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She is the one you have been thinking about every night & day. Tag her to let her know.

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Looking for a Girlfriend in South Korea! 󾓮💑👭

Hello! Im an american 15 year old who is looking for a girlfriend in south Korea! If you live in gyeongiido or soul that would be great (because i live near there) if you are interested pls message me on tumblr, instagram, or snapchat! Bye everyone 😊

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My bf dumped me recently because I’m “too independent”. He’s right, to an extent, because I do tend to look after myself and do my own thing, plus I’m a massive introvert and need time alone - but I’m also a romantic and I love being in a relationship. And he knew what I was like when we started things so it’s got me kinda mad. He just wants a girl who depends on him for everything I think. I know it’s dumb to think about, but would Henry and August be happy dating someone like me? I need hope😩

Of course they would be! 

Grown men have a healthy sense of self that doesn’t need propping up all the time with the feeling of being vital to someone’s wellbeing. In 2019, we don’t derive our sense of self worth from how many people would be fucked if we weren’t there for them.

Henry is a world-famous actor who works on various locations far away from home and he’d love a partner who is neither needy nor clingy, who has their own stuff going on and doesn’t need to stick to him like a lovesick barnacle all the time. The times when they are together would be all the nicer, because they would actually want to be with each other then, as opposed to ALWAYS being with someone until they start driving you up the walls and you’d kill to see other faces for a change. 

August also travels a lot for work and he needs to know you can fend for yourself without him there. He loves the fact that you’re not depending on him and he can focus on doing his job and getting out of missions alive without worrying about you in the back of his mind. 

Independent women are so rare and they are gems to be treasured. Your ex gave away a damn good thing when he broke up with you. 

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We ALWAYS have interest! 😂😊 I think I have interest in EVERY one of your possible stories! Your life is the hottest. And I agree with others, that was some hard/fast work for first time anal, DAMN!

Thanks. I do have a life that I never expected and that I didn’t think was real just a few years ago. We have a great time and have amazing friends. I’ve made such good friends (some with benefits and some without!)

That was a 30 second clip of that part of their evening together. I have multiple longer ones of that plus maybe some of the vaginal they did first, I’ll have to check on that. Can’t remember because I was on the bed right next to them enjoying and I don’t recall if I started filming then or not until they moved across the room to lean over the massage table to start the anal.

As I said, she loves anal like I do so I’m sure he went for it once he was in!