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Monday Motivation 😈Have a kinky Week ⚡️🔥

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Visiting for a vacation? Don't forget to visit the famous here in . The Mata is a great place if you are a follower of the Kali and want to experience harmony. Visit:

Brilliant beginning of the week: the goddess Fortuna is showering you with her gifts. Expect value today from all you do

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Lonely and I miss you

To me there’s something so spiritual and freeing about wearing a long, comfy, swishy skirt and going barefoot and feeling the grass between my toes, and hitching my skirt up to run up or down stairs, or stirring a big pot of soup with my hand on my hip. I don’t know what it is, I just feel so pretty and witchy and connected to the earth somehow when I wear my swishy skirts!

offering ideas for Aphrodite

• roses

• seashells

• chocolate- in my experience, she loves any kind!!

• candles- just lighting one and saying it’s for her is enough

• photos of whatever or whoever you find beautiful

• makeup

• honey

• poems- whether it’s about her, love, or something else, she’ll appreciate it very much!

• drawings

• something you baked

• hymns- i like to read her hymns as an offering and she never tires of hearing them!

• flag pins- i have a small lesbian flag pin that i wear every once in awhile to honor her, and she really appreciates it since you’re being yourself and learning to love/embrace your gender or sexuality!

• anything heart shaped

• offering jars- these are so fun to make! i like to put rose quartz crystals, pretty stones, rose petals, seashells, and sometimes add a little compliment for her in it! just put whatever reminds you of her inside and she’ll love it!

• devotional jewelry

• wine

• loving yourself

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