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Gorgeous with , with a strong emphasis on soft glaze effects.

ok so I'm NOT a garage chemist, I'm a garage ALCHEMIST, because I somehow made all the iron in this glaze just up and disappear!!!!!!! somebody please help me, I have no idea how this could have even happened. HALF THE COLORANTS IN THIS GLAZE ARE IRON

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"Third generation Island girl and daughter of legendary Island fisherman , Gina is the backbone of the operation. If only we let her EVERYTHING . It's our !"

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Some cups I made, carved, and painted in my ceramics class

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🌸 | nikandlily

Credit if using.


Continued…Part 4, RAKU ware……..last ceramic pieces, from my work,here, probably can to see nice “ bubbles” from Turquoise glaze on tiles surface.On last picture,combination from all  11.tiles(permanent pieces).Two tiles in the middle is my experimental work,for research,how looks glazes on bisque-fired tiles.Before start your permanent work with clay,with any materials,better to make some samples for research,how I did it


I enjoy ceramics and pottery, and I wanted to pursue a career in the art, however, I often find myself bound by the lack of resources. A kiln is needed, large bags of the correct clay, and paints, glazes, tools and the right space to work.

How can someone who wants to work with conservation also work on something entirely different?

I agree with myself when I say that I will only have to follow what my heart is urging me to do, and I pray it’ll turn out okay.