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ss peer reviewing each others compositions about our . Loved the variety of what the students had to go along with their dreams/goals. Can't wait to hear the final compositions next week.

BIG GAME TONIGHT as 7th take on 2nd in one of tonight’s premier league games! Watch Sheffield United vs Manchester City live in our Sports Lounge from 7pm!!⚽️ What’s your score prediction? – at Goals Soccer Centre

Y’all!! I’m so fan girling over here! ♥️ My favorite streamer just shouted me out on her stream. I always watch but never chat because I’m so shy. She’s such a sweetie and still humble. Y’all should check her out. She streams a lot of R6S, my fav game!!

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And we're making it even simpler for you this year with free downloadable templates and community support to not only SET goals but actually stick to them 👉 #2020

Take the limits off and push yourself a little bit into that realm that would stretch you. -Dr David M Arrington

As an Entrepreneur, it's hard sometimes to keep that laser focus... Keep your head up and keep pushing! No one sees the outcome you desire better than you, go get it!

Mom of FOUR, online fitness empire and supportive marriage! Still humble. Tracey Brioux in this is on every front. One of the best interviews has done so far.

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You know the quote “I know what I bring to the table, so trust me when I say I’m not afraid to eat alone”? Well, that is pretty much my mindset. I won’t put up with immaturity, uncertainty, wishy-washy behavior - I won’t lower myself but demand that people meet me at MY level. Don’t lower yourself to a level that should be overcome! Set standards - be the leader of your own happiness. People may need time to grow, people may need understanding, but the world for sure doesn’t need you to follow their example - the example that lead them to their own misery. Be the light that inspires people to change. (And don’t forget to continue working on yourself as well)


Sometimes it is about building a habit, so that each day when you wake up, you know what you’d like to do. You have a direction and know how to accomplish your personal goals. #goals #doiteveryday #letmehelpyousucceed (at 7 Dani Drive)

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Today’s goals 🏆 The Glory by @capitald_caliente from the Out of Many Riddim 🏆

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Leg day.

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