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Frozen bananas 🍌 instead of ice cream 🍨 is a super satisfying dessert option. I topped these with my super seed granola and some chopped 🍓. 🌻💚😋

Did you know that Thursday is threads day? Get $1 off your first when you wear your Ground Breaker gear into the pub. And don't forget, for a limited time you can get Dad's Red Ale on tap and in 12 ounce cans to-go!

Is there a more perfect pairing than tomato soup & croutons? Not when you have croutons on hand! Read my review of their products on the blog:

@innovativebeverages with ・・・ “Nourishing Halifax since 1995” @HeartwoodHalifax has two locations in . Offering a delicious vegetarian menu there is something here for everyone. ˙ Added bonus? ˙ There are so many and options! We…

Fudgy - chewy with a nice crusty bite on the top and the edges, naturally sweetened + naturally grain-free & ! {Paleo + Nut Free} | via

Los productos libres de no son una moda, son una necesidad básica para todas las personas que sufren de enfermedad celíaca.

This healthy and easy cold salad is perfect year round, but especially in the summer. Take it for lunch as for the week!

Did you know Edibology’s CannaCubes are and Certified? And they are pretty potent little squares at 10mg each! No driving under the influence. Must be 21+ Keep out of reach of children

Tonight’s Special is a Grilled Salmon Filet with a Preserved Lemon Risotto, Zhug, Fried Tahina Cauliflower, and a Jalapeño Crema! – at TIQA

Craving a no-cook, quick option for warmer days? This Spicy Chickpea Salad is , , and hearty enough to keep you fueled up for an active day.

Fizzies got us feeling fab! What's your favorite Energy Fizz Stick flavor? Photo of Independent Consultant and Area Manager, Caroline Stephens.

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Brush stroke ombré cake!
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Yeah I eat all health to the max and shit. I have SIBO(small intestine bacterial overgrowth), a Haitial hernia, possible pathogens in my stomach, and I’m seeing a holistic doctor to test for heavy metal accumulation which is usually the root cause to all my tummy issues / smell issues / hernia In my stomach ! Gotta get them out. What a wretched realm… I have much to teach when I’m done healing this mess of a meeeessss.

I eat vegan, gluten free, yeast free, refined sugar free and I avoid shitty oils. Love coconut , sesame and grape seed and olive oil!!! Say no to canola. It’s a GMO. I avoid GMOs usually and usually eat 95%organic. I eat these organic , non gmo sprouted corn tortillas tho! Corn isn’t the best but in a tortilla form it’s easier to disgust!!

I can help anyone in needs of helps for healthy eating and such! I came a long way from being very chronically unable and I’m still cleaning myself out. You are what yah eat damn.

Gluten duping by food manufacturers and retailers!

Gliton duping by food manufacturers - us getting up my nose, they are taking a product they know does not contain gluten and labellu=ing them up as Gluten Free and charging 3 time the amount for the item so before you fo shopping check what is gluten and what is not take porridge, the oat contain a gluten that is different to wheat and does not cause the symptoms other gluten causes!

anything Rice such as rice cake the difference between them is about £1.50 and neither contain gluten - we are being lied to again!