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क्यों न यह साल प्रकृति को समर्पित करें। Year 2020 dedicated to nature. - Hash tag ( ) Click here -

4 Things we can never recover in Life: 1. Words after they’re said. 2. Moments after they’re missed. 3. Actions after they’re done. 4. Time after it’s gone. . . . . .

کن لوگوں کے ہاتھوں میں پاکستان ہے،نفرت کی سیاست ختم: مصطفی کمال

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Bang and the paint works gone.....🤦🏼‍♀️😑 Defo not the stain i wanted removed leest I know wich one the back switch is just gona have to gamble with the rest 😳 lol

I don't know how this happened but something is definitely missing 😱🤣

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Why not 1998 or 9. Hospitals and purged records. 2015 to like my of living...

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rolling over

feeling for you

then remembering


were long gone

some time ago

& before moving

lying warm still


could I do this over

could we begin again?

swinging my legs

over the edge

finding floor thinking

these are just the thoughts

of ambivalence

padding to the bathroom

you can’t change

I can’t change

what is done is done

but that don’t mean

I have to like it


neil benbow

anonymous asked:

how hot would it be tho to have WooSanHwa's cum on your panties but also having to hold it in you and you still gotta go out to the shops like any other normal day and pretend that you don't feel your soiled panties rubbing against you every 5 secs nor their load threatening to spill down your thighs




hold on hold up wait a moment anon please i’m

i’m legit gonna comBUST wOW holy shit this is the hottest thing i’ve ever read dAMN. like hold on my mind is spiraling and going down imagine lane but like WooSanHwa is a fucking dream trio

i mean like, in this foursome, seonghwa would fuck you first then wooyoung is coming in next and would lOVE to fill you up doubly after hwa he would adore that holy fuck bUt dAmN SAN will come in hot and fuck you hard so hard omg he’s possessive so he is gonna wanna fill you up the most and no doubt it’s gonna be his idea for you to walk around with all their cum in you


just wow



I want to ask a favor for anyone who see this

Can you ask her

If she still plays her violin

If sh still listen to the band we love

Does she still love the stories behind the sun and moon

Is she still want to watch the Vincent Van Gogh movie and read all his letters that he sent to his brother

How is her best friend is he closer to her or he left like I did

And most important question is

Does she miss the sunflowers that I use to brought them to her

Can someone ask her the million questions that I want to ask her by myself but I can’t anymore

new skin by Vérité Album Review

Kelsey Byrne’s second full length album, new skin, is pithy, soulful, and bursting with effervescent charm. The vocals are great, and they really get a chance to shine on here. There isn’t too much to the songs, but they don’t need it; the singing is enough. Some really moving stuff shows its face on this album, and I think Byrne is doing things just right. I first noticed Vérité in 2016, from the rendition of Somebody Else, but covers can’t contain the talent any longer. This was the best release yet, and I hope there is much more to come from her.

Rating: 7/10

RIYL: Ryn Weaver, Zella Day, Lea Michele

Favorites: new skin, gone


solid gone

the kid I knew

I was looking past

the weight gain

change of threads

bordering on grey

some kind of fawn

straight into those eyes

I remember blazing

night ‘til dawn

ideas riffing

moving 100 miles an hour

& the guy was gone

solid gone

that bright soul no more

spiritually dead

zombie living days

& I asked him

wassup man?

& he told me straight

nothin’ man

just bored y’know

life ain’t fun no more

neil benbow

Heartbeat On Air:Chapter 12

read on ao3

chapter 11/chapter 13

tag list: @emilybarger@lordcheesy@sheeswee@tayuya3@sweetlialia@thesickeststupidestcreep​ lmk if you wanna be added!

and a bonus to go with this lengthy bastard of a chapter(3k words yeet):my spotify writing playlist for heartbeat on air

Sam had definitely fallen into a false sense of security in the past month, because when he got the text from Astrid, he’d almost forgotten about Caine’s threat. Caine hadn’t come by since his last visit—Connie and Sam couldn’t get ahold of him—and his brother seemed to be out of the picture in the meantime.

But Astrid’s text sent a wave of anxiety and nausea through his stomach nonetheless. If her and Diana were at the point where they wanted to do a double date, they were also at the point where they would consider going public. Hopefully, they’d heed his warning and stay away from Caine. 

After seeing the message from Astrid, Sam set down his phone and took a deep breath. He needed to call Quinn and work out the situation, and prepare for the confrontation. Sam opened his phone up to his text conversations with Astrid, and looked at what she’d sent again 

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