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This Glamorous collection re-invents the second skin feel and offers the perfect balance between sheer smooth shimmering fabrics and a natural comfortable fit. Shop Sale Now At :

Voici la de Novembre la Merry Metallics. We are now live with & we've had an incredible response. Over 13000 French loving our Pre Glow Up Mist. The Make It Up Team made the project possible🇫🇷

Closeout special Liquitex Glossies $1.00 Ea. Assorted Colors.

Black Bra These Glamorous bras re-invented the second skin feeling and offers the perfect balance between sheer smooth shimmering fabrics for excellent support and a natural lift. Shop now at

5 days on KI searching for Up hill and down dale in Lathami CP. Trekking into Baudin CP. 30 minutes before our ferry was due to leave - TWO land in a sheoak next to our car in the CAR PARK! 🖤🖤

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cloud paint สีออกชมพูนมๆ น่ารักมากกก ส่งต่อ 280 จ้า ซื้อมา 750 ใช่นิดเดียว

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John F. Kennedy Jr. and George Magazine: A Story of Politics, Love and Loss, 20 Years Later (via )

Striding into the weekend featuring beautifully supportive Glossies Lace

Is that Muddy grand fromage, Hero, I see loitering in my fave glossy magazine? It blinking is! has done a six-page feature on and you can take a peek at the behind-the-scenes fun.

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เพื่อนรับพรีออเดอร์ จากเมกา💘💘 - Cloud paint duo 950 บาท - Gloss 550 บาท ลทบ+30 / ems+50 ถูกมั่กก ต้องสั่งแล้วแหละ Line : hitlersup4chic (สินค้าอื่นๆก็สอบถามเข้ามาได้น้า) 💋

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First GlossyBox UK UNBOXING January 2018

A New Yorker for Brooklynites

This week, the magazine features a Sketchbook on a rare Art Deco magazine from the late twenties known as The Brooklynite. Some thirty issues of this monthly magazine were discovered by the archivists at the Brooklyn Historical Society a few years ago, while they were doing inventory after a full-scale renovation that had been completed in 2003. Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting the Society’s Othmer Library and looking through issues of the magazine spanning 1926 to 1930. For anyone who is a fan of The New Yorker, sifting through the pages of The Brooklynite is a bit like seeing a reflection in a fun-house mirror.





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dear goffman and professor, not all advertisements are out to get us. yes some, many, maybe most are. but not all. does it ever get tiring to never stop critiquing ads in glossies? sometimes I just like to appreciate the art and beauty behind these photographs and fashion. that doesn’t make me a sell-out. I guess you could say that these things are aesthetically pleasing only because these rituals of subordination have been so ingrained that we automatically believe they’re beautiful. probably. most likely. so what do we do? can we change it?