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Brexit : What could happen next?

Elets TV video featuring , Special Secretary to Chief Minister, of , has achieved a milestone of 1 lakh views. The video shows Dogra speaking on the occasion of 'Precious Daughters of India Awards' ceremony

Microsoft continues to build government security credentials ahead of JEDI decision

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Phillip Kotler award should actually go to French πŸ€—

Islamabad: Finance Minister Asad Umar is heading the important session for PTI members! For more details visit the link below!

βœοΈπŸπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈβŒ Tis so obvious for those w any inkling of that is the latest "Pawn' of 's to be played upon the 'Chess Board of '. are not fooled.

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- We are in an era where is at its highest. The way , , and the general organize, communicate, process, and store ; and conduct business is changing drastically. Read my .

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` "'s first non- Federal Party Leader" Colour is IrrelevantπŸ πŸ¦„πŸ¦ BUT a vying for leadership of a β€”in costumeπŸ’₯ β€”IS WRONG‼️ SEPARATION πŸ’₯ of & STATE

See how Data Vault helped a Department improve the way that was shared across a diverse range of delivery partners spanning multiple sectors. Read the here for

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Shut Down 2019

Anyone going to talk about the fact that there are over 500 Congressmen and women who are guaranteed 6-figure salaries, and only about 70 of them are donating their paychecks during this shutdown? We’re in this mess because the people in power can’t figure out how to get along and yet they’re still getting paid for it. The average yearly pay for senators and representatives is $174,000. Divide that by 12 and that comes to roughly $14,500 a month. Per person. If each congress person gave up just half of their (extremely large) salary during this shut down, that’s almost $4 million put back into the government. Now I don’t know how all the logistics would work, but that’s a whole lot of government workers who would get payed back for the fact that the congress and President can’t figure out how to act like grownups and compromise. And just a quick disclaimer: I would absolutely be saying President Trump needs to give up at least some of his salary too but he already doesn’t take a salary.


#TheHouse Rejects Bill to Reopen #FederalGovernment as #ShutdownDragsOn #ICYMI
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#TheHouse voted 237-187 in favor of the bill, but the measure failed (at Washington, District of Columbia)

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In America, when people of color succeed despite the limits placed on them, and use their newfound status to indict the system for holding others back, they are held up as proof that the limits do not exist, they are denounced as ingrates, or they are pilloried as frauds incapable of the successes attributed to them. The exception is if they present their success as evidence that the structural barriers are not as great as they seem, and that in truth the only thing that holds back blahalized communities is their own lack of ability or motivation. If they affirm the righteousness of the class and caste system that they defied to succeed, they are hailed as heroes by the same people who would otherwise have denounced them as frauds.
—  The Exceptions to the Rulers (Why Conservatives Can’t Stop Talking About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Let’s dumb this down. Trump wants wall, Democrats don’t. Trump needs 25 billion dollars for wall and asks congress for only 5 billion but Democrats say no. Trump attempts to negotiate and offers to help support the DACA program in exchange for border wall funding, this is commonly referred to as a compromise, but Democrats say no. Trump has continuously attempted to compromise and negotiate but the democrats simply say no to anything he tries to put forth. Democrats are the ones being ridiculous here and its obvious they will not do any give and take all democrats want is to take take take!

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Hey so I'm not American and have been following you to educate myself on American politics and politics in general and I agree with a lot of the views you've expressed so far that I've seen. I was wondering if some democratic candidates go to Wall Street for funding, why would that compromise their morals/means they're no longer progressive? I know WS is shady but like, am I missing how bad they really are?

Great question!

Yes, many Democratic candidates do go to Wall St. to fund their campaigns. This compromises their “progressive” title because big $ interests (AKA Wall St.) are inherently against progressive reforms on a direct and indirect level. The wealthy want lower taxes (which they’ve acheived), greater political influence (which they’ve achieved), and less government regulations (which they’ve acheived).

So how are Dems complicit? Alongside Republicans, they take money from Wall St. with the agreement that they either help them achieve their goals or at the very least, maintain their self-serving status quo. When the wealthy earn more money, they can further influence the political system, and when they further influence the political system, they earn more money (and so the vicious cycle continues).

As a result, the needs of the working and middle classes are left unaddressed because ordinary Americans providing individual campaign contributions can’t compete financially with Wall St. That is, a candidate’s true political platform focuses less on Americans’ interests because they aren’t the ones financing the campaign - Wall St. is. NOTE: Candidates will pretend to care, but at the end of the day, the bills they pass do not often reflect these population’s interests.

If you look at wealth/income inequality statistics, at how vastly unpopular Congress is, and at how disaffected Americans feel with the U.S. political system, you will see the consequences that Wall St. has on this country.

it’s honestly ridiculous how people are actually supporting Trump and his shutdown. The government, which is literally in charge of running the country, is shut down. Meaning, therefore, that federal workers are not getting paid, national parks aren’t open— but Trump’s salary is still coming in. Does anyone realize what this means? Airport security workers are being treated like slaves; they’re forced to work and they ARE NOT GETTING PAID. When is anyone going to stop this madness? When is anyone going to realize what a mistake the 2016 election was?