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Here’s my 😂 From age 9 to 19! Fun fact: The second pic was my first ever selfie 📸 • • • • •

Challenge accepted. We may have grown, but we’re still servin’ up the newest, coolest stuff for just $1-5!! 😮✋

THIS is why practice is important, and to never give up! First head beside my seventh head, 18 months of trying, i can't wait to see where i am in another 18 months!

Who doesn't love a yummy (yet healthy) smoothie? We've partnered up with Heal Haus to give you exclusive quick smoothie recipes each day for seven days! Get healthy 2019, right sis?! Click the link in the bio and be prepared to .

Ok admittedly this might be a little more than 10 years ago, but it's not too far off! - how many items on that desk were replaced by a smartphone for average GGU'er?

« Jsuis pas venue ici pour souffrir ok? »

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President Amy Anderson is celebrating 33 years with Cain & Company!! We are so honored to have your leadership, guidance, and positivity. Also, that killer smile-- Looking good, Amy!

Forget the and focus on the ... almost 4 years together and still going strong!

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Bitches looking good in that 10 year challenge

While I still look like a fucking potato 😩😭😭


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I definitely understand the phrase: “You can take a person to the wail but you can’t make them drink the water.” However, watch this snippet from my #IGTVChannel to get the greater picture behind my message.

We have to stop making people feel bad about not being to start. We all start somewhere in our due time. You never know what they could be working on or the finances that they’re trying to rearrange to get started w/o hindering the dynamic of their homes. You don’t know how many baby sitters said no, they can’t keep kids for them to try and attend that networking event.

We have to stop thinking that people really don’t want something just because they’re not moving the way we are NOW, or they’re not spending the money that we are NOW, or because they’re not able to just go in full throttle like we are NOW. I put emphasis on NOW because we all have a starting point & that alone should be enough to remind you to be a little more open minded & considerate to the next person’s circumstances. Start to try & see where that person is & what can you possibly do to help get them started. I’m not saying waste time beating a dead horse but if it’s someone you know & you’re aware of their circumstances, approach them differently & see how much of a difference it will make. No pity parties, no hand outs, & no taking it easy on them but let them know that you’re in their corner & mean it when you say: “I’ll do what I can to help you!” That’s what real character, integrity, & humanitarianism is about.

Let’s encourage people to go the trail no one else has taken, as long as it’s one that works for them!

Be sure you check out the full message on my #IGTV. 🤗😘 Now go be great💪🏽
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“Pika Power (glow)” bracelet is a one of a kind product, which is handmade by me, Misaki Moonwing.
It’s a hand painted piece on a leather strap, made into a lovely bracelet.
It’s the perfect gift for your friend, family member or partner, who loves the character or show (or for yourself of course! ;) ).

Due it’s two rows of good quality of press studs, it can be worn by anyone!
The paint is flexible and will not crack or tear while wearing your bracelet.
It’s also coated for protection. It’s overall heat resistant, but be careful with aggressive substances.