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The latest site to join the platform is ’s . It’s a great tool to help everyone plan for the future

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With the festive season arriving, there will be singing and cheer for all. But why should the shepherds and reindeer get all the good songs?

Some more thoughts about the recent Drupal South/Drupal GovCMS conference in Canberra from Toby Wild!

Day two of the Canberra event. and are members of the panel discussing Open Source for Open Government

Director of everything that's realllly technical and clever at , Co-founder Murray Woodman delivering a talk on squeezing the most from and at 🍿

A grand opening session with . The story of GovCMS presented by and from . Remaining focused on making websites easier for agencies to build. Hard work, close relationships, mistakes, change and serious nerve to continue.

The Canberra event is under way with Nathan Wall and Toby Bellwood presenting on the exciting changes to the platform

All set up for Come meet the friendly Salsarians & find out how we are building the next generation with our partners ⁦

What a huge weekend. So proud of the team - we've just migrated more than 100 websites in a weekend. 2.0 is officially up and running. - the beginning of a fantastic partnership.

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We're not quite done with Day 1 of the SaaS migration - but we're already half way through the list of more than 100 sites we need to migrate. The team is smashing through the work today!

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We're ahead of schedule. The roll-out of 2.0 starts *today*. To everyone at thank you so much for the hard work you've put in to get us to this point. We've got more than 100 sites to move over the next 3 days. Let's do this!

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Planck Re scores $12M Series A to simplify insurance underwriting with artificial intelligence (TechCrunch)
Planck Re, a startup that wants to simplify insurance underwriting with artificial intelligence, announced today that it has raised a $12 million Series A. The funding was led by Arbor Ventures, with participation from Viola FinTech and Eight Roads. Co-founder and CEO Elad Tsur tells TechCrunch that the capital will be used to expand Planck Re’s product line into more segments, including retail, contractors, IT and manufacturing, and grow its research and development team in Israel and North American sales team.