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Silver Leopard Girl: My first cosmetics company was launched a few years ago. It was called Goddess Cosmetics and this was one of the Halloween looks we created. We used black, white and silver pigments along with some stage makeup paint.

Who doesnโ€™t love a skull ring?! Made from sterling silver and available online in our jewellery store! โœจ Shop at ~ ๐Ÿ’€ We ship worldwide . . . . . . #โ€ฆ

Oh I was hot that one time. Letโ€™s celebrate with cookies.

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Fresh pic of me from last photoshoot with joanwolfiephotography 🖤 I just love that forest witchy vibes here 🖤 And new shoes from @killstar 🤘 I came back from holiday so i will be active here again 🦇 You can also find me on Instagram, just search batslover.




These are mine :) I love them despite the fact that they make me blahally less aerodynamic!

I wanna see yours as long as they aren’t inappropriate! (I don’t consider human mammary glands inappropriate btw but they might get flagged)

give up your fear///these senseless longings///let this pain inside you die.

(VNV Nation - Resolution)

Haven’t posted a selfie on tumblr in a while now. Tried some make-up for the upcoming M'era Luna Festival. I’m already so excited.

What I love so much about goth is that no one gives a shit what your gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, body type, age, class, etc. Is, as long as you dig Bauhaus, bats and cemeteries you’re ONE OF US!! ⚰👻🎃💕💕