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Sotiria 🌞Kalimera morning wish you a wonderful day 💐France

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Maria 🌞Kalimera morning wish you a wonderful week 💐Italy Venice

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Good morning my love -


J.Cole - ‘Want You to Fly’ || #soulfulsunday #soulfulsundays
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anonymous asked:

I got so sucked into Table for Two that I read the first and second chapters and barely caught myself going into the third.

@katofthenorth your Table for Two fic is gettin sum ppl hooked :^)))) 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽


My favorite おきに 2011.07.06 10:18 作成者: 総一 Movie

February 17th, 2019

remind me in the morning to update my events schedule

rhys officially bought his plane tickets to florida and hes coming here in april

im super excited i cant wait for him to actually meet my family face to face and also to be able to hold him again

i miss him so much

i love my pumpkin

pinklocksoflove  asked:

♂ let's get some naughty fluff going :3

Send ♂ to my inbox and I will write out a “bodice ripper” title and story synopsis of our two characters as the protagonists of a romance novel.

“You wrote love into the core of my heart”

Join passionate adventures of Karine a young writer asking for the new muse to ignite the flame of writing arts once more.

However, she will never expect to find it by meeting the spring herself all contained into a short girl with a big heart and of even bigger thighs.

Can they overcome adversaries of being mortal and immortal in a relationship, can they fortify love and find strength in the warmth of womanly love and luscious bosom.

~Times new roman: Best book of 21 centuries it has woken a beast into me.

~Cosmopolitan: 50 shades who?  Toxic relationships are out and Beautiful romantic gal pals with healthy romance and even healthier libido is where its at



sleep time ねんね 2011.07.06 9:45 作成者: 総一 Movie


The secret to a #GOOD #morning is to watch the #SUNRISE with an open #heart ⛅🌞

#BuhayBundok #WeekendWarriors #HappyClimbing @legaspijean @rhodsgarcia_ (at Mt. 387-Batong Amats, Puncan, Nueva Ecija)

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February 6th, 2019

im almost done with the ‘loading phase’ of these new supplements im taking to help me work out n stuff

i also found out that one of my friends that started working at my job at the same time as me is now on my team which i never realized before, thats nice

my new team is pretty big compared to my previous team so honestly i dont really know anyone here, besides the higher ups which are all my friends lmao

sthephany and jessica are super rad i had a lot of fun talking to them

also when i came home i cleaned up my room a bit because the little bits i needed to assemble the rest of my bookshelf came in so now my room feels slightly more organized which im happy about

yeah. todays good