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"Prolific developers don’t always write a lot of code, instead they solve a lot of problems. The two things are not the same." — J. Chambers

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I’ve exercised three days in a row.

I’m pretty happy about that. I worked out in the gym at work for an hour(ish) on Friday, then ran both yesterday and today. I’d let the running lapse for a few months again, so, of course, my thighs are sore, and will probably be more so tomorrow. It’s a good sore, though. A signal that I did something. That I’m making myself stronger.

On today’s run I was in all new running duds. I picked up a some new athletic shorts and a couple of tops at Academy yesterday, and bought my first pair of women’s athletic shoes. I felt a little weird running with two shoes of the same color, after all these years, but it works for most people, so I guess I can make it work.

I also picked up a dress on clearance for $4 yesterday. I like it.

Day 21 of #100daysofcode 💙

So, passed all of the 12 FCC random quote generator tests🙆

We learn a lot while building things ✌

What’s next?? Any guesses😁


So much for not posting.

But I like to share my happiness, so here’s my latest. I’m enjoying the new job very much, and I appreciate the much better transgender care coverage in the insurance, but …

It’s a pain and a half to figure out how to actually use it. Well, today, I banded together with two other trans folk at my company and we started a slack channel dedicated to sharing the information we’ve uncovered thus far. Within a couple of hours, several more people had joined the channel (I work at a very, very large company) and we’ve already got a nice little trove of information started.

I love the feeling of solidarity I am getting form this. It also helps alleviate the frustration I was feeling at trying to navigate this stuff on my own. I finally feel like I’m making progress.

Yay for trans solidarity!

(oh, and Meant to post this one with the other pic yesterday)

Day 5 of #100daysofcode 💙

Somehow came across this udacity course “How to use git and github”

Wasn’t expecting much but It is really nice 🌟

Learn learn learn!

Day 3 of #100daysofcode 💙

Watching everything related to open source these days!

Will be contributing more as well 😇😇

This time , it’s not just about learning but also building stuff and contributing to open source which I always procrastinate otherwise…

Also if any open source enthusiast here, you can drop your suggestions😂

100 Days of  Productivity: [11/100] - ABSOLUTE BRAIN MELT

My brain is literally melting and leaving my physical body, it feels like??? 

I did a few hours today on Javascript and web development, but my brain has seemingly stopped functioning. I’m not sure whether to press forward, take a break, or do something coding-related but fun. 

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Diabeetus 2019-01

So, one thing that I don’t normally talk about, not because I am ashamed, but because I have spent half of my life trying to convince myself that it was not real, is the fact that I have Type 1 Diabetes. While I am bringing that up now, it is definitely not going to be the subject a significant number of posts. I have worked very hard to make sure that I am a stealth diabetic and have done a fairly good job of doing so.

That said, I just wanted to say that, thanks to some abundantly more effective insulin that I was just able to switch over to, I am consuming less insulin, I am consuming fewer unnecessary carbs, and living life without passing out has just become significantly easier. I feel truly blessed to have a job where I can get good enough insurance to be able to pull this off.

My First Intense, Recognizable, Experience with Dysphoria

Growing up, my mother was someone who encouraged burying ones feelings, discounting any kind of mental/emotional distress, and not admitting that one was sick when one was clearly sick. As a result, I don’t really understand what qualifies as sickness, I have made bottling up my feelings a naturally occurring defense mechanism, and I still can’t admit that I was probably clinically depressed for 2 years starting in 2010.

With all of that in mind, I found myself, after I became trans, completely confused by dysphoria. I had to have my lady doctor tell me what it was during my first appointment with her. That said, when I would read the accounts of others on tumblr and elsewhere, I was always confused by the intense emotions that it engendered in others. This concerned me as I really needed a psychologist to tell me I was mental so that my surgery would be covered by my insurance, and I thought that if I didn’t have dysphoria, they would tell me to go home.

That said, my gay brother said something a couple of days ago that nearly destroyed me. I was talking about the fact that my stomach was beginning to flatten and that I would soon be in the position to wear a bikini, to which he made a crude comment about my genitalia. I then proceeded to tell him that I wouldn’t be wearing the bikini until after my surgery, which I hope to have this year, and went to take a shower as it was that time of day anyway. As I stood in the shower recollecting those events and developing an understanding of it, I started to get really upset. I haven’t told my brother, but I intend to let him no that he really hurt me.

Motivation to achieve your goals is so crucial. What is helping you stay motivated today? Tell us in the comments below. 

What is helping you stay motivated today? Tell us in the comments below.

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First club meeting is next Wednesday, January 16 at 4:00PM – we’ve still got plenty of space :D

Want to learn how to build an app, design a video game and change the world through code? Join the library’s Girls Who Code Club! For anyone who identifies as a girl, ages 13-18. 

Contact the Teen Room, 617-349-4027 to sign-up. Registration is required.


I’m looking forward to the day I get to join this list with these awesome, amazing, powerful women. Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. #womenentrepreneurship
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I don’t know why I am SO CODEY today, but doing the responsive design project PLUS all of the JS OOP lessons apparently wasn’t enough for me, because I just returned to CS50 and completed the next pset problem, “Cash”. That was exhausting. I love how this course really works my brain. I have GOT to stop coding for tonight though, jeez. Gonna burn out at this rate.


(posted to instagram Oct 11th - this one didn’t cross post because of some error with the animation pic) 

Today was a blast. My boss’s boss flew to town to take out our entire team to finally celebrate that giant project deployment I was a key part of this year. In fact she made a point of telling several people how I pulled an all nighter to get us past a key critical issue. It turns out there was talk at the time of abandoning the project. I never knew how close it was .. and how much money our team saved for our company. We played bocce ball, ate expensive food, drank, and shared stories. I didn’t want to call it a night!



Just a little taste of what’s in store on October 11, International Day of the Girl 🙌🏻👯‍♀️💓 I’m incredibly excited to be a part of this campaign and I can’t wait to share it with everyone ✨ #sisterhood #womenintech #ilooklikeanengineer #internationaldayofthegirl #girlswhocode

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