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荒野行動グロ鯖クラン探してますm(_ _)m基本jpメインなのであまり顔出し出来ないと思いますが勧誘お願いします!!!

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Infographic Review Pt.4

What sticks out is the breakdown of the influence of both McDonald’s and Starbucks world wide. It shows the full extent both of these franchises have but more specifically the infamous golden arches as they make 41 billion dollars in sales which is quite a lot especially when compared to Starbuck’s 4.1 billion in sales.  Also the various countries that export goods to help make Starbucks, from the cups to the coffee. It shows the extent this franchise has in term of where it’s coffee is sourced. But note that all of the information is not up to date as it is only up to the year 2003.

One of the main points is that McDonald’s sales dwarf all other fast food franchises it is also greater than the GDP of some countries for example Afghanistan which was $21 billion as compared to the golden arches $41 billion. All of this can be found in the chart on the bottom right hand side as it compares the sales of seven franchises in the year 2003. Another point which can be illustrated in the lager red type in the magic bean shop. As one cup of Starbuck’s coffee is dependent on many countries as it is a global hub for many countries both wealthy and poor. This is also displayed on the global map that shows specifically which countries are their sources for coffee beans, paper cups and sugar. With different coloured arrows for each of these items as they all link back to the coffee franchise.

This infographic may be targeting consumers as a way to expand their knowledge on the influence that these two franchises have globally. The two main colours red and green were used as they are directly liked to McDonald’s and Starbucks respectively. The creator uses a larger font and a different colour to draw attention to those bits of information. The circles of the world map puts the numbers into perspective as it is a visually appealing way to show how far and how many there are globally.


Super dope video from The King himself, DMC!

@deliverancevtmg and the King of Rock, DMC of RunDMC (Darryl DMC McDaniels) have a pure hit on our hands!! Rock out to this head knocking, knowledge spitting lyric video to our record “Slave To The Rhythm”
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Der Buckingham Palace verkauft zum Valentinstag Geschenke mit königlichem Flair

Und wir wollen sie alle haben!

Sarah Carty

Valentinstag-Geschenke für Fans der Königsfamilie

Der Buckingham Palace verkauft Valentinstaggeschenke und wir wollen sie alle haben. Foto: Getty Images / Buckingham Palace

Source: Yahoo Style Deutschland

Schlankes Kristallarmband

Glänzen Sie wie eine Herzogin mit diesem Armband um rund 23 €.

Source: Yahoo Style Deutschland

Auswahl handgefertigter englischer Pralinen

Gibt es eine Sache, die besser ist als Schokolade? Königliche Schokolade. Holen Sie sich diese Schachtel um rund 28 € vom Buckingham Palace.

Source: Yahoo Style Deutschland

Karen Mobon ‘Oh So Royal’ türkisfarbener Seidenschal

Legen Sie sich die Lieblingshunde der Königin mit diesem Corgi-Seidentuch um die Schultern, das für etwas mehr als 100 € zu haben ist.

Source: Yahoo Style Deutschland

Sonderausgabe der Sevres Kaffeetassen in Weiß

Trinken Sie genau wie die königliche Familie Tee aus feinem Porzellan: Mit dieser Tasse und Untertasse um rund 170 €.

Source: Yahoo Style Deutschland

Buckingham Palace Muschelschalen-Kleinod

Diese 85 €-Schmuckschale mit 24-Karat-Vergoldung wurde von der Einrichtung des Buckingham Palace inspiriert.

Source: Yahoo Style Deutschland

Buckingham Palace Kristallohrringe

Entdecken Sie Ihre innere Kate Middleton oder Meghan Markle mit diesen glamourösen Ohrgehängen um umgerechnet rund 50 €.

Source: Yahoo Style Deutschland

Buckingham Palace No.1 Handcreme

Diese 10 €-Handcreme duftet laut Beschreibung nach „erfrischend zitrusartigen Bergamotte-Noten”.

Source: Yahoo Style Deutschland