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GIRL FRIENDのワンマンライブまでもう少し!! 楽しみ! そしてガルフレ頑張って下さい!! イケメンSAKIKAさん投下です📸

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Today's Daily AinslyYvette () is a girl with gorgeous thighs!

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If you haven't already, you really need to check out my new This image of Boyfriend was from @tipitnas when she sat in with galacticfunk on the second of

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to the best and anyone could ever have! Happy Birthday Mom! Wishing you a year filled with fun adventure and laughter!

Girlfriend Appreciation Post <3 Thanks so much for coming into my life, my whole world = you

Kya~! Th-The Wind...! Pink, And the Heavens Opened & I Brought You Your Umbrella~

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you said not to

cheat on a person

because they will


at 1am

with alcohol in their hand,


but here I am still,

with vodka in my

veins and blood

on my hands

wondering why

the opening in my skin

doesn’t hurt

half as much

as you in my


and wondering

why I wasn’t


// fourteen days later //



A little over a year ago I was begging someone to pick me over someone else. Wanting them to just love me. I realize how wrong and stupid that was. Today, I wake up feeling so loved by my girlfriend. Someone I never saw coming but so thankful I met her when I did. The amount of love she shows me on a daily basis is nothing compared to what others combined have gave me in the past. Everything just takes time❤️