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Small gadget—BiG effect! HandHug™️ Tablet Grip. For 1-handed hold & tap. Great for Kindle & other small tablets. Free US shipping. Ships worldwide.

HandHug™️ tablet grip

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Blueprint style image of Sleeping Beauty castle - Framed poster
For just $28.00 This is a photograph of Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland Paris that has been treated to look like a white pencil sketch on blueprint g…

For just $28.00
This is a photograph of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland Paris that has been treated to look like a white pencil sketch on blueprint gridded paper. This poster would be a statement in any room but especially in a child’s room or nursery.

Make a statement in any room with this framed poster, printed on thick, durable, matte paper. The matte black frame adds an extra touch of class.

• Alder, Semi-hardwood frame
• Black in color
• .75” thick
• Acrylite front protector
• Lightweight
• Hanging hardware included

[The gift is timed for when Tybalt will be home. Stef has given instruction to the staff to have Tybalt come to the door to retrieve said gift. The gift is a stripper, who says, “Happy Birthday, Lord Baby Boop” and then proceeds to tell Tyablt he is under arrest for being too sexy and dances right there at the door, beginning to strip]

[Ty watches and vows revenge]

Lord Capulet,

Happy Birthday. I know you mentioned being limited on coffee, but couldn’t help buying this unique coffee. The stone in the ring is supposed to promote stress relief. I know being a lord can bring about more than a little stress. You can take a break, my lord, and take a friend horseback riding. I hope your day is well.


[Bourbon Infused Coffee, Blue Agate Stone Ring, Wooden watch with ‘Lord Capulet’ engraved on the back, and two tickets to horseback riding in the country.]

I am so happy right now! I just got @mrcreepypasta ’s books for my birthday! Getting these books has made my birthday perfect!

[Delivered along with breakfast]

Happiest of birthdays to my favourite Lord. 

 Enjoy your day Lord Ty, may you smell as good as you look.

 Thank you for everything you’ve done so far, I can’t wait to see what the next year brings you.

- Posey. 

Every fifty year old need to celebrate with a party as well as nothing says party than a Beer Cake. The bonus is you don’t even need to be that crafty to put green living together. Permit the beer perform the talking.

But in case you do possess an imaginative bent, take time to craft something distinctive including homemade shaving cream or perhaps handcrafted soaps. On the other hand, if you’re just half crafty you are able to still use your creative thinking by putting together a hamper.

50th birthday hampers which pop include a gardener’s basket, a hot shower system along with a 50th birthday survival system starring a balloon, therefore they begin their birthday off with a’ bang’; a wrapped fabric, wishing them birthday’ wrapped’ in joy; a timepiece, wishing they enjoy every’ minute’; as well as marbles, to replace the ones they have actually sacrificed.

We’re not saying you can’t present these treasures to women, we’re only saying that males are usually more prone to drop over backwards (in a great way) right after getting something this way.

Upgrade Dad’s grungy old apron with a new fandangled apron and BBQ equipment set, with every single piece of equipment engraved with a personalised e-mail. Or maybe gift him a beer tool belt or maybe stainless icecubes, issues he will not ever known he had to have till he gets them.

Yet another great idea is usually to gift him an upmarket metallic modish image collage for his male cave or perhaps office, featuring custom-made stylings, quotes and photographs.

If they like video games, choose a brand new dart board or perhaps take them on an adventure or even orientating day. If you attract the vibe they are all set to party and then discard them the final 50th surprise party or perhaps buy them a very interesting 50th party tshirt.

When can you spoil your loved 1 if it is not whenever they flip fifty? Lavish them with high-class gifts they would never dream of choosing themselves.

Suggestions include a first category travel case - for the fifty year old who loves to go; a espresso maker to help you get them through to retirement; a fabric wall surface display screen utilizing important photos of their living to date; and a designer watch - simply because they deserve nothing less.

When you smack fifty it is really important to handle yourself. Nonetheless, as being a gift giver, you don’t wish to appear most preachy. The top presents are those that enthuse far better health and wellbeing without simply being far too obvious about it.

In case they are previously sporty then a plush towel or themed structure clock are gifts which are innovative. But in case you really want to rub their health and fitness freakness in the faces of theirs, a bullet blender is your answer.


Dear Wolfgang,
I am writing this letter as I sit in a call with you. Ironic, right? Anyways, I decided to send you this stuff because I love you and I wanted you to have something of mine. The dog is named Smalldog. Careful with his bow or it might fall off. I also got you reeses because I know they’re your favorite(fingers crossed they don’t melt). The rose is just ‘cause I thought it was pretty. Anyways, sorry for the short letter, and my terrible handwriting. You know I’m not half as good a writer as you are.
Love, @bluthewitch <3
I finally received these lovely gifts from my sweetheart blu after waiting for about a week. The contents were a surprise and I won’t lie, I cried(If you consider a shaky voice and being on the verge of tears “crying.” Hmph). Although, my heart definitely wept since the first thing I saw was Smalldog’s backend when I opened the box. He’s so incredibly soft and amazing at cuddling. Smells lovely, too(Smells like my darling)! After popping his cute little butt out, laying at the bottom was a note along with Smalldog’s ‘bow’ which had unfortunately fallen off on his trip here. I’m gonna have to figure out how to redo it. There was also a king size pack of Reese’s that isn’t in the picture since I had to chuck it into the refrigerator since it had, again, unfortunately, melted. The note, which you can see above, was so incredibly heartwarming. I had never been given a love note before. Especially one with an adorable lipstick kiss on it(Yes, I kissed it!). Overall, this package is absolutely amazing. I’ve never had a girlfriend before, much less one as incredible as my darling blu, so this box o’ love made my month. I’m gonna have to compose my own box o’ love to give to her. God knows she deserves a million of’em! I don’t know what stars aligned that sent you to me, but I’m infinitely thankful for it. I love you so much, blu. With all my heart! You’re my everything. My world. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to have in my life. I promise I’ll get you your own box with melted chocolate, a pretty flower, an adorable note(I’m not wearing lipstick!) and a soft ‘aminal’ to top off one day!

ho ho ho, prazniki se bližajo

Ho, ho, ho – prihajajo božični prazniki! Božične počitnice, družinska kosila in zabave s prijatelji zahtevajo čudovit izgled. Z izdelki iz nove essence trend kolekcije „ho!ho!ho!“ lahko od 14. novembra do konca decembra ustvariš različne praznične stajlinge. Trend kolekcija vključuje tudi fantastične ideje za darila, ki bodo zagotovo izvabili nasmešek na obraz tvoje najboljše prijateljice, sestre in celo fanta. 

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