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New Ladies 925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Half Eternity Ring sizes J - R | eBay

Looking for the perfect and for your loved one? We've reviewed a few of our very favourites for her, him and even your teenage tearaway:

Loved painting this colourful puffin tile. It’s painted in my whirlpool design, in a mix of bright colours. Available on Etsy priced at Β£13.99 with free U.K. shipping, like πŸ‘‰πŸ»

❀️ Need a valentines day gift? - R50 for a chocolate box and ALL funds go to a good cause 😍😘

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Would you get this shopping bag if it was given to you at half the price? Dm to place your order πŸ‘†

Hi πŸ‘‹ diff deployment phase progress..Eg. soon -1 month servers (garry's mod, ..) - premium - $$ - .. 🎁24h 2 winner 2million each βœ…FollowMe + addπŸ”” βœ…RT + comment your @.pseudo + draw 1500000 VYA 100

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Branded card holder is the ideal gift for your customers in the corporate sector. Dm for price πŸ‘†

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The best Valentine’s Day gifts for your husband (UK edition) | |

nikolaus-stnorth  asked:

"SANDY! Come down and say hello, old friend!"

Sanderson grinned at his jolly friend and waved. Now that he thought about it, it’s been a while since he has seen his fellow Guardian. The golden spirit finished giving the last dream to the last child in that area, which so happened to be in the North Pole, and lowered his cloud.


I just wanted to share my lovely bounty that I received in trade from @cosmomoore


My first ever Monster High dolls, including Clawd 😍. Patriot and Jacqueline from the Fresh dolls.


This lovely gentleman that needs to be treated carefully so he’s staying tucked away until I can find a head to do him justice.


And some gorgeous fabric and this yellow and white dress that’s to die for. I would wear one IRL at a drop of hat.

I happened to get this box when I was really feeling low, and I cried happy tears every time I saw something new. He definitely over gifted me but m so thankful. ❤️❤️❤️❤️