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to our two cyber apprentices, Sherry Roach & Lee Collier, shortlisted in tonight’s category at the . Appointed as part of a government initiative to create the UK’s first ever .

First time on the anchor desk with Sports Reporter We were talking about the new men’s basketball coach! seemed so passionate! coach!

📈 REMINDER Submit your property data for the IREM 2018 Income/Expense Analysis Reports and you could win $100! A drawing will be held April 1st to determine the $100 Prize Winner.


⚾ Baseball welcomes Lincoln Pius X today for a 5 PM home game. 🧢 Let's get a hit! 🍀 and

Here are some of entries for the P4-7 National Gallery of Scotland art competition. Will we have a winner?....

Here are some of entries for the P4-7 National Gallery of Scotland art competition. Will we have a winner?....

ขอบใจนะที่ทำให้เรารู้ว่าการเลือกที่จะบอก และไม่มีความลับกับคุณ ทำให้รู้ว่าคุณไม่ได้รักเราจริงๆ การที่คนๆหนึ่งยอมรับข้อเสียที่ผ่านมาของเราได้โดยที่ไม่ได้สนใจว่าอดีตเราจะเป็นยังไง นั้นแหละเขารักคุณจริงๆ แต่กับเราคุณเลือกที่ไม่ไปต่อ โอเคต้องขอบใจคุณนะคะ

GCSE Year 11 resit Welsh Speaking exams & Year 10 GCSE Unit 1 speaking exams start tomorrow. Exams running on Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th & Friday 29th. Check times again with your form tutors (in reg) & on Welsh classroom doors.

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An afternoon of 🤾‍♀️at for the U13 Girl’s Handball. 👏🏼Well Done , who are off to the Regionals in May! 🏆

Good luck to our Year 6 and 7 pupils performing in 'The Green Daydream Machine' production tonight and tomorrow night!

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  • Planet: Jupiter
    Sign:  Sagittarius
    Date:   November 8th 2018 - December 2nd 2019


With Jupiter in your house of expansion, good luck, travel, opportunity, study, optimism and freedom, you are benefited with an especially positive cycle to reach beyond your current limits, to excel.   Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and the 9th house its natural “home”.  Therefore, you can’t make excuses about not being given the chance to make big things happen this year.    

The more you have the “eyes to see” potential at your disposal, the more successful you’ll be.   Taking up a course of study to enhance your talents wouldn’t be a bad idea either, in conjunction with travel, reaching out to meet new people, especially form other cultures, will bring opportunity of some kind  .Legal matters could also come to the forefront this year either from you or others, but you will be involved for sure.

At the same time you may decide to move abroad or at least to a new location, further away from you current place of living.  Think very carefully before you do this, especially during Jupiter retrograde, April 10th - August 11th.  Use this cycle to contemplate your next move but not to actually put it into action, until Jupiter moves forward.

Once Jupiter moves into your 10th house of career, goals, ambition, authority and power,  December 2nd, you should be ready for recognition to come your way, assuming you’ve made the right moves up to this point.  During this Jupiter transit, career change is likely.  But more about that later.

Ultimately you must have faith in Self and believe the impossible can be made possible, courtesy of Jupiter in Sagittarius, Yes, the sky is the limit.


The good fortune of the Jupiter/Sagittarius transit will only happen if you make a concerted effort to get rid of people, situations and things that are holding you back from growing, learning and overall progress.  The past still haunts you in some capacity, keeping you bound by tradition, habits and certain behaviors.  Because Jupiter falls in the house of joint financial partnerships, karma, the past, the hidden, secret enemies, endings, the occult, destruction, rejuvenation and regeneration, you must tread with extreme care  when dealing with others.  Jupiter will “shine a light” on secret enemies.  You must pay very close attention to them and jealous friends who harbor resentment, waiting for you to fail with your ambitions or make mistakes.      First you must assess whether or not people new and old have your best interests at heart and avoid giving them qualities they don’t have. You should be able to see and know who these individuals are as Jupiter is a “magnifying  glass” highlighting strengths/weaknesses, the good/bad.  

During this Jupiter cycle, you should be focused on making vast changes in job, hone, friends, lifestyle and commitments,   Plus there will be new people coming into your life to help and support, just choose with care.

For Taurus the best will manifest if you’re able to have an introspective reevaluation of Self and your intentions past, present and future. A retreat, fixing ip the home, repairing and restoring Self and things around you will help to generate positive energy for good luck and prosperity to come to fruition.  Bear in mind,  Karmic debts will need to be paid from you or from others this year and financial dealings that weren’t honest or forthright, dealt with. Best advice - learn your life lessons, so you don’t have to repeat them.    


