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For many of us, there are negative energies working that bring different kinds of obstacles in our lives. Healing crystals can be very helpful in overcoming them and bringing about positive changes.

Celestite, is known to help connect you with your guardian angel. Each sphere features a rough geode formation in beautiful soft blue. . .

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Look at that smile. How long you gaiss haven’t seen those kind of smile from me 🤣

"Me time" is so sacred, make sure you get a little every day to feed your soul and rest your body. . .

Like the first time💟💟 Guys Love this pic, whrn u remember this moment, i Love Love Love Love... ☺️☺️😂🤦🏻‍♂️

It's feeling hot and 'spring like' on the south coast of the UK today! ❤️ What's the weather like where you are?

Today's affirmation: "I enjoy expressing my true self every day. It's so easy and fun to relax and be me!"

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Good afternoon kings and queens 👑! Failure is a part of the process. It’s where character is built. How you react when something doesn’t go the way you planned says a lot about who you are. One of my favorite quotes from #WillSmith is “FAIL EARLY! FAIL OFTEN! FAIL FORWARD!”
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I just want to remind you, you’re doing a great job, whatever you’re doing.

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Trauma Bonding is when you’re so heavily attached to a toxic person, that you are willing to maintain a relationship, even at the expense of yourself for the few and far between highs.

Your brain gets highly addicted to the habitual ups and downs of oxytocin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, that even when the relationship ends, you will seek and crave the person or become obsessive or seek similar people, in order to get your fix. It’s the rewiring of the neurological pathways of love, turning against itself.

The loss of the love, makes you crave them more. You’re dependent in the same way a heroin addict is 🤔🤓😈