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What do you all think about this

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Humbled by the and of God. This is the view from my office window......It goes without saying... is

Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people. -Mikey Coelho

Harboring anger and/or resentment is like drinking poison and expected the other person(s) to become ill. Energy to embrace and put out into the world: &

I NEED YOUR APPRECIATION IN RETURN... NOT YOU DOING ME GOOD 🔙... People always need good from you.. but not doing you... ... IS IT DON'T HAVE ...

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Thank God for & Military. Giving us a bright & prosperous future ahead.

and mercy #helovedmewithacross#redemedbythebloodofjesus

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Sweet platonic moments in fiction: how friends, the teacher, the coach, the principal, the grandma, and Joe the limo driver all got Mia’s back in The Princess Diaries.


I am a living, giving expression of the #goodness of God.
Just as I make financial and business commitments in my #life, I also make personal commitments to myself each day. In thought, #word and action, I keep my commitment to be my #best self #with all people, in all circumstances.

I #set an intention to let my divine light shine, to allow the goodness of God to express through and as me. Today I am kind and understanding, gracious and forgiving, looking for the best in #everyone and every situation.

Spirit supports the fulfillment of my intentions. I act on them with energy and enthusiasm, #fulfilling my commitment to be my best self today and every day

#We intend to do what is right not only in the Lord’s sight but also in the sight of others.–2 Corinthians 8:21 (at Hollywood Bowl)

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#Spirit supplies my every good.
Standing under a tree on a windy fall day, watching the leaves fall down around me, #I experience the richness of #God’s bounty. I know that money does not grow on trees, but those leaves symbolize the good that is available to me.
#Spirit continually showers me with blessings in a variety #of forms–a friendly smile, a phone call from a loved one, or an awareness of total well-being.Spirit is the source of my every good. #As I pray and meditate on the good in my life, I become conscious of the ways in which I am blessed. Spirit is the fulfillment of every need. I have only to center myself in Spirit, my infinite Source, and notice the #goodness showering down around me.
#See if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and #pour down for you an overflowing blessing.–Malachi 3:10 (at United States)

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Childhood memories,Wild Horse by Božidar Prosenjak.When I think about it now,not only suitable for teenagers,but adults also.Simple writings,powerful message.Life laws mentioned in the book are actually moral and living by moral,horse or man is happy.Moral is product of ethics,part of philosophy.I’m glad I took ethics in gymnasium.Religion was,you would be surprised,for getting excellent mark in my school.Religion is just organised belief.Everybody is free to have own beliefs,but religion ruins everything.It irritates me to the point that they do anything to get your money.Religion may be path to God for someone,but you can do it with free thinking.So,why religion then?Why not theology(real one,not supported by religion)?I’m declared as atheist,but I think beyond that.I just don’t believe in religion God,fake one.All fake gods.Not agnostic since they are unsure about everything,even religion.So,better be antitheistic irreligious.Very similar to atheistic thinking now days,isn’t it?But,some atheists have thinking that that God can’t exist because he couldn’t create himself and their thinking stops there.Let me tell you my take on it.You are thinking then on Creator and Creator and God aren’t the same.Creator created God and whole creation.We are all His creatures,some with more power,some with less power,but we are equal.And then most powerful atheistic argument,why such evil around?Where is God?God can’t help much since he is limited,ask Creator,he is unlimited.Evil exist because Creator gave absolute freedom to everyone which means no control and a way to stop the evil.Just talking about evil and pointing the culprit won’t help.Take an action,do something,don’t let evil spread around.We all have power to stop the evil and make it non existing.Even small act can help,but with our will we can do something big.So,don’t let yourself down.Believe in yourself,believe in others,believe in goodness of others.There is always a hope.I think that is all for today,hope that this post helps others.

Random Thoughts

Am I a good person? I don’t know.

I know I want to be. Is that what it takes? Surely there’s more to it than that. I’m usually the one helping to bring clarity to others, but I have no idea where to even begin bringing it to myself.

This past weekend I met a man who was good and kind. His hugs were solid and made me feel safe. I felt like a ghost near him, translucent and unsettling. My humor felt like it was uncomfortable instead of being the exact opposite, as intended. I stood next to him and someone opaque and I wondered why I was the way that I was, or why I felt the way that I felt.

Those feelings are still there. I want to be worthy of a person like him. This is more than just about him, it’s about what he represents. He is to me all the goodness I long for that constantly feels out of my reach. I feel inherently corrupt and poisonous.

I often feel worthless unless valuable to someone else. I want to be valuable to someone good. But at the same time, I don’t want to have anyone feel obligated to endure me for long periods of time. I’m always too much. I want to be alone to spare others of my overwhelming nature as well as to prove to myself that I can survive peacefully without allowing myself to become vulnerable. But all the kindest, goodest people are vulnerable.

Maybe that’s what will always be missing.


Don’t worry about what others think or say about you. Your victory lies in a place where you are surrounded by love and joy.

It was fun to perform at a private birthday party last week-end.

#feeling #goodness #vibes #goodvibes✌ #birthday #fun #musicians #singing #laughing #playinggames #loving #friends #friendship #halloween🎃 #weekendgetaway #weekendfun (at Montreal, Quebec)

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