Contractual agreements, partnerships, the public, open enemies, legal issues are the highlight  of Jupiter’s benevolence, for better or worse.  First, unique creative abilities at your disposal have the potential to bring  success when presented to the public, the right way.  How you choose to interact on this level will determine the outcome. In addition any legal matters begun during this cycle are likely to become public and not stay hidden and could expand to include a lot of other people.  Truth, honesty, proof and evidence will be key factors in whether you win or lose.

Bear in mind that any project/plan you embark upon, has potential for success if all the necessary pieces have been put together with care and attention.  If you treat others with kindness and respect they will return the same back to you and be willing to help where needed.  

Long-term partnerships/relationships will also fare well this year if there is mutual understanding between you and your partner and you  both continue to listen/communicate as much as possible.   If you’re not sure about something it’s best to ask and not assume.  

Jupiter also bestows its positive energy in the form of protection where needed, as long as you’re on the right side of Natural Law.   If you pay attention and avoid being the “ostrich with its head in the sand”, this particular Jupiter cycle will run daily smoothly.  


Day to day employment is the area Jupiter will highlight the most.  Now is the time to consider career change or at least job change .  You can do better, if you could just see beyond what’s in front of you and stop settling for less than you deserve.   Look for a job that serves your needs and not just your employers.   Something connected to travel, teaching, health, animals, health/well-being, writing are other areas to look into.    If you’re really honest with Self you know it’s time to move on.

Health is also another area to pay attention to in particular diet/digestion.  There’s a strong possibility you could put on excess weight with Jupiter in this area of life too.    Jupiter expands, so you could find yourself eating too much of the wrong foods if you’re not careful.  

Spiritual health is also something to be aware of, which could help you have a clear picture of what exactly you want to to do for work/money.  Meditation, yoga Tai-chi similar modalities are things to look into as well.

This Jupiter cycle is a year of remarkable ideas, meeting new people, a time to figure things out and come to a better understanding with Self and others. Contracts will need to be signed this year at some point, so you need to know exactly what it is you’re getting into and should ask the right person if you don’t know.  Now is when you should map and plan your way forward with  a journal by your side to write down the abundance of thoughts and ideas flowing your way.  A year to act and not get caught up in just talking.


With Jupiter in your house of risk, pleasure, childhood, creativity, ego and happiness, highlighting the best and worst of each character trait, you must be careful that the so-called good advice of people who claim to have your best interests at heart doesn’t lead you astray.   The tendency to take risks that do more harm than good is very high, so this is a cycle where self-awareness would really help to keep you out of trouble.   Ego massage will be prominent, used as means for others to get you to do what they want.   Success will come from being very picky and choosy of whom you allow into your “inner circle”.

Jupiter has the potential to bring opportunities to increase finances, travel, the chance to achieve your goals and desires. Over-indulgence or going to extremes should be avoided at all costs.  

Creativity is also  another area in which to excel during this transit.  If you can strive to increase current knowledge or learn a new talent, the rewards will be more than abundant.   Jupiter in this house magnifies your special abilities, especially ones you’ve carried with you since childhood.  Don’t be afraid to put them to good use.  

Lack of faith in Self is the thing to confront. To be more empowered with a knowing that you have latent qualities/talents waiting to be “tapped into”.  If you can muster the courage to leave behind people and situations that do little to bring positive energy into your life, the Universe will bring the luck you need to excel.

When Jupiter retrogrades, April 10th - August 11th, introspection is required of Self and what you’ve accomplished so far.  Look for weakness that you can change during this four month cycle and also how far you’ve come.   Maybe all that is required is for you to have a different approach of doing things differently, but either way, make use of this “downtime” to get things in order.

This year Leo should avoid taking unnecessary risks without thinking things through or understanding exactly what you’re getting Self into.


Jupiter urges Virgo in the direction of expanding prosperity consciousness, in order for new financial opportunities to pour in.  First your foundation of life needs to be altered,  changed and restructured as much as possible.  Wherever there is stagnation growth and expansion must occur, at least if you want certain hopes and wishes to come to fruition. Opportunities to travel, get involved in literary, publishing, working away from the home base, will present themselves throughout the Jupiter cycle.   During the retrograde cycle, dealings with family issues and re-organizing your home will be the focus, making improvements where you can, that will, in then too distant future, make room for new opportunities, people come into your life.

Throughout the year women will feature prominently.  Whether these opportunities are good or not so good , you have to explore them to find out and at the same time learn how to use your instincts and discernment.

Family will also be o=in the spotlight.  You can expect many changes to happen as a result of this Jupiter transit. Good luck cold also come through them too.

As mentioned earlier, prosperity consciousness plays an important part on how things go for the rest of the year.   If you can see beyond dory comfort zone, that there’s good luck and good fortune in taking a “leap of faith” into the unknown, understanding/believing the Universe is really abundant, doors will open and your life will most definitely be better off by the end of the year.


