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Thank you 🙏🏻💜🐾and huge congratulations 🙏🏻🥂🙏🏻🥂 Yes! a plant based diet affects the world for the better... and it removes from our capabilities... We must stop hurting the animals... Animals are here with us...not for us...

I can't knock puff pastry, made this awesome tart looked like it was taking over the oven at one point but settled down If you've not tried it, well worth a go 😋👌💚🌱

Imagine ending a full day of touring with a plate of warm ! 🌱❤️ To check out our sample menus, visit our website today! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Zwierząta hodowlane, nie mają przyszłości. Mają życie, które jest tylko cierpieniem, przymusem, gwałtem... Straszne życie, w oczekiwaniu na śmierć która będzie wybawieniem. A przecież czuje, oddycha, widzi, wącha, płacze!

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Big bag of broad beans thanks to my lovely great fingered neighbours.... That's me podding this evening then.... 💚👌😋😀👍

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Do what is RIGHT, NOT what is easy! Please 💚🙌☺ There will never be peace if we continue to slaughter Animals.

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food is colourful, this has just gone in the oven puff pastry topped with broccoli puree, sliced Othello & cherry tomatoes, pine nuts to be added 1/2 through cooking 😋👌💚💚😃

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Thank you so much, @johnnysjoys , for sharing this utterly amazing nut butter & jam on a WrawP veggie wrap sandwich! -- See the full recipe demo on @johnnysjoys IGTV video! . . .

y not eating animals, you are protecting so much, including: Your health. Billions of animals. Our Planet. hat a wonderful coincidence.

"My heart breaks, and my soul weeps, when witnessing cruelty to any living being." -Anthony D.W Go Vegan🌱🌎

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#EsPorAmor hay esperanza, solo es cuestión de despertar la empatia con los otros seres que nos acompañan ‘es por amor, que todavía existen cosas imposibles’
#GoVegan #SaveAnimals #AnimalsRights #BastaDeIndiferencia #DerechoAnimalASer
#Repost from @cnnee
En la costa de Ningaloo, en #Australia Occidental, una mantarrraya se aproximó a dos buzos mostrándoles que tenía anzuelos atrapados bajo su ojo. “Esto no fue mi imaginación, una y otra vez regresó, se volcó y se detuvo en el agua y, claramente, nos estaba esperando para que la ayudáramos”, dijo el fotógrafo Monty Halls. Con unos alicates y varios intentos lograron ayudarla. Las imágenes de este increíble encuentro se han vuelto virales en las redes sociales.

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Had someone try to defend eating animals by saying that everything in nature has a symbiotic relationship.

So um… which part of our current animal ag system and food culture is symbiotic with nature to you?

Because we can all easily agree that if all the bees disappear, life on our planet is fucked, if all the ants disappear we are fucked, and pretty much every other animal plays a significant part in our ecosystem, and yet if humans were to disappear from the Earth, the health of the Earth and the creatures in it would drastically improve simply because we arent there to ravage the planet and destroy ecosystems anymore. But when that fact is framed in a way that suggests we all make personal changes in our life, suddenly we are all innocent, honoring our ancestors and participating in the natural food chain. Full offense but that is a fantasy.

So again… which part of animal ag is in any way symbiotic?

80p in Wilko. It’s far too hot to eat chocolate today (and I try to avoid refined sugar during the week because it makes me feel crappy) so it’s been put in my snack pack ready for the weekend

Philip Wollen OAM is an Australian philanthropist.and  a prominent member of the animal rights movement.

In 2005 he received the Medal of the Order of Australia and in 2007 he won the Australian of the Year (Victoria) award. In 2012 he was made an Honorary Fellow of the Oxford Centre of Animal Ethics, UK.


Breakfast queen 👑
#vegan #govegan #feedyoursoul #nourishtoflourish

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My Holland and Barrett bargains today, 2 fish style steaks, 3 tubs of almond cream cheese, 1 soy mince and 3 packs of burgers. All for under £2.50! And they tell you veganism is too expensive 😂