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We all love an office with natural lighting!

If you need help letting the real you out send me a message about my PSP 6-8 week course & we’ll do it together. Follow and message me on Instagram @jbthespeakingpro

रात भर जागते है, थकते नही, क्या सितारे भी इश्क़ करते है ?

Happy "Ditch New Year's Resolutions" Day! The day you've all been waiting for. We say let's be realists and take each day of 2019 one step at a time. 📸: Elisa Maines

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A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him

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YES, BITCH. MOTIVATION. Sometimes I’m too tired to cook or make food and since I have no bad food in the house, I’ll end up skipping meals. And since weekend is nearing, I wanted a yummy snack. So I cutted slices of sausage and cheese for a quick grab of snack and I already pre cutted stuff for my salad Ill make tomorrow. I just need to toss it in the salad, add flavor and BOOM. DONE.


“Why are you driven?”

This video will take me A few days to make but that is what makes it so special. I have featured a few people in this video with their consent just so I can apply true value to your lives. That is why I am so set on this question “What keeps you driven?” 🌎💯

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It’s not about losing weight it’s about being able to accomplish the task. If the weight comes off fine…but I’ve got a different mindset for #jumprope2019
January/February @vividskip #jumprope #goals #vividskipnation #vividskipseniornation (at Kentucky)

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I’m setting a reading goal for myself

I have ten books sitting on my shelf eight now that I haven’t read and I really want to. On top of that, many are part of a series so if you add in the rest in the series I’m at 20 books to read.

I’m going to read them. I have decided that I am going to read at least one book each week until I finish which should have me finishing sometime in June.

After that, I’ll catch up on all of the Riordan books I’ve missed and hopefully in time for the release of the next Trials of Apollo book.

And don’t get me started on the list I keep on my phone… that’s a whole beast on its own.

But I’m going to read. I’m going to do it. I think I might post book reviews of some of them? I know I have an old review of The Kill Order floating around and I’m reading The Elite by Kiera Cass right now.

Me and a friend actually share this goal in a way. We’ve talked about starting a booktube channel to keep each other on track.

The point is. I’m finally going to get through the books sitting at my house waiting to be loved and get to the new ones that are waiting at the book store.