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The better start paying TSA agents before the Cartels do 😂

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While this might be a bit of a throwback, the fact is that social media is a front row seat to our . RT

Will US shutdown delay Honolulu police corruption trial?: HONOLULU (AP) - The partial U.S. government shutdown is affecting an upcoming trial on corruption-related charges against a now-retired Honolulu police

living in comfort taxpayer expense telling unpaid workers held hostage by his says he feels their pain Meanwhile sits comfortably his office refusing take vote

United States Population (est.): 327 Million. Currently being to with no guarantee of ever being : 800,000 Americans are right now, today, at this minute,being and by our own . Don't we have an amendment outlawing ?

Let’s see, closed down the and placed a hardship on 800,000 workers, now Trump has involved the into his gamesmanship with , this is sad!

GDS offers £130k for service design head Organisation seeks manager to replace Nic Harrison in major role spearheading design, standards, and controls

GDS offers £130k for service design head Organisation seeks manager to replace Nic Harrison in major role spearheading design, standards, and controls

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The New Year's Eve, the Government has published a long List of the most important people of the united kingdom with formal recognition in the New Year's recognition.

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Reposted from @anj_moore71 - Every #politician is trash for this shit!! Especially the #Republicans in particular #MitchMcconnell for blocking the proposal to reopen the government!!
Repost from @thesavoyshow Workers desperately speaking out about the Government Shutdown (Via. @balleralert )
🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 #Government #GovernmentShutdown #Politics @speakerpelosi @chuckschumer @mcconnellpress @realdonaldtrump

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Well I came across this picture just a moment ago and realized something, its about Egyptians and aliens well if the two really do connect why do we have to involve the pyramids.? I mean in my opinion, this just takes away what they probably were dedicated to. Day after day hard work to make any source of stone or concrete type in desert terrain, than, get torn down somehow or someway along in history, just because someone has a conspiracy theory aliens did it? I believe in other dimensions and shit like that, but this part kind of seems a little far fetched, that any intergalactic being would even make communication with us. We are probably of such lower intellect like we deal with money, feelings, and all this other stuff they wouldn't bother to... maybe they became higher intellects by literally not putting money before anything or, even acquiring a currency to survive or, live just simply do it to live, not for favors or money etc. I mean think about it, if they put minds together of equal intelligence than feed them all information to build ANY idea ANYTHING. I bet the focus than would be to make a foundation of not peace or funds but of making all intellects equal upon lessons learnt or taught whether its life, science, philosophy, math, making all knowledge the same to where they can advance at the same pace and are all on the same page as a civilization. this would cause them to make themselves more widely common amongst outer dimensions right? What if the first human deceived the alien though, and that's why we never seen them again I mean, if you look at it deceit has repeated in the course of history time and time again just look at any war or fight broken out. easily to believe that they gave us their somewhat close enough to equal knowledge as they continued to advance I mean I don't doubt some of the conspiracy theories just feel the need to contest some. like imagine you had the key to time you wouldn't want some fool deceiving the whole history or dimensions, this leading to my next idea. If you really see it how I do I just struck attention, look at the few who were somewhat grabbed or seen aliens, they never deceive anyone keep to themselves or live life poor, BAM see where all these topics connect? Also who has heard of the 'mandela effect' if not google that before you go forward or I have a minor example below or youtube or something your on the web somehow. Anyways this effect has claimed history has not repeated itself but claims historic events can change before our mind due to dimensional shifts and belief of one dimension somehow gaining reality somehow EXAMPLE like if there is three dimensions one with peace one with money and one with just emotions (WHICH WOULD BE WORSE THAN AN EVERYDAY PURGE) than one gained control of another but somehow if these dimension supposedly were to shift a certain way no one knows how, it could be the bus you never rode, a cereal never bought, even a person never met, I like to believe it to be person, place, or thing mainly because how else did humanity come to knowledge of nouns, proverbs, adverbs, synonyms, antonyms, what if meditation and the awakening of third eye was a communication? This is where we are wrong gotta think logical I don't believe telekinetic powers come that way, what if this is our dimensional reset button and sleep paralysis isn't bad but just a phase like an earthquake except with interdimensional shifts where one dimension takes the place of another. Therefore causing us to open our third eye and reveal contact to whats happening whether with us around us or check on people close to us, anyways its too late time shifted and the only way to change it is another mandela effect except its never quite the same what if mandela effect is a limiter to those who deceived the aliens blocking any further knowledge. well hopes not all lost through science I been searching astrology and I guess black holes formed dimensions, or a similar response when near if not one black hole but four so all four blackholes combines creates a new either galaxy or solar system studies end there. with similar resources of water being duplicated, along with stars and planets unknown to mankind, never yet explored probably doubted by the feud of who found it first or whatever. I know I know when is this post gonna end ima cut it short and say thanks for reading lms if you thought about something this morning I started this at 4:00 am its 7:00 now dam my four am thoughts anyways I gtg lmk what YOU think

Can the government shutdown end yet?

There are almost 1 millon federal workers that aren’t being paid, and I just can’t imagine how much they’re struggling right now. I feel so bad for them. And people on the SNAP program (millions, including me and my family) won’t have money for food if this continues into March. National Parks and wildlife are being effected because the parks are understaffed and no one is there to wnforce the rules.

All of this is because the fat cheeto in office wants to build a wall that won’t even work!!!

Everyone (especially those in Republic represented states (I’m sure you are facing problems due to the shutdown, too. If not, feel some empathy and sympathy for those that are) call your representatives in Congress and tell them how much you want the shutdown to end, so they feel the pressure and end it even if Trump doesn’t want to. Please!