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Okay new song is incredible. I love it! Also I’m a huge fan.

Perfect timing. Amazing lyrics. As a fan from the jump I’m even more of one now. Im sure so many are feeling what I feel right now. This song is just what we need. When words fail music is always there and I thank you so much for this anthem. IS EVERYTHING

AHHHH IS SO GOOD!!!! i can’t wait for MM2 and tour!!! 💘💘

What does it take to get you pathetic, lazy men to send me your money. You know you don’t deserve it. You know I do. So chop chop.

I’m blown away!!! This is the song us girls have been waiting for! Thank you, !!! You will forever be my favorite bad ass♥️🍻

The BEST way to kickoff a long weekend is new music. Gonna be blasting this beautiful song all weekend

Girl, won't you stop your cryin'? I know that you're tryin' Everything's gonna be okay Baby girl, don't you hang your head low Don't you lose your halo Everyone's gonna be okay Baby girl

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