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These Grilled peaches pair perfectly with ice cream,our Aurora Amaretti Cookies and De Nigris Balsamic Glaze. Recipe on our instagram

These little high fired porcelain coffee cups will be back in the shop soon! I love opening the kiln and seeing how the glossy glaze has melted in to the black lines... topography of the heart 💕 . .

GLAZE ~ galeri patah hati kara & Kalle by Windry Ramadhina. IDR. 71.200 (20%off)

🎵GOOD LORD🎵 - Dropping this weekend at , South Carolina inspired, vinegar based with orange and mild cayenne bite. bbq glaze is going to make your low'n'slow arsenal complete.

white # has a wonderfully toasted, butterscotch-y flavor that reminds me of dulce de leche. Use it as a simple sauce, drizzle it over your favorite ice cream, or pour it over a crumb-coated layer cake as a .

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When you are trying to get that red oxidation glaze to work and are not actually disappointed because this celadon color is so luscious.

⭐︎ 佐渡・無名異焼 玉堂窯元 細野利夫作陶展 10/17(水)〜10/23(火) 伊勢丹相模原店 5階 和食器売場。 このお店も来年の9月に閉店が決まりました。 長らくお世話になりましたが寂しい限りです。

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Glaze it! Creative ceramic workshops in action at Anykščiai art incubator. Artisans are working with different types and solutions of glaze

Ceramic workshop participants today met lecturer Laima Mikalauskiene for glaze work. It's such a mystery :) You never know how the glaze will be after firing...✨

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She looks so good in natural lighting!!