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Our new compilation, Sounds from the Circle XI, ready to share with LA tastemakers at our latest event! Follow @soundsfromthecircle for !

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are 4 💁🏻‍♀️FEMALES | Join us for & 15 cent 🍺 longnecks | ⚠️Weekly prizes valued at $600 👉 giftcards 👉cowgirl 👢👢 & free ‼️

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S/O to !! My labels arrived days earlier than scheduled, so I’m able to add some customized raffle prizes to my event this weekend. Don’t they look great??

A big thank you to all of our Summer Summit giveaway sponsors! @GrandRapidsControls West Michigan World Trade week

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A collection of all 31 portraits I did for my giveaway event :D 

A big thank you to everyone who participated ^^

left to right:

Arisia Lavellan// Athena Wolfsbane// Athras// Connor Trevelyan

Cordelia Cousland// Darva Lavellan// Das Davarris// Faerlhunn Lavellan

Felicia Davenport// Fian Tabris// John Henry// Klytus

Leanos Lavellan// Lou// Marlow Hawke// Maxiana Trevelyan

Mephis Tabris// Nimhe Lavellan// Reynah Lavellan// Saarea Adaar

Sahaarial Lavellan// Venara Lavellan// Vivienne de Fer// Zephyr Lavellan

Arvaari Adaar// Elias Makhra// Fen’an Lavellan// Heidi Lavellan

Merrill// Nimue Lavellan// Vir’era Sabrae