 2021. It’s a little uncertain). All that can be done now is to roll with the punches and push forward as best I can not just for myself, but for those I’m still educating. 

There is still a week left of classes for 1st-5th grade, but they are primarily just little wrap ups and games in celebration of the year ending. I won’t be teaching, just participating and playing with the kids as much as I can. It is still uncertain if I am staying at this school next year even with as much as I sound like I already know. I won’t find out until the 25th. On the 20th the teachers at this school will find out who will be leaving next year, and who stays. I’m having my fingers crossed for Hiroshi-sensei, but I am not worried about anyone else. Ippei has only been here as long as I have, and Shiori only a year longer. There’s no reason they would be moved unless they did their job very bad. They’ve promised to tell me on the 22nd.

Mona Lisa and I went out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary of arriving in Japan tonight and caught up since we hadn’t seen each other in a while.

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☾ (Charlie for Molly)

❝ it
doesn’t make me nervous, if anything i’m restless,❞  Molly admitted as she looked around the Burrow’s kitchen. A lot of supplies had been laid out. It was a mix of food, party decorations, and medical equipment.  Tomorrow was supposed to be a celebration, but she also felt the need to prepare for the worst. All the best witches and wizards would be gathered. They would be a good target for the Death Eaters. She wanted them to be ready. “What about you? How are you feeling? Tomorrow is your big day. Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” 

Some help please

If anybody has graduated before from University (or even high school) how is the best way to walk across the stage without getting triggered by people?

I graduate on Thursday and it’s eyes on me that trigger me (movement also but people are normally still at events like this) but the stage is sooo long. Me and my friend seen it today and around 20 odd people can sit on the stage (our teachers sit on the stage behind the students who are walking) and I can’t manage with eyes.

My family have said just don’t look at the crowd, just look ahead but I don’t know if that will be enough. I’m also trying to keep my dyspraxia in check naturally, so that is sort of a distraction (can’t focus on eyes if I’m focusing on walking without falling over)

Any tips? X

During exam period my anxiety was at it’s worst. I was staying up til 6am too scared to fall asleep. Some times I’d start pacing like a maniac around my house trying to assure myself that I’m not dying. I couldn’t sleep because of sleep anxiety. And during the day I was having multiple panic attacks. Fast forward to post-exams, I’m getting back into exercise and running and although my anxiety hasn’t 100% subsided, it definitely is more manageable. The sleep anxiety isn’t as bad and I’m better able to manage my anxiety so that it doesn’t cause me to have an attack.

I’m so proud of myself though. Firstly because after all of that, I’m actually graduating with an honors degree (!!!) And secondly because I’m using exercise in a healthy way to cope with mental stress. In the past I used exercise in a disordered way, counting calories burnt, weight lost and restricted my food intake. Now it’s all about sweating and physical stamina and looking after my mental health. I love sweating, I like to see it as sweating out the negative energy, it’s therapeutic actually. I exercise because I want to be happy and healthy, and that’s exactly what exercise should revolve around!