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ARNOLD MILFORT STYLING WOMENSWEAR See More Updates: Our Shop: . . . . . . @arnoldmilfort

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BISKIDS empowers children by giving them a β€œtool box” they can use to promote the healthy development of life. It is educational, fun, and engaging! We believe in a drug free future for all children.

Bitch, I didn't even bother shaving or getting out of work clothes or even getting into geish. I snatched my package from the mailman, ran up my stairs, ripped open the package, and put on Hi, How Are Ya? Yaassss!

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“You are gorgeous, but not just plain gorgeous.. you are super-cali-fragi-gorgeous in every single way, and don’t you ever forget it.”

Hahaha.. that’s like the ultimate unattainable gorgeous that only you can pull off - eUe