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Last date to register for Best Animated Frames (BAF) Award has been extended to 28th February 2019. Hurry up and register at

New Twitch Sub Badges for my client . Hope Ya'll like and retweet. Hmu for dope designs for cheap.

Doesnt make the best GFX / VFX he is literally insane at editing, Hit him up for cheap deals!

What do you think? (Also Idk if you can notice but I tried some limb bending) :)

Avi for Team【Rose】 初めての依頼だったけど喜んでもらえたかな……

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Did you know, Elliot?
It doesn’t matter what universes we end up in.
Amidst all the cosmos and celestial galaxies beyond,
among all the different timelines and dreamscapes afar— 
it will always be you.

Did you know, Elliot? Dreams are made up of stardust. That stardust is my elixir. It is what keeps me away from my palette of nightmares. My canvas was covered in shades of daunting grays and mournful blues, rendering me colorblind to the hues of hope and liberation. 

Ultimately, having faith in our dreams is what keeps us alive. This is the truth, is it not?

No. You were once my dream, but as I pondered further, the notion became silly. After all, a dream is nothing but that: intangible to the senses, far from reach, an idealization of a concept already so ethereal. To consider you a dream—a distant wish our hearts make—would be slanderous to every fiber of your being. And what kind of man would I be to insult you so?

You are the rays of sunrise, greeting me hello. You are the tides of the ocean, tickling my soles as my toes sink into the sand. You are the books lodged into the shelves, each title with a new tale to tell. You are the flourishing shrouds of evergreen, emanating life to my core. You are the moon that rids me of my terrors, trickling lights of succor through the curtains. 

Did you know, Elliot? You are the colors of faith, freedom, and solace on my palette, and now my canvas is coated anew. You are not a dream, but the reason for my dreams.

Dreams do not keep us alive; purpose does.

At last, I can bid my demons farewell as I drift into slumber with you in my arms.