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Dear Santa,

This year, I have the pleasure of discovering the magical world of witches and wizards, and that it is quite a gift on its own, (more than I could have ever wished for, in fact) but I have recently discovered that, unlike I thought so before, you aren’t just a legend or a fictional character, but a wizard yourself! It all makes sense now: how you can distribute gifts so fast and how your reindeers can fly. Knowing that, I couldn’t do otherwise than writing you a letter. An apology letter, as I’d like to apology for not believing in you for so long. Although that is probably a bad action on its own, I would like to justify myself by saying that my previous muggle life, if we can call it so, was tarnished by popular beliefs that you might be an invention of Coca Cola. I know right? Ridiculous! That said, I was a fool and took their words for it, but since I am now aware of the truth and have apologized, I hope you will be able to forgive me. I don’t think I have been fundamentally a bad person, this year or any other, so maybe, if you wish, you could still look at my gift list. To compensate, I will only ask for one of these items listed. You can choose the one you like, and that shall be my only present this year.

Hoping you will understand,


1.A quidditch set

2.A marauder’s map

3.The book of advanced spells

4.A new writing quill

5.A magical creature T-shirt

6.A 3D Diagon Alley puzzle


What gift would you like best?


The letter is entirely fictional. These gifts exist though, I found them on Internet. A quick research and you should find them too. 😉


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