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Phone sex with Vanessa by JulianWilde


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Dominating Heaven - Glamour spray for competitions

I always do a little glamour before doing a presentation or a show, in order to give a sort of “air” or presence to me and my horse.

This glamour has a bit of customization options available as well, which will be noted.

When we go into the arena, we want energy and vigor; but the worst is when there’s pure unbridled energy without any sort of focus or control. Today we are harnessing the energies of the sun and air, to make our performance appear bright and breezy. So without further waiting, let’s get started!

This specific recipe is for one time use, and uses EOs, no plant materials. You can choose to use either or both, just don’t make the smell overpowering. I chose EOs so it would be more scented but the main point is getting the essence. Other side note, this was posted on mobile without the app, so it the organization sucks. I am sorry.

💧 Peppermint essential oil

🍊 Orange essential oil

💧 *Small* spray bottle (glass if using EOs)

🍊 Sun Water (amount depending on quantity wanted)

💧*An emulsifier (this blends the oil and water. If you don’t use EOs, you dont need this step. I use 1 tsp sea salt but there are alternatives like himalayan salt, vinegar, witch hazel, and more)

💫 Make sure your bottle is clean and dry

💫 Add about 10 drops TOTAL of EO - you can do 5 and 5 or 8 and 2, your decision*

💫 Add the emulsifier (1 tsp sea salt in this case, a funnel or folded paper can help)

💫 Fill the bottle with water
Shake, and focus your intention into it. Your intention can be to keep you focused and have an excellent ride, but remember to think about the presence you want to give off, how you make the judges and spectators feel about your performance.

💫Spray the mix on your saddle pad or even lightly mist under your saddle (if it has wool lining) before your show, and focus on that intention again. Not only is the saddle pad the easiest to spray, but its right under our seat, between us, the horse, and many of us (at least in the western world) use the pad as part of our flash!

Inside the arenas:
Try a schooling area first to see if the scent can waft up to you. If it doesnt and you would like to smell it, apply just a few light dabs to your shirt. It should just waft, depending on how much water was added. Use these wafts to help you make sure you’re staying focused during your routine. Use it to make sure you’re not being too tense in your muscles, and watch where you’re going next!

🌞 Sun water: Energy, power, confidence, strength, to name a few.

🍊 Orange: Imagine the sun, but it smells good

🌱 Peppermint: This is also an energy booster, but more important it’s where memory and focus comes into play. Air element, to make you focused, quiet, and above everybody else (JK but also, as an Aquarius I have to say…) Peppermint is excellent for calming down nerves while also boosting energy! If at all possible, chew some peppermint gum during the training sessions leading to the show, and then some before your class. Studies show that this helps the brain recall information.

EOs, even diluted, should not be applied to skin. They can cause chemical burns, especially when exposed to sun light. Spray them on the outside of the blanket, under your saddle if it has wool lining, inside your helmet, on your clothes, but not any skin.

Additional notes:
Due to the heavy use of sun symbolism, if you practice with Apollo or other sun related deities you could ask for a little help from them as well, dedicating your performance to them.

The use of sea salt specifically also links to Poseidon, god of horses. I do not suggest just popping in and asking Them for help in your own competition, but this is a note for anyone considering to devote soon or that has already!