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お疲れ様です😊🌻😊 水野良樹さ〜ん喫茶店☕って疲れる所なの? リラックスする場所のはず🤔 WHY❓ 👍💕✨ 👇作詞作曲の件で優しい人のリプ🤗      👇2店舗喫茶店☕クリアした?

Hoy nuestros alumnos realizan los exámenes oficiales de “Trinity College London“. ¡Seguro que lo van a hacer genial! 😄 Good luck! 🍀

Perpisahan Finance team dengan Mas Dwi setelah 18 tahun bekerja bersama, berbagi tawa dan deadline setiap akhir bulan. 🤗

I'm Smile. Find my tickets in in the area. You could win some cool stuff. And learn some secrets! . .

Judging continues at the headquarters with Best Non Branded Travel Agency Group. Here's a relieved Andrew Macfarlane, GM after this morning's presentation. to our remaining Finalist's yet to present this week.

its really reminded me the show and this stick also. your acting was very scary on that show and l loved it . now I'm excited for .


Walked past this shop in Asheville NC this afternoon. I had to laugh because these are the three things Americans struggle to make.

Good luck to Grace Mcentee on Wednesday at 🏇 The Special One 🏇 Malaysian Boleh Positive attitude and lots of confidence. Every ride makes you better! 💪👊

Jockey Brodie Hampson with two promising rides at on Wednesday! 🐴 Cougar Kid 🐴 River Of Intrigue Safe trips, great jumping, and winners!! 💪👊

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絢香おはよ〜🌸😊🌸 お疲れ様です😊🌸😊 ツインギター🎸の編成どんな感じか楽しみに待ってるね🌸😊🌸 お身体お大事に😊🌸😊

Hockey game on the first full day back from . Might as well dig my grave now.

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No preview for Sandown Hillside today punters...tricky meeting, so time saving a bit & going to sink the teeth into tomorrow & on Friday instead! For those wanting a punt today below are a couple I like at Sandown! if you’re getting involved!

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13 Million views in 13 hours!!!! @taylorswift @taylornation THIS IS GOOD LUCK!!!! 🍀 ❤️

some tips for clearer skin:

drink a lot of water (a LOT)

lemon curd 3-4 times a week, leave on face for 10 minutes, rinse off and pat dry

raw honey for spot treatment or mask (note, the honey has to be local honey due to the changes in flora and fauna,and it won’t work the same if it isn’t local. I’m not being snobby, it’s legit)

cut out dairy- if you’re having a really bad breakout and try to avoid it if you feel one coming on (dairy does NOT help, especially with cystic acne)

drink green tea more (if you can, every day. The leaves can be used in a mask with honey, just enough to make it sticky) green tea is detoxifying and will help heal you from the inside

wash your face before AND after exercising or sweating large amounts. Trust me, this one makes a big difference. Sweating itself is good, since it clears out your pores. You just don’t want to leave it on your face

find a sun lotion made for your face specifically or a moisturizer with an spf. Try to avoid putting normal sun block on your face, and if you do, clean your face when you reapply if you can

Rose water facial toner is a great way to moisturize without using heavy lotions that can block your pores

now this one doesn’t really help you get clearer skin per se, but if you are trying to get rid of scars (with whatever method works for you) it can really help you’re mental view of the process if you take progress photos. Seeing the difference month to month can be an amazing motivator

and last but not least, give your skin a break. Sometimes you don’t need serums and creams and masks- sometimes you just need to let your skin breath for the night/day and have some time to repair itself without working around topical medications

wishing you all clear skin and a good day! (and sorry for any spelling mistakes😒, it was really late when I wrote this)

Finals Inspiration

I created this picture spread as a way to close that struggle chapter that was this past semester. It wasn’t until it was all coming together that I realized how central to the color red it was, odd but somehow fitting. I found this quote to get me through finals and I hope it inspires anyone else reading it!
Good luck pot of gold cross stitch pattern | St. Patrick's Day | Irish | Lucky | Modern | PDF pattern
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