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Do's and Don't of Staying Motivated in Your Routine. 5 Points that will help you reach your Routine Goals. #

To do something great in life is to be with your family and particularly achieve success in your professional life. It also means when your parents need you, you must always be there.

- Good know the difference between and , how to cross between them and more importantly recognise which mode they are in to meet differing needs.

Looking forward to the future & aiming to be a generation that the younger ones can look up to

Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction. You have to create your own willpower. You have to motivate yourself enough to go and put in the work. It doesn't just come to you..

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Eddie: coughs



Art Schedule


December: just focus on gift one, two, three, and four. Portraits of people, of a bird I need to decide which cause symbolism, and of something else I need to decide.

Starting in 2020: wanna finish a comic per month or so. Like dream comic in January. Self comic in February. And so on.


Not going to do much now because finals are approaching but maybe dedicate at least twenty minutes per day on it? Like:

At the least: 5-10 min warmup on whatever project I’m working on and the rest of the twenty minutes on the project.

At the medium: 10 min or so warm up for both shapes/shading. Twenty minutes more on anatomy and piecing parts together. 10-20 for project work.

At the ideal: 20 min- warmup stuff. 20 min- work on anatomy. 20 min- work on inanimate objects and backgrounds. 20 min- work on project. *

* more time would be more ideal. I’m just using twenty minutes as a benchmark.

Goals to attain:

- get better at drawing quicker

- get better and smoother at drawing anatomy and inabtkmate objects

- increase quality of art

- maybe move on to color???


Letting Followers Plan Our SPONTANEOUS RV TRIP


Me preguntó existe, las personas que conozco e incluso las qué no, nunca se ven qué van a durar toda la eternidad o incluso el año, ya qué son tan diferentes en todos los aspectos que terminan siendo incompatibles, así qué me preguntó si el amor está presenté no solo en las obras de Shakespeare…

O incluso está presenté en tu vida, porqué en la mía lo único que veo son amores pasajeros… aquéllos qué te hacen latir el corazón… naa no lo hacen… te mientes pensando qué es amor pero lo único qué piensas es merezco algo más… irónico no?.. Amor.. Amor..Amor.. quizás tarde siglos tratando de entenderlo… pero primero quiero entenderme a mí… ya qué él amor propio es primero…