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Interest in is high. "Expanding Community Giving" is an initiative of that focuses on increasing donors of color. Contact info >> <<

recently released their, "Global Trends in Giving" report based off 6,057 donors information. The following graphic shows the top 10 causes gave to in 2018.

Not really. But when you contribute to Dr. G Engaging Minds you do get the satisfaction of helping our radio show soar to new heights! (see what we did there?) Thank you for supporting!

Here is an exciting, real life example of how our foundation is making lives better through generous philanthropy and bursaries

If you are a church and looking for a safe, simple, & secure way to receive donations through credit card from the congregation- Your prayer is answered! Learn more: Email:

5% increase in college giving marks 9th year of gains, campaigns drive best results according to new study by : |

Skyview in Lincoln, NE at Assocation of Fundraiser Professionals meeting today.

We 100% guarantee, that the money raised through our textile recycling scheme will flow into the account of the campaign chosen by you at the start of the process. Join the revolution |

Don't forget to buy your reusable grocery bag (community bag) at Winn Dixie from now until the end of March with Winn Dixie donating $1 ea to SBLC!

Elizabeth has just ordered 10 Free at -- Thanks for helping grow this campaign for and committing to doing in this world. Who else wants to join this movement?

"Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference." - Kathy Calvin ()- President & CEO of .

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Everyday Necessities
Help a Gal Out

Any wealthy/generous people following me that want to help me out with everyday items??  Well, and some items to keep at the office! 

Generosity for the Shopaholics of the World.

The easiest way you allow yourself be open to receiving is to first show gratitude for what you already have. For those who are holy, this is known as tithing, where you give the first tenth of your income to God, so he can do his holy things with it. … The things is, there is no way in hell I was going to give my money to a religious organization I have not vetted already, and since I haven’t been to a church I feel trusting of in the past 4 years I had a better idea for my ‘tithing’.

So here’s to putting my shopaholic tendencies to good + hand out blessings. I hope this of you reading this are inspired to do the same. Down below are a list of ways I plan to contribute to others blessings.

  • Small businesses I have been eyeing for a minute. If I can contribute to the pocket of another creative human being, you bet Im about to do that shit.
  • Patreons + other subscription based services like Only Fans for some of my fave content creators
  • Any Venmos, cashapps, or gofundme’s that pop up on my tl so i can donate directly too others

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My fathers son

As I sit here all alone in the dark
on this dirt floor I wonder if it is going
to be my unchangeable destiny to
become my fathers son, so full of
anger and disgust for not turning
out how he wanted me to be for in
his eyes I am a failure who could
never get it right, always shaking his
head when I come into his sight telling
my mother to ask me a question
while he is standing right there in
front of me “ what the hell did
he do this time” then walking a way
making me feel so little like I just
committed a heinous crime against
humanity for just being born, causing
me to hate my life so now I just want to
get high picking up the pipe rolling it like
I am playing dice gambling with my life
watching my dreams being completely
destroyed as i watch the reflection of
my pitiful self against the back drop
of all the rising smoke while drowning in a sea of deep regret
and sorrow telling myself just tonight
and I will quit tomorrow but I never do
because to tell the truth I am an addict
living proof of a disease with no cure
screaming for help but never sure if it
will ever come as I go numb so afraid that
I will succumb one day to my demons
from who I run from hiding in the darkness
of the rising sun hating me, myself and I
always remembering in my mixed mind
never to forgive who I have finally become like it was fate
for being destined to be what I have always been in my pitiful wasted and pathetic life
in which I live everyday waking in the morning looking in the mirror at the man that I now am and who my he said I would become for I am my
fathers son,

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020

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“Because i have been given much i too must give.”

Let’s be a #GoGiver to others.

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