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Are you safe? Ransomware attacks are on the rise and pose a growing threat to , , law enforcement, private businesses, consumers, and more. What is and what can be done?

, city , corporations at extreme risk of . Even their own IT can't deal with it. Protect & profit with TL Domain Name | for sale now, very limited time, Afternic. .

The rapid growth of will greatly affect public services by providing to and city managements. Come and find out how blockchain will affect the @BLOCKWALKS2019. For more information, check

New in : "Trafficking in Persons Report 2019" by , highlighting that takes place exclusively within the borders of one country & calls upon to act on the Palermo Protocol 👉

is the way to go for wanting to maximize opportunities and minimize risks around says Rachel Wolf of strategic consultancy at

Ayman Al Awadhi, Group Managing Director of the Corporate Group was recently interviewed by The Business Year (TBY) - a global and business publication that brings first-hand insights to , , and worldwide.

Do you want to make an in the lives of ? Does fill their you? Do you believe that are the new centres in ? If so visit our website -

حکومت اتنی بے بس ہے کہ اب اخبار کے فرنٹ پر بے حیائی ہو رہی ہے مگر کوئی نہیں روکنے والا totally

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With city populations exploding, congestion and are worsening. may hold the solution—but only if city and companies collaborate. More in this podcast from :

This media may contain sensitive material. Learn more View

This media may contain sensitive material. Learn more View

What do you think? have been the recipients of a good kicking from various over the past few years. But could backfire on the people it is meant to help? . Can we advise?

Kicking off our 2nd edition of for with which introduces automated installation, patching & upgrades for every layer of the stack from the operating system through application services

Well said Susan. Not only has been misused but since 1990 have chosen not to comply with 1948 and have NOT PAID into the !

It isn't a that everywhere want 2 . 's can take root as children grow up, those will be no threat to the . They’ll fasten the to their own ankles.” ~

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It’s amazing how good governments are, given their track record in almost every other field, at hushing up things like alien encounters.
—  Terry Pratchett - Hogfather

Where does the money go?

If FDR had never been President, our top two money sinks wouldn’t have existed

If the last 60 years worth of Presidents hadn’t kept giving into the military-industrial complex, we wouldn’t have such bloated military (GOVERNMENT) spending.

If other nations paid their fair share, and if previous Presidents had insisted on decentralizing the costs of defense spending, America would be a lot richer.


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Okay real question, why do people want power?? Like dictatorship, etc.? What do you get from it?? So you’re ruler of the world and you own all the gold and and land and people are your minions, and,,, then what??? What’s the point??? Is it an ego thing?? I don’t??? get?? it?? You have all the power and then??? what do you do with it??? Give yourself all the money??? And what do you do with that?? Buy more cars than you could use??? And what do you do with those??? Showcase them???? What is the point??? I seriously don’t get it, like if you have power isn’t sharing like the only thing you can do??? That makes sense?? You have endless wealth so sharing?? makes sense?? right?? I don’t get it what’s so good about power someone please help me