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and my friend's. Hope you all have a Happy May your day be full of fun, love and laughter with lots of positive vibes and I hope everything goes in the right direction for everyone all

Congratulations to our girls for reaching 10 millions views on Good Night MV. Thank you to all for watching their MV β™₯️

Winters breath Melts away Touches darkness Hearts a glow Spins around A place we know Catch a glimpse On our way Passion rules Love will stay ~ no need to wonder✨ πŸŒ™

Goodnight everyone Remember, hard times don't last, struggles are temporary. Get some rest and love yourself.

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Que la luz de tu Poder Superior ilumine tus sueΓ±os y te bendiga por ser esa persona que entrega su amistad a travΓ©s de la distancia... πŸ™‚β­πŸŒ™β­πŸΆ

Good night everyone, going to bed getting lots of rest, getting rid of my headache, and neck pain

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vs. I usually don’t show my construction lines. Not because I don’t want to I just forget to and end up deleting them before I can.

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, . You be you. No one else can be you. No one else can speak your truth, weave your stories and your art.

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i just wish i could snatch that throat back bitch you really didn’t deserve. further more i hope sus chews ur shit like a nervous bitch at the bar

Everyday of my life I think abt that post calling Doja cat the chic fil a of music bc her “music started hitting a lil better once we found out she was homophobic ngl”

i hate being an mcr blog sometimes because i really put my everything into it like i love mcr with my entire being and i love having a space where i get to share that love w everyone and its all returned and i love making friends and getting to know people through our joined love of the band and i love the way everything i post kind of connects back to them but then theres times like this where i say something that wasnt even negative and was truly just me talking about my fear of the direction mcr is taking post-reunion and people get SO worked up and passive aggressive about it and send anons and subpost (? i wanted to say subtweet but this is. not twitter   . ) about it and i just get. so upset because its like !!!! im sorry i care? theres really not much more to it other than that i just care. i really dont know what more i can give like im sorry that i for some reason am not allowed to have feelings other than I Love Mcr Unconditionally And Will Blindly Follow Them With Every Decision They Make