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Random Harem Fic

I asked my friend to name six transformers and then wrote a smutfic.

Light BDSM, multiple overloads, double penetration, size kink (in terms of spike size), light degradation, praise kink, and heavy petting from multiple partners at once

The mechs are: Starscream, Getaway, Skids, Pipes, Rung, and Whirl

Reader self-insert masked minibot nonbinary/ambiguous gender

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People trying to stop a bunch of misfits from achieving something are just the worst, are they not?

TFN stickers!!  IDW villains!!

I can only make one new sheet this year, and decided to go with some good ol’ baddies from the comics! I really hope you like them!!


Terça em Lagos 🇵🇹 Travel Tuesday is on today & my post is all about my travels to scenic Lagos, Portugal ✈️ #lagos #lagosportugal #algarve #portugal #portugal🇵🇹 #portugal_places #portugal_em_fotos #video #contentcreator #europe #traveler #traveller #travel #welltravelled #welltraveled #scenic #instatravel #instago #passportready #getaway #vacation #californian (at Lagos, Portugal)

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Back to April travel Adventures ~ Spain 2019 (Madrid & Barcelona)

I can’t believe we are half way through the year! Time is flying by so quick! What are some of the things you have accomplished so far? … No time to panic but definitely to manage, plan, think and execute your time/goals smarter. You know!! Prioritiessss

As some of you might already know, Spain was on my ‘bucket list.’ Why? Because as the country is known as “la madre patria” same language, similar culture and influences as a Latina! Well, I do believe the universe is always working in our favor if we let it and took the opportunity presented. One of my favorite quote by one of my favorite author says:

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Paulo Coehlo, The Alchemist

And this couldn’t be more true! My friend posted on her IG stories that she was going to Spain and I was like whatttt I wanna join you too and bought my tix the same day. Even though it was for a small period of time, I enjoyed it so much and got to experience life as a Spaniard; beautiful European architecture with the Spanish flavor, tapas, cañas, flamenco, paella, beautiful streets, markets, a lot of culture/character and the peace stay of mind European streets give.

I got to experience it in a different way because we spent time with my friends’s friend which are locals. Travel should be an experience to embark in the Unknown, but when you speak the language it’s also like being at home. I love the city life and Madrid was amazing, but Barcelona stole my heart and can’t wait to go back and who knows maybe even live there for a period of time.

Public transportation is the way to go in Europe and to explore between cities and even to other European countries. The Madrid City Tour- I so recommend to get to know the city and the touristy attractions and AVE to travel between cities; in this case Madrid to Barcelona and backward. It was just perfect and once again I got to see that what we are looking for is within us and that sometimes no plan is the best plan. It was a much needed getaway from work and the routine.

Ps. I always make a travel list of cities and places I will like to go and without much planning life took me there this time! Oleeee Eshhhhpañaaaa




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Sparkeater X Rung, part 2

You came through Anon, you beat me, the final boss with your three blows of coffee! I grant you your wish so here, have it!

Despite Perceptor’s and Brainstorm’s best efforts, they didn’t find a way to return you back to normal. Everyone in Lost Light was baffled and shocked. How could someone as sweet and kind as you turn into a murderous predator, a monster all of the sudden? No one saw it coming or your assault on your Conjunx.

The best they could do was to put you into stasis coma until they would figure out a way to return you back to normal or…let you go. But it was up to your Conjunx and Rung wasn’t ready to let go of you.

The psychiatric recovered from your advantages with a clear bill of health, but he was shaken up by what had happened. But life went on without you on the ship but Rung wouldn’t stop thinking about you for even one second. He often times came to visit you in your pod and just stared at you through the pod’s glass as you laid there. Despite being a horrendous beast now, you still looked as gorgeous as the day you two had performed Conjunx ceremony.

Sometimes he would talk to you through the glass, tell you about his day, what has happened at Lost Light while you have been gone and how much you’re missed by your friends. Once in a while, he reads you something from one of his datapads. But then he was separated from you by Getaway and his rebellion.

Rung and rest of the who had nothing against Megatron were sent to die to Necrobot’s planet by the hands of the Decepticon Justice Division. They survived and many more survived also thanks to Necrobot’s saved mechs and femmes and they were set on a new mission. Get Lost Light back.

They had ups and downs on their way and now? Now they were all confronted by a pack of Sparkeaters. Sparkeaters that were their crewmates, lead by you, Perceptor following quickly behind you like pack leader’s right hand. Whatever Getaway had done to their friends he must have done something to you also for you to be set free from your stasis. While Brainstorm approached turned Perceptor, Rung approached you.

“(Y/n)…?” The orange mech asked and you crooned and chittered, tilting your helm and clicking your mandibles at him. Good, you were listening. He tried to get some sense to you. “It’s me, Rung, your Conjunx, remember?”

You chittered, but before anyone could do anything Perceptor spewed something all over Brainstorm and all hell broke loose. You screeched like a banshee and the crew of Sparkeaters attacked. That’s when Rung lost you again.

Next time he saw you was in a medbay, but you were you again. Not a Sparkeater, not a monster, but his own Conjunx. You were lying on the medical slab like the rest of the healed crew was. As soon Rung entered, your optics, now normal blue again landed on him and you grimaced.

“Oh, Rung…!” You sobbed before bursting into tears. The psychiatric was next to you in a second and holding your hand in his. “Shh, shh, I’m right here. How are you feeling?”

“Horrible…!” You admitted through tears and weakly squeezed his hand back. “I remember…! I remember everything…! Oh, Rung, I’m so so sorry!”

Rung smiled slightly and leaned down to nuzzle the side of his face against your wet one. You sobbed harder and he gently kissed your cheek. “It’s alright. Everything is alright now. I love you, I still love you and I will always love you.”

“I don’t deserve you…! Not after what I did to you!” You cried and Rung kissed you again. “Nonsense. If I would have been mad at you would I have come over every day to talk to you when you were in a coma?”

You shook your helm shakily and Rung smiled before kissing you on the mouth. “I’m was there then and I’ll be here with you now.”