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Good Morning Everyone ☕️

【新デザイン紹介】 デザイン強化週間♪毎日新デザインを追加!? ■ネコマル新デザイン ・GRAND BLUE ・獣 ・Panda Film

グラマラス✨クレンジングジェル ~GLAMOROUS Cleansing Gel~ とろとろのジェルでお肌に負担をかけず、 ばっちりメイクもしっかりオフできる優れもの💖 マツエクサロンと美容の専門家が開発した 「まつエクとお肌に優しい」クレンジングです💕

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Good Morning Everyone ☕️


Congratulations to the lovely delegates and training staff who successfully completed @dermamedicalaustralia cosmetic injectables course in Brisbane.

It’s always an honor teaching you all and being able to focus on the safest injecting methods for the top 18 procedures from anti-wrinkle treatment to dermal fillers of the cheeks and hands.

Wishing you all the very best of luck in your future cosmetic careers. Looking forward to seeing you all in Melbourne next. 🥰

Take care and stay healthy x

Dr Nora 💉



I’m glamorous

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