Wealth of mind, body, spirit and Soul will garner remarkable ideas, which in turn will bring opportunity and good fortune during 2019.  Every idea you have is worth something, but needs to be guided towards the right direction for rewards to be reaped.   Jupiter is also the sign of protection, therefore all your business. projects and plans must be adequately protected to avoid them being “taken” by others.

The house that Jupiter is in, the third house, represents communication, short journeys, siblings, relatives, neighbors, business, projects, plans and ideas and study. Some areas will feature more than others, but all will play their part in your good luck this year.

The question is, how are you going to reap financial reward from the ideas you have.   There will be many chances provided to you for this to happen, however, it’s up to you to decide which one will be the most beneficial.    New people will come into your life to help you too, even if only for a brief moment.   This is the transit for you to figure out carefully, understand your own motivations/intentions and that of others.

As communication is very much a focal point, writing things down, being in touch with people consistently is an important aspect of your success.  Poor communication or lack of it, could result in a missed opportunity, therefore a good reason to make sure this is an important factor for you to remember, Dreams could be vivid, especially while Jupiter is retrograde, April 10th - August 11th, because this is an internal cycle, one of going back and over things already done.  Some of the information you receive can be used immediately, some of it later.  You’ll know which insights are for immediate action, because they’ll make the most sense.

Ultimately, appearance is another area that is highlighted this Jupiter cycle.   You
must always present your best Self because you never know who is watching or who you’re going to meet.  Most of all the universe is around to help you make your ideas a reality.  Jupiter is a protector and will guide you to do the same to do the same for your everything mentioned in the third house and of course, mind, body, spirit and Soul.


Self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem will all be “tested’ by the Jupiter transit of good luck.   In your second house of money, material possessions and self-worth, finances will increase if you are strong in your convictions of what needs to be done.  This especially applies when dealing with the public, literary, publishing, travel, higher education/consciousness, beliefs, contractual agreements and legal matters.   This is not a time to vacillate/procrastinate, but to be focused and determined in your objectives.   New partnerships are in the forefront.  However, you must make sure the people involved are on the same page, as there is danger of individuals coming into your life with their own agenda and nothin more.   The seventh house that is the subject fo the Jupiter transit, rules open enemies, meaning, if you’re paying attention, it will be very obvious who has your best interests at heart and who doesn’t.  

When Jupiter retrogrades April 10th - August 11th, you may not feel so confident that you’ll achieve your goals.  This is the way of the Universe to get you to be introspective and question why you feel the way you do.  Is this a learned thought pattern you feel comfortable with.  Well, you have the whole spring/summer to find out the answer.

Anything connected to women/family/home are also strong topics throughout the year.  

Jupiter will move into Capricorn December 2nd for one year, into your house of projects, plans, ideas, study, short journeys, communication, siblings and relatives.   As far as your ideas are concerned and communication, you may have to give these an overhaul during this particular cycle.   If by this time you haven’t had significant success with anything you’ve tried to accomplish up to this point, it’s a sign that whatever you’re trying to do is old and outdated.  This may require you to start fro square one, but it will be worth it, if you listen and observe the signs around you, guiding you in a new direction.


With Jupiter in your sign, Sagittarius holds all the cards of good luck and good fortune for the year.    You have at your disposal the support of the Universe to really go beyond your comfort zone in ways you never thought possible.   Creating new opportunities and expanding present involvements should be easy.  Positive energy is present for you to overcome, negotiate, prosper and succeed in creative ventures, even starting anew business is recommended.   If you want to enter the entertainment industry , you’ll be well received, especially if your ideas are out-of-the-box.

If you have any log-standing disagreements or outstanding payments to be made or received, now is the time to settle and  “wipe the slate clean” before Jupiter moves into your second house of money, material possessions and self-worth, December 2nd.

At the same time, underlying all this is the issue of childhood memories/experiences, that need to be looked at and relinquished, While Jupiter retrogrades, April 10th - August 11th, because they’re in the way of your personal growth and progress.  You’ll know why they are when you hit a “brick wall” and can’t seem to move forward and/or fear, insecurity and doubt surface.  Retrograde are for the purpose of introspection and going over everything accomplished up to that point.

If you’re willing to learn a new talent that “stretches” your creativity to the limit, there’s no doubt it will pay-off very handsomely in the near future.  When Jupiter moves into Capricorn and your second house, of money, material possessions and self-worth December 2nd, you should start to see financial rewards coming your way for your efforts up to this point.   A chance to build a solid structure for your goals, restructure the old to make way for the new and don’t be afraid to be ahead of trends that could potentially garner recognition. If you reach for the stars you’ll make it.

This is your year Sagittarius, don’t f…k it up!


