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JavaScript integration, of audio from transpiled , in the browser, for Noisefloor.

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Go is quite an interesting language when we talk about blogging, the most interesting thing is that in Go there are no exceptions—only errors. Learn more about Go logging in this post:

I want to go back to programming and producing content! I spent last month working on a new GophersLand design and the messaging of all its courses to ensure all students can find everything necessary! WDYT devs? Feedback welcomed.

Does anyone know why this composite literal for a slice of strings is valid? Or where in the Golang specs it's covered?

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2018 배우고 써본 skill

 : AngularJS / Angular6
   - javascript는 참 싫지만, typescript는 멋진 언어이다.

: SpringBoot
  - xml이여 안녕~
: Swagger
  - 잘만 사용하면 편하다. 잘만 사용하면… 딱히 어렵지 않는데 거부감이 있는듯…
: Golang
  - API 서버 개발에 빠르게 쓸만하다.  
: Kotlin
  - Spring에서 unit test로 써봤는데, 신세대 언어다. 하지만 빌드가 더럽게 느리구나… 언어 자체는 편하고 편하다.
: jUnit5 + mokito
  - jUnit4보다 더 나은지도 모르겠지만 Spring Boot에 붙이느라 삽질 좀 했다. 

: Redis Cluster
 - Redis M/S는 써 봤지만, Cluster는 처음… 처음 환경설정이 중요하다… 

: 안드로이드 6.0 FirmWare
 - 그냥 rockchip android image 빌드만 줄창해봤다..


(via Go Modules for Package Maintainers - YouTube)

Acessing RDP on AZURE RHEL 7.4

Here is step by step what needs to be done on VM to. First you need to install GNOME on your machine and thanallow remote desktop to access from Windows.

`#systemctl stop firewalld`

`#systemctl disable firewalld`

`#yum install`

`#yum install xrdp tigervnc-server xterm`

`#systemctl enable xrdp`

`#systemctl enable xrdp-sesman`

`sudo systemctl start xrdp`

`sudo systemctl start xrdp-sesman`

#Private key authentication is forbidden for RDP, so you need setup 
#password for user

`sudo passwd <your user>`

#following commands must show green result
`sudo systemctl status xrdp`

`sudo systemctl status xrdp-sesman`

#Going with disabled firewall is antipattern 
# Please spend some time by investigating correct 
# iptables setup and enable firewall back. 

#After running GoLand installation you may see blank dialog. 
#This would be fixed by going to 
#and setting to 
#Restart RDP than..

compiling .proto file with protoc

%userprofile%\go\src\\edt-gRPC\proto\sftp>protoc –go_out=plugins=grpc:. sftp.proto

heap in Go

Решая задачку по кучам на го, решил посмотреть как сделано в пакете container. Так вот там так же container/heap container/heap/heap.go:91 обычные двоичные кучи ;)

func up(h Interface, j int) {
  for {
     i := (j - 1) / 2 // parent
     if i == j || !h.Less(j, i) {
     h.Swap(i, j)
     j = i

func down(h Interface, i0, n int) bool {
  i := i0
  for {
     j1 := 2*i + 1
     if j1 >= n || j1 < 0 { // j1 < 0 after int overflow
     j := j1 // left child
     if j2 := j1 + 1; j2 < n && h.Less(j2, j1) {
        j = j2 // = 2*i + 2  // right child
     if !h.Less(j, i) {
     h.Swap(i, j)
     i = j
  return i > i0

Building a Resilient Stream Processor in Go

2018/08/19 Clean ArchitectureとWALK


今週末は、Clean Architectureという本を半分ほど読んだのと、WALKというGo言語のGUIライブラリを触っていた

Clean Architectureは以前WEBの記事を読んだことがあったのだけど、よく記事で出てくる4重の円がなんなのかよくわからなかった。本を読んだらいいたいことがわかってきた気がする。モジュールの依存関係をDAG(循環のないグラフ)にしたくて、そのためにインタフェースを使って処理の流れと依存関係を逆にするのねと


今回、内容をDropbox Paperにまとめながら読むのを試してる。まとめることにより頭に定着しそうなのと、後で見返す時に読み直すより時間かからなそうなのがねらい。今のところ感触は悪くないけど、ただ読むより時間かかってそう。まとめが大量になっても読み返すのが大変だし、いいバランスにしたい

Dropbox Paperは、ざっくりいうとCloud Markdown WYSIWYG Editorなのだけど、感触は悪くはない。欲を言えばオフラインでも動いてほしい。メモ取りたいとき常にオンラインでいられるかというと、そうではなさそう