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Super sleepy right now for some reason lol

Getting ready to do Hope scary overly animated vacuum cleaner lady neighbor won't be in our apartment's laundry room...LOL

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anonymous asked:

Wait um- Are you still trying to kill Gaster?

Murder? Who said I wanted to kill him?

So uh, originally we worked on the core together, but this time around… I left him alone. I never properly “met” him.

Then uh, he had Sans and Papyrus. This time. He’s so much happier without me.

So I keep my distance, it’s better this way.

I know he can potentially become… that guy you guys met yesterday but, he’s honestly not the worst person before… whatever it was that made him that way. So no, I don’t get why you’d think I’d do that.

Everyone deserves a second chance, right?