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I think I always knew - Zekei x MC fanfic

Summary: Having to make a decision regarding the Vanguard spy overboard, Athena finds a deserted part of the ship to seek peace and quiet, to make up her mind. But, as it seems, other things are bothering her, making the process of decision making almost dreadful to her. Luckily, there’s a person who had always had her back, and today was no different.

Author’s note: My first ATV fanfic! Hope you’ll like it.

I loved Zekei from the first chapter and I’m so upset we didn’t have a chance to get any more points/romantic scenes with him (with the MC, not Eos). Hopefully we’ll get some soon.

In the meantime… I thought I’d write a missing scene from the latest chapter. Enjoy! 😄

Athena was sitting in an empty, secluded part of the ship. Only carriers and butlers arrived in that part of the ship and she was ought to have some peace of mind there.

Argo had passed by her an hour ago or so, but she faked a smile and asked him not to tell anyone about her whereabouts.

She’d have to make a decision before morning came, she knew that. But until then, she needed some peace and quiet.

That is, until she hears footsteps behind her.

At first, she prays in her heart it is merely another worker passing by, but then the footsteps become more audible and it is obvious they’re directed at her direction.

They come to a stop and Athena senses a presence beside her, but the figure remains silence until Athena frowns and turns around annoyed.

“Argo, I told you - I wanna be left alone–” Her voice is cut short when her eyes meets the person who decided to burst into her little bubble of comfort and procrastination.

“Zekei.” His name left her lips in the most delicate way possible.

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                                                 os olhos mantinham-se fixos nas criaturas que nadavam livremente a sua volta enquanto a extensão apoiava-se no vidro que a separava delas, tendo consciência de que a sua presença ali em nada as afetavam. florence havia encontrado no aquário um refúgio, um lugar que pudesse ficar a vontade sem importar-se com a presença de mais humanos, sem ser importunada por vermelhos ou azuis. tudo não passava de um rótulo, um título que os separava e que faziam deles — azuis, serem mais importantes. após o ataque sofrido em aspen e da discussão com o irmão, soubera que as coisas acabariam sendo modificadas. sabia que deveria agir rapidamente, que deveria cercar-se com mais alianças e mais do que isso, houvera a necessidade de encontrar uma maneira de permanecer em ranu, de não levar em consideração o desejo do futuro rei; mas naquela manhã ao acordar e deparar-se com uma carta deste, a dizendo que deveria ficar, que aquela havia sido a decisão do rei, acabara rindo de felicidade. seu irmão tivera que dar o braço a torcer, talvez percebendo que ele ainda não era soberano e deveria também, render-se as vontades do pai. talvez a comemoração tivesse estendido-se, uma vez que na companhia de duas garrafas de vinho — uma completamente vazia — acabara perdendo-se quanto ao tempo. sabia que já havia anoitecido, que certamente deveria está em seu quarto, mas ocupava-se com os peixes, o desejo de observá-los a tomando uma vez mais. ela ria sozinha, os pensamentos a tomando e a fazendo pensar no momento que seria coroada rainha; estava bêbada, fato. e possivelmente, passaria a noite jogada no chão até sentir-se realmente bem para levantar-se. contudo, decidiu testar o próprio equilíbrio. levantou-se, conseguira dar dois passos e tão logo, fora ao chão incapaz de manter-se de pé; uma das mãos ainda envolvia a garrafa e a levara aos lábios, deleitando-se com o líquido escuro que a preenchia.

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- mars in aries

Mars in Aries:
-fire & cardinal-
Quick to act and react. I imagine them walking through fire everyday, fire is within them and in their brain cells. Risk-takers who can be very reckless often-times, but they do not have time to think about the consequences. These people follow their instincts which lead them to the right direction, the instincts and intuition are the ones to follow. Mars in Aries people also have a bit of trouble with completion of things and projects they start, their lively spirit and fire can be rekindled by something more interesting and eye-catching. Very independent and can get impatient when they have to wait, or frustrated even when they have to wait for others to make decisions. With their drive and independence comes decisiveness. Their plan is always for them to do things on their own, which is best in some cases and not in others. They would feel very stuck in a team, career-wise. But would protect and be there for their friends. Innovative and filled with ideas, it is very healthy and positive when they put their energy into pursuing those ideas, because they can easily feed off of that negative energy and transform it into anger, they are also very fearful of abandonment. They are very aware they can do things and life on their own, but they treasure the people closest to them.Honest and straight-forward, and are annoyed when they come across people who are not. They do not have the patience to deal with people who beat around the bush, they avoid manipulation and lies too. These people really appreciate the direct approach because they will you that too.

Creative, enthusiastic and very energetic, passionate. But also easily bored, reckless, impatient and impulsive. People who would protect you at any given cause, fight with you against the demons of this world, you just need to keep their track because after all Aries are the kids of the zodiac sent to the battle grounds of Mars. What you see is what you get, the least you could do would be to be honest with them.