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Y tú, ¿cómo cuidas el cabello de tus hijos? Recuerda que los productos convencionales contienen químicos que acaban con su brillo natural. Usa el @kitfasescapilar productos 100% orgánicos.

In a completely unrelated note to anything 😝...The worlds a better place with "nasty" women.....Who run the World? 😊😙👍

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God, I’m so fuckin gay

y'know “that girl” who’s usually dressed up; makeup and hair done, well put together outfit, contacts instead of glasses, etc.?

well there is nothing that makes my gay-ass-heart melt more than “that girl” feeling sick, or tired and wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. glasses instead of contacts. no makeup. messy bun.

just seeing them not have the energy to care makes my want to fuckin cuddle them.