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TOTO Critic: Tourism destinations, such as Goa thriving, depending on Sex and Alcohol are Unethical and Dangerous.

All the peoples of India and their neighbors have their own versions of the Ramayana. The names of her characters have become nominal. The plot of this fairy tale as a magnet attracts interpreters.

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โ€˜DUSSEHRAโ€™, THE VICTORY OF GOOD OVER EVIL celebrations in โ€˜dussehraโ€™-the-victory-of-good-over-evil.html - Shared using Prudent Media App

Joined BJP for development of constituency, Congress is not serious, BJP will continue in power at center, my victory last time was in my personal capacity: Subhash Shirodkar

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Hampi & Goa

Hello!! Back with another update and almost caught up!

After Mysuru we took an overnight train to Hampi. This time we were in a compartment with a toddler. He was very cute but at 3am, let’s just say, he was not my favourite. The couple was so nice though, it was really nice to chat with them!

We took the bus from Hosapete (where the train stops) into Hampi but to get to the bus station it was a 15 minute walk, or so, with our big packs on. The big packs are a total magnet for tuk-tuk drivers and Luke continued to hone his skills at fending them off. My favourite conversation went something like this:

Tuk-Tuk Driver:  Hello! You need tuk-tuk?!

Luke Harvey:  No thanks! We take the bus!

TTD:  Where you go? You need tuk-tuk?

LH:  We’re taking the bus!

TTD:  What’s your name? (this is where they change tactics to draw you in)

LH:  What’s your name? (highly unusual, expert level response)

TTD:  (replies with his name). What’s your name?

LH:  My name’s… I’m Taking the Bus!

TTD:  Ha! (eventually drives away)

When we got to Hampi it was a bit of a surprise I thought! It’s so gorgeous! It’s the remains of a very large and prosperous town that was destroyed in the 1500s. The ruins are beautiful and the whole area is filled with giant red boulders. At times we thought it looked like a Jurassic Park amusement park, but real!

Leaving Hampi we caught our favourite mode of transportation (not)… another overnight train! This time to Goa. Somehow this seemed like the worst train yet, still totally manageable, but we were exhausted getting off. We decided to get a taxi from the station into Palolem where we were able to leave our bags at our hotel and then walk around until the restaurants started to open for breakfast.

And that’s where we are now!

We’ll have been in Palolem, a little town in South Goa, for almost a week by the time we leave for Mumbai and it’s been so great. It’s a big enough town that there are lots of cute little restaurants but it is sooooo relaxed here. I don’t know what it is. I think for me at least it’s the fact that no one seems to mind if western women wear their normal clothes so I don’t get any stares at all. We also barely get hassled, it’s been so nice.

What I didn’t realize, and I hope I have it right, was that until about 1960 Goa was not officially part of India as it was “owned” by the Portugese for 450 years. Either way, it seems to have very much its own feeling and culture. Very laid back and more open minded than some other areas of India.

It’s been nice to be in one place for a little while. Luke’s been able to catch up on some work and I’ve been drawing more and doing my own yoga practice. We’ve also explored some of the other little towns and beaches along the coast. We are soaking up the chill time now as we understand Mumbai will be pretty full on! We’ll have a couple days there before our flight to Nepal!


10 Jahre Goachestra Event Records: am 24.11.18 wildes Stampfen im @Tunnel_Club😘
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characters from my weird epic. nobody’s complained so far. feel free to ask questions.

the characters i’d focus on in the earth empire is this lesbian couple and their daughter. the daughter is about 14, and she discovers she has magic and their story would be about the couple trying to survive while also keeping their daughter’s magic from being found out about because children with magic are taken away at the first sign of their magic to be trained/indoctrinated by the earth empire so they can maintain the train system that only the earth empire and lightning democracy have (though the earth trains are just moved using earth magic while the lightning trains are mechanical) and other odd jobs people with magic do. the problem is 1. the couple obviously don’t want their daughter taken away and 2 children usually show signs of magic at like, 5 years old so they’d all be in BIG trouble for hiding the girl for so long.

in the fire kingdom i’d focus on the daily lives of Seti and Twosret being the rulers and shit.

for the ice kingdom the main character would be a sled driver, balaga, who drives the princess mainly. he also on his time off when the princess is visiting other places and doesn’t need him because the long distance travel method is a carriage and not a sled he runs errands for the royal magician, rasputin (name pending)

i don’t have a name for him yet, but the water alliance prince trying to overthrow the main king. in case you forgot (21 years ago one of the kings tried to keep most of the food for his people, but that fucked him over, as the dragon started wrecking shit while demanding the king give him his son (who was two years old) as tribute. the king discussed it with the dragon, and the dragon said that if the king gave the dragon his son’s arm, the dragon would consider it enough, so the king cut off his own son’s arm off and threw it in the water. the son survived. he has a really cool prosthetic arm with a arm made of steam, with two boxes floating where his forearm and his upper arm would be, his hand is a dragon’s head. the prince is actually scheming to overthrow the main king right now. )

in the  lightning democracy there’s this train conductor who also moonlights as an inventor. he actually invented a gun that shoots lightning (think a steampunk gun that has a cord at the end attaching the gun to the holster, if the gun is let go of it zips back into the holster, the cord is attached to his belt buckle which is a magical battery) he patented the gun design, but he doesn’t want other people having the guns. he also has a complicated relationship with a bandit/vigilante known as the painted man. think if batman was in love with a cop as well as catwoman. that’s p much what’s going here. the inventor is the cop and the painted man is batman and the wife of the mayor of the town the inventor lives in is catowman. it’s not polyamory btw it’s a love triangle 

forest kingdom: blue, prince, powerful magician in love with one of his bodyguards but betrothed to the second eldest daughter of the ice queen. he actually likes vera but his heart belongs to Daff, his bodyguard.

in the wind island: saniya. she’s the daughter of the head of the council who’s in charge of the island. She’s studying to be a diplomat to the earth empire and she’s also taking secret archery lessons from the first council head. she’s currently being pursued by two different suitors, one the daughter of a council member who is a famous poet and the other is the son of some farmer. he’s really good with a staff though.

and actually for characters, the metal kingdom (which only technically exists as a proxy state of the earth empire) has a character, Jean. she works as a kitchen maid in some low ranking nobles kitchen but she’s secretly a knight, an armored protector of the small town she lives in. she also has a pet dragon.


😭 Good Bye Goa

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Jab hum apne aapko acchi tarah samaj lete hai, toh doosre kya samajte hai ,it does'nt matter - #loveyouzindagi (waves sound on )

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Smell the Sea and Feel the Sky
Let your Soul and Spirit Fly
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