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Yesterday was hard for fans, but today is a new day. It was a bump in the road, not a dead end. for Life!

El mes más romántico del año obsequia una rosa gigante BLUMEN en forma de corazón de edición limitada ❤️❤️. Contáctanos... 📱WhatsApp 0990061071 📱. ❗️Vive la Experiencia BLUMEN‼️.

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Santorini From Viva By Vietri At Glassworks! Viva by is Vietri's new line for casual . Santorini is the newest pattern in the line. Handmade of hard , dishwasher & microwave safe, with select pieces oven safe.

We’re at the judges table! Allow us to create luscious skincare treats for your events/corporate events!

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***Oh my God they’re all so cute!!! Look at their adorable little beady eyes!!!


Does this small cutie remind you about spring that will come in a week? 😉 💙💚🌱🌿☀️
Hand painted glass fridge magnet.
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To my favourite demon [ @sxphietxrner ]:

Happy birthday, Dearil!! I know you’re supposed to be 23, but aren’t all demons eternal? How many birthdays have you really had? I guess demons don’t really like to reveal their true age either, but you know how that works better than I would. I hope you weren’t expecting a loving and sweet message for your birthday because calling you my favourite demon is about as good as that gets. And who else would have that title? Besides, I save the most sentimental thoughts for the holidays, and I guess if you want that, you’ll have to stick around for it. 

Since you’re hellbent on being sent to jail with half the things you get up to, including stalking and breaking and entering, I thought to myself, why not go with a jail theme for your birthday gifts to start making you feel right at home? You have everything you need: the mugshot card, the chocolate get out of jail free cake (and no, I’m still not paying for your bail), the jail jumpsuit, and some soap. It isn’t on a rope, but I figured maybe jails are more sophisticated these days. Plus you are celebrating and something a little more refined was called for. You’re welcome. 

Have a great day, and don’t drop the soap! x

- Bill

Best Friend Application:

  • Name: Elliot Nightray
  • Age: 16
  • How long have we known each other?: a day I guess?
  • Do we have things in common?: no
  • Do you know me well?: no
  • Three things you would bring to a sleepover at my house: nothing i’m not sleeping over
  • If we crushed on the same person, would it affect our friendship?: we don’t even have a friendship, I don’t know why i’m doing this. Considering you’re older than me we probably wouldn’t crush on the same person. 
  • How would you cheer me up if I was upset?: not. (elliot please) play a song on the piano?
  • If I commit a crime, will you help me?: HA No. 
  • How would you help me?: I wouldn’t

(i just wanted to send this lmao)

“Hmmm…this doesn’ sound like a very strong application…maybe I can give you a trial? See how we work out?”


Mailcall Unboxing Packages “Surprise Gift to Channel"  This is on my other channel “Like Post Stroke”