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Struggling for gift ideas? Why not try one of our mystery boxes! Bear in mind that they may contain the odd cheeky product with age sensitive language!

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(SoT DrInk) Scritches


him like the scritch behind floofy ear

Anubis immediately fell into a kneel as the god walked by, though Shu stopped, stepping back in front of him. Anubis stayed quiet for a moment before daring to look up, fighting back a yelp from how close their faces were.

“My quarry–” his voice was quiet as he moved to push away, though Shu grabbed one of his ears in a gentle grip and used it as a handle to turn his head downwards. “My… quarry…?”

“You have some mess on you!” Shu stated as though nothing was wrong, scratching at Anubis’s fur and cleaning up those large, pointed ears of his.

Anubis nearly swooned, eyelights flickering and shuddering as he melted into the calming sensation. Those fingers made him so relaxed, making him even more vulnerable to the god’s aura of serenity and calm.

“There we go!” Shu smiled brightly as he puled away, Anubis left to blink in confusion. “I got all of the dirt out. Now, I’ll just–WAIT!” Anubis had become used to Shu’s distracted outbursts, not even moving when a wandering scarab was picked from the ground and placed atop the jackal’s head. “Okay, now I’ll go on. Goodbye!”

Anubis sighed deeply, eyelights moving upwards towards the beetle.

“Hello, Khepri.”

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Are those pictures all handmade?!! They’re so good omg! You should sell them and do commissions! ✨

they are!!! and thank you 🤧💕 my mom said the same thing just rn my style is pretty inconsistent so i need to practice before i could seriously consider commissions of any sort aldjdkdj maybe requests of simple things

Little Love


Guess what, here is your gift <3

I had five drafts of this story but eventually decided on this one, I hope you like it. This is basically a coffee shop AU with Korra as a barista, some shade on Mako and Asami being as beautiful and mesmerizing as always.

You can also find it here on ao3.

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For Daughter-In-Law - Family Mug, Mug for Daughter-in-law, Gift Ideas 2018, Coffee Mug, Mother&#39;s Gift for Daughter-in-law, Thank You Mug by eCopious

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14.00 USD

Gift For Daughter-In-Law - Family Mug, Mug for Daughter-in-law, Gift Ideas 2018, Coffee Mug, Mother’s Gift for Daughter-in-law, Thank You Mug

This awesome coffee mug is made out of ceramic (like most coffee mugs) using a professional quality sublimation printing process. (the design is printed into special sublimation paper, then heat transferred, turning the inks to gas and infusing it into the ceramic mug.
This process is done by hand, and ensures that the design cannot peal or chip away from the mug like other vinyl or hand painted mugs can.

We have a ton of designs from the funny or crude, to the cute and sweet. Our unique coffee mugs make a great gift under $20 for that hard to shop for friend or family member.

We also have a range of wedding mugs and can custom design mugs for your entire wedding party.

Mug details:

1: Mugs Available in 11oz or 15oz sizes (select your preference with the drop down)
2: Mugs are made from white ceramic (unless shown otherwise)
3: The design is printed on both sides of the mug.
4: All Mugs are dishwasher (top shelf) and Microwave safe.

Delivery Guarantee:

We pack our mugs securely to ensure a safe delivery, but rest assured, if a mug does arrive broken from transit, we will always replace it free of charge. (just send us a quick photo of the broken mug).

Shipping Times:

Most orders arrive within 7 to 10 days of the order being placed (within United States).
Canada, Australia and the UK are also usually 7 to 10 days but can occasionally take longer (depends on the size mug you order).
International Orders* are usually made and shipped within a few days, but can take up to 6 weeks to arrive depending where they are going.

*We are happy to send our mugs anywhere in the world, we will pack and address accordingly, but we have no control over the shipping / postal delivery services in other countries, and cannot be held at fault if we ship a mug to an obscure part of the world, and it doesn’t arrive, or takes longer than expected.


1: Colors may vary from what you see on your screen, as every screen is different.
2: If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
3: Remember each mug is hand made, so slight variances do occur.

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For Daughter-In-Law - Family Mug, Mug for Daughter-in-law, Gift Ideas 2018, Coffee Mug, Mother’s Gift for Daughter-in-law, Thank You Mug by eCopious
A gift for my boyfriends sister

Hey everyone!

My boyfriends sisters birthday is coming up, and this is the first time I’m ever shopping for her. I’m low-key intimidated by her because she is very cool, confident, hip and artsy.

She is turning 25, and just moved into a new apartment with her boyfriend. Do you have any gift suggestions or do you have a gift you’ve received and the idea was great you would do it again for someone else?

Thank you all in advance! :)

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