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Programming Web Applications with Node, Express ... ==>

[R1D9] Significantly simplify checking on king captures in moves generating in the go-chess project

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RT : dependencies 😅 still miles to go before reaching true NPM status

Which language is taking and by storm? ! Right now at we have discussing the finer points of dependency management with modules

Hi devs 👋 if you’re at please stop by to vote what you think is important for

Meet Olivia – a contextual chatbot built with an artificial neural network 🏷

Lucky me! I get to write a lot of code around tooling (and general Go) in coming weeks. Stay tuned!

A visual representation of my goroutines in a fan-out pattern

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Working with CSV in GO

In this tutorial, we will look at a simple way to read and write CSV files in Golang. We’ll be using packages from Golang’s standard library encoding/csv to read the csv files, and os to work with the files. via Pocket