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: 2019 UK to: Co. Leitrim: 1-2 Nights with Breakfast =>

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What an amazing Easter weekend so far! The weather definitely helps 😉 Beautiful places, beautifully kept - thank you 😊⛰

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Getaway as a parent makes me think of that one song 'My Lulaby' from Lion King 2. I mean, some of the lyrics fit.

Oh, you’re right! I can totally imagine Getaway using his own sparkling to try and get what he wants but only once he’s officially lost his marbles.



We got home

From Las Vegas and the kids were super happy. Well, I mean, Max was happy in his own way. We knew he’d see us, say “hi!”, and run off to play with his pals on our block. He did not disappoint :) 

Trixie on the other hand was one