When Jupiter moves into the 12th house of an individual’s birth chart, it’s a time for “cleaning house” and one’s life.   Capricorn is in this place now. Jupiter is a magnifying glass, highlighting the good and the bad.  For your sign the focus is work, projects, business, plans, ideas, communication, learning, siblings ad relatives.

Most importantly you have to be realistic with all of the above and clear with your intent.   There are those who have been in a and around yor life that do not have your best interests at heart and hold you back.  Capricorn has to be able to  “see through the veil” with great discernment, in order to discard people and situations that are not the most positive.  

At the same time enlarging your belief system, spiritual practice and learning to avoid situations/people that lead to sorrow and self-undoing. Karmic debts will need to be repaid, whether from you or others.

When it comes to employment, there will be offers to travel, expand and/or start something new.  All opportunities must be explored whether er they work out or not.   You have to move forward with the Universe, in preparation for Jupiter moving into your sign December 2nd for one year.

If you can be realistic about plans and ideas for work and not get misled off on tangents, your Jupiter cycle will prove to be very beneficial.    Serving your needs and the needs of others is important and finding a way to “teach” others what you know and knowledge you’ve gained over the years, whether spiritual, physical or a combination of both.  Your voice must be heard.     Anything of a visual nature is also under very powerful stars.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself in the spotlight and let others see who you are and what you’re capable of doing. Also take care of your health/well-being, especially diet and digestion.

Your luck/fortune lies in your ability to constantly work towards moving out of dearness towards the light, on every level.  If you can accomplish this in 2019, 2020 will be the start of reaping rewards far beyond your dreams.


Your Jupiter cycle is one of the unexpected.   Sudden fortunate twists/turns of fate, cathartic changes/transformations that occur will later prove to be very fortunate.  Whatever is stagnant in your life will see the “winds of change” blowing away stagnation.  If you’ve been working diligently towards a particular hope/wish, the chances of it coming yo fruition are vey high this year.

New friends will bead andante those individuals will only too willing to help,  Everything that occurs will be indicative of what is to come in your life, new job, friends, hoe and lifestyle are all written in the stars for Aquarius.

Avoid the temptation, of hanging on to people and situations that are har to remove or seem insurmountable.  The Universe is on your side
an will provide everything needed to remove what/who needs to go.

Try to avoid “get rich quick’ schemes because they won’t work out to your benefit and will leave you with a minus instead of a plus.   Aquarius has strong instincts and Jupiter will magnify then beyond your expectations.  This will be your weapon” this year, to help yo navigate out of and away form difficulties and challenging scenarios.  

When Jupiter moves into your 12th house of karmic debt, sorrow, self-undoing, the hidden and spirituality,  December 2nd, you’ll be in the final phases of changing what needs to change.  Benefits will come from old and forgotten sources and your spiritual guides will be more prominent than usual, ready to help you pave the way for success.

@019 for Aquarius is a year of big changes and surprises that will be the catalyst for success when Jupiter moves into Aquarius December 20th 2020.    If you stay on track with the Universe, you’ll see life-changing results in the not too distant future.


Success welcome this year if career, goals and ambitions are on solid ground and karmically correct.  hard work up to this point could reap substantial rewards and gain recognition.  If the foundation isn’t strong or some aspect of what your’e trying to achieve isn’t built on a firm foundation, everything n could potentially crumble wen Jupiter moves into Capricorn for one year December 2nd.  

Its also important for you to have contractual/legal agreements to ensure everyone is on the same page.  

It may seem as if certain aspects of what you’re trying to achieve are harder than ever, but that’s because you’re close to accomplishment, therefore perseverance is necessary till the very end.

Ultimately, this year, you’ll receive benefits from previous commitments, friends, people in authority/power, past commitments and experiences.    Jupiter will bring new long-term opportunities that are for the purpose of expansion and growth.  

When Jupiter retrogrades April 10th - August 11th, freer of failure, insecurities and feelings of being powerless will crop up for your confront.   You’ll have to be very introspective and dig deep in order to overcome these feelings, but it can be done.

If your’e able to stay on track with the Universe, when Jupiter moves into Capricorn and your house of groups, friends hopes and wishes December 2n, the stars will highlight this area for changes to come and giving structure to all of the above.  This will be your chance to take a major leap forward towards making hope wishes come to fruition.


Every time I get a new #notebook, the first #drawing is always dedicated to the person who gave it to me. It gives me #goodluck. This was given to me by my dear #brother, Paulo.
#gratitude (en Mexico City, Mexico)

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Massive #goodluck and #breakaleg to our #fulltimecollege students opening their #classical theatre production of #thetrojanwomen tonight #bebrilliant

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#goodluck to the brilliant company of #trojanwomen opening tomorrow night #breakaleg

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Friday night #prokick class wish the #team #goodluck #tomorrow in #Scotland #wkn

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