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For the most cherished of friends, you’ll remain alive in my memories, I promise this to you ❤️

It is Day.  We are sure fans have so many emotions today. We want to congratulate the cast + crew of the show. We wish you all godspeed in your future endeavors. Thank you

Our Twitter is now closed for the day, we're going to brave this crazy weather and try to get home in one piece. If you need us our phone lines are available until 6:30 tonight. Otherwise it's and for now, we shall see you bright and early tomorrow!

“take time to be kind and to say ‘thank you’” [zig ziglar] ... it was the last day with our programme director and on behalf of KW22 we thank her for all the support and wish her only the best for her future adventures

Aqua has officially shipped out everyone! Wish her luck on her journey! I love you my dear, until you return!

We've just returned from a visit to a young carer who has received two offers for university in September

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Sometimes the hardest thing is letting go, but all journeys have an end.

Sometimes the hardest thing is letting go, but all journeys have an end.

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i know this isnt going to work out, i know this isnt going to work out

i know this isnt going to work out so why am i trying-

i know this isnt going to work out

wasting time

It took forgiving you over and over, and some time, but I went to bed last night and woke up with the same thought: “It’s over.”
Initially I was crestfallen because that meant there was no glimmer, no leftover fumes, no more chance that we could be. It was all gone, every single possibility I had to let go. A match that can never be lit again. And for the first time, I was okay with hearing “It’s over.”

I never thought I’d get here. Which was why I held on for so long. But think of the possibilities for me now. I know there will be a day where I won’t think about you at all. Where I’ll walk on the paths we walked and not remember you. Where I’ll drive by your town and not think of you. Where I’ll hear a song we listened to and not think of you. At least, I won’t think of you longingly. I’ll send you light and love and remember…

It’s over.

The pattern

I can tolerate physical pain. I can fix my teeth without anesthetic. But emotional pain is what scares me to death. I run, I hide, I push others and I deny they once existed and I once cared about them that much. I build more walls. Push more people away. I wait. I test them. I hope that someone cares enough to break this cycle where no one should actually tolerate such a thing. I choose to block them, I choose how it will end even if it was unintentionaly, even if it hurts, even if it is killing me . A repeated pattern over and over again. All because I never learnt how to deal with such pain, how to accept it or even how to get rid of the utopia images in my head always searching for perfection in others and with a slight difference booom the pattern is repeated again. Thousands of unnecessary good byes, Millions of tears, heartaches and misery is whats left for me.

It’s exhausting pretending to be okay without you.

My life since the day you left has been nothing short of putting on a mask. I lie to the world constantly. My mother only hears how much better my life has been since you walked out. I pretend to be much stronger than what I am to my sister who engraved in me to never cry over a guy. I don’t bring you up to my friends because that would mean you’re on my mind. When I talk to your friends and they ask about you I lie and say I’m over it. I lie on my blog about how moved on I am. I lie to my car when I only play songs that represents a girl over a man. I lie on social media by portraying a girl who never had her heart shattered by you. I lie to myself when I look in the mirror and tell myself that I’m doing great. I lie to my floor when i’m endlessly working out, telling it I am working out cause I want to be healthy, not because you made me question my worth. I lie to the fridge when I tell it I’m just not hungry, when really you have filled me with so much anxiety that the thought of eating puts my mind in a scramble. I lie in my prayers when I ask for strength, when really I wanna ask for you back. And I lied to you when you asked how I have been doing.

Truth is I miss you. I can deny it to every single god damned person and object in this world, even deny it to myself. However, on few occasions when I let myself feel what it feels. I miss you. I miss talking to you. God, I don’t even need to have you back, I just want to talk to you. I miss having someone I’m comfortable with. I miss having someone I can cry to. I miss having someone who praised me. I’m tired of talking to endless guys who will never compare to you. I am tired of telling myself that every guy I meet will be the one to get me through. I am tired of going to parties and you’re not there too. I miss having sex with someone who I actually give a fuck about. I miss you when I watch couples happily in love and being reminded that that was once us too. I am tired of thinking about you watching those couples when I should be thinking about the guy I am supposed to care about. I am tired of telling myself that I am happy being alone when really I would kill someone to be with you.

Even after all the hurt you put me through, I still miss you. I know it will never be us again. And I know you no longer care, but I am finally admitting it. For the first time since you left…

I really fucking miss you.

-but I still really fucking hate you

What’s the point anymore?

I’m never going to be what you want me to be. 

I’m never going to be good enough. 

I’m never going to be pretty enough. 

I’m never going to be smart enough. 

I’m never going to be happy enough. 

I’m never going to be who you want me to be. 

I’m sorry that I’m fucked up like this. 

I’m sorry that I am a coward. 

I’m sorry that I can’t do anything right. 

I’m sorry that I am me. 


To lose someone is the worst pain imaginable,And to find out i lost you when i woke up this morning hurts more than i can even explain.For the past 13 years you have been by my side and watched me as i grew up,I looked forward to seeing you when i woke up and kissing you goodnight when i fell asleep.

And although i knew this day was coming as your health got worse and old age crept closer i still wasn’t ready to let go.I wanted to ignore the fact that you would leave me alone in this world.

You saw me through the pain,the joy,and the sadness.Always joining me with a heart of love and silent understanding as i vented to you more then i could say to my most trusted family and friends.You never judged me and gave me the unconditional love that i needed,and in return i spoiled you and tried my best to give you the best life imaginable.

But now as i look down at your once warm and loveable fluffy body i think back on the memories we have shared.I do not regret a single moment i spent with you and will remember you for the years to come.

Goodbye my old friend and i shall see you when i take my final breath.

I love you.

Princess : Oct17,2005-Jan27,2020

It wasn’t love

J'ai laissé mourir cet amour, une idée de l'amour pour être exact, nous n'y arriverions jamais, nos âmes n'étaient pas connectées à un infini ensemble, nos énergies ne coulaient pas les unes avec les autres, elles ne se portaient pas, nous avions plus d'échecs, de chocs, qu'un flux harmonique capable de s'élever ensemble, de grandir et de devenir quelque chose de positif.

Au final, c'était le meilleur choix que j'ai pu faire, je renaissais de cette cendre que tu m'avais transformée.

Et aujourd'hui, je tiens à vous dire merci.


“Sorrow rebuild me as I step out of the light
Misery strengthen me as I say my goodbyes
I heal my wounds with grief
And dream of you
And weep myself alive “

Nothing in the world like waking up to something that absolutely takes your breath away in the worst way possible. The weight growing some how heavier on your chest, on your heart. Heartbroken doesn’t begin to cover it.