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Thereโ€™s nothing wrong with an obvious goth wedding, but my fiancรฉe, wanted something a bit more subtle. Found this awesome tulle at Goodwill. Brand sold by Michaelโ€™s. Using it for candy dish decor, table decor, anything I want!

Repost ใƒปใƒปใƒป Blood drip enamel pins. Get your freak on! ๐Ÿ’Š ๐Ÿ’Š ๐Ÿ’Š Tap the photo for purchase info. ๐Ÿคก Follow @bbllowwnn on Instagram for the best pins & patches!

HIM Deep shadows & brilliant highlights is one of their greatest albums Keeping with their grunge goth style but throwing some upbeat tunes here and there With the wonder that is ville Valoโ€™s voice Where the HIM fans at?

be careful what you wish for. sometimes it takes time to get what you want in life. a good paying job. a good system. it doesnt just happen. it takes a long time. but what do i know.

Just your average catgirl goth getting ready for clubbing last night at Haven in Northampton MA :)

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Ive been getting alot of pove recently so thank you to everyone whose been super sweet I hope my blog is enjoyable for all the sick fucks out there ❤


I haven’t written in a while and I honestly didn’t realise it’s been two days. I’m actually getting pretty concerned about the amount of my recent memory that seems to be disappearing lately. For example, I could have science one day and literally have no memory of it the next and I have no clue why. The past weeks also seem to blur together so that I can’t tell Monday from Friday and I have no concept of the amount of time that has passed between certain events. It seemed to start around my proper rexy phase when all I really remember is watching the seven deadly sins and being really really hungry.

That said, I’ll try to break down the last two days from what I can remeber:

Friday was non school uniform day and I barely had anything nice to wear so I wound up in my snoopy jumper abd green skirt that I believe I wore last term but no one noticed so that’s ok. Jenna called out Lottie for stealing fruitella from the stall we were setting up in tutor to raise money for the air ambulance so that serves her right I guess.

On the subject of Lottie, I have to say I really really don’t like her. I don’t know what it is pecifically but I honestly can’t stend her and I really want to move over to Joe in tutor. He’s been super nice to me recently and I feel like he’d be happy to sit together at this point. He came up to me on Friday and complimented me and said he found loads of stuff I’d texted to him really funny when we were on the date at the food gallery with Lily, so that was a nice experience.

So anyway, I went home with Miranda and we watched hotel translyvania because we are literally nine year olds and then I fell asleep in Ellie’s room.

I woke up techically yesterday morning because I’m writing this at 00:37 on the 24/03/2019 and we went to the park by the co op and watched someone die. I’m not kidding, we literally witnessed a death on the football pitch next to the park. Someone had a heart attack or something and they died on the scene and we were right in front of them when the paramdeic pronounced them dead.

So yeah, I know this is a really short entry but I’m so tired and I want to watch an ofherbsandalters video about the 90s columbine goth era because that (although obviously columbine itself was horrible) was really the golden age of goth for me. I’m quite literally obsessed with it and not even in the way that a fourteen year old straight girl might be “obsessed” with James Charles.