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A stand at mighty get you a standing ovation ! It also can certainly boost your standing! – at Fiera Milano

Yewwow Hewwo! Lmao this was a test since I have never really mixed skin tones and ive never really drawing a person of colour. This piece may have been disappointing for me but now im inlove with it! Will draw more diverity soon!

Name: PUBG Snow Sunglasses Price: $30 Type: Digital Code Payment is accepted: Paypal, webmoney, perfect money, Skrill, Bank transfer *Message me to order*

Don’t let your eyes take the strain of your long hours in front of your laptop! With our special blue light cut lenses, you can protect your eyes from Smartphone, Computer and Laptop as it cuts harmful blue light rays!

Through Instagram Stories, the official account of the brand "Privé Revaux" shared a photo of Madeline from the filming, announcing the imminent release of a new collection of glasses with our beautiful miss.

My friends said I look beautiful too in . How do I look like?

Smart glasses start-up “North” shockingly layoffs 150 employees! The Smart Glass manufacturer North has just layed off 150 employees due to some reasons and this is really bad for corporate world. . ,

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Mads with glasses.

Happy MadsSaturday !


Trying to live my best damn life #inspirationalquotes #dance #instagood #skin #beard #geek #glasses

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This is my gay frog bean, his name is Eron.  He’s got a lot of pride in his sexuality. He’s just now falling into the emo-punk phase that his friend Elle is dragging him into. he is legally blind, and tends to scream a lot when playing video games. He is a gaming, vlogging, and makeup youtuber. He is also a fandomless OC that will be used in a lot of my roleplays! yay!