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Explore the line of to man and find your own ideal shoes.👞💫

Ooh as styled by me 💁🏻now if I were 18 💃🏻 I look such a futuristic gal 💁🏻 #2018

Elegant Sleeveless Floral Embroidered Velvet Women’s Dress

DJ OKAWARI × Emily Styler台湾ツアーより、無事に日本に帰ってきました!いはやは楽しい日々でした。お世話になった皆さん、どうもありがとうございました!!

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Les dejamos esta propuesta a base de espejos y diseño translúcidos con acentos dorados, ideales para eventos románticos . Foto: @bellethemagazine

Quando la rivoluzione è fallita: parliamo di Punk e Post-Punk con al / Sabato 21 Luglio – h 19 – largo Mazzini. Con Simon Reynolds, Vittorio Bongiorno, Nicola Gaeta ed Enzo Mansueto. •

When your client ask for a soft yet smokey glam.. "GEMINI" velour liquid lip🤩

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The Sweet

1973 Bell
01. Little Willy
02. New York Connection
03. Wig-Wam Bam
04. Done Me Wrong Alright
05. Hell Raiser
06. Blockbuster
07. Need a Lot of Lovin’
08. Man from Mecca
09. Spotlight
10. You’re Not Wrong for Loving Me

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  • Steve Priest
  • Andy Scott
  • Mick Tucker

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🔪standing behind yours with a knife //oh my god how fucking relevant i mean??? And no, you don't have to answer this! ❤ xD just wanted to be a pest~

No Specification - Siegfried von Schroeder

Why was he behind her with a knife? The man didn’t cook, didn’t do dishes- there really was no reason, unless he had plans to cause her bodily harm, then again, he wouldn’t even do that himself. even he was confused as to why he had a knife. “..Well.. uhm.. hmh.” He could have sworn he had meant to do something- but he’s completely blanked. This always happened. “What was I doing?” Entering a new room always distracted him, now he just looked like a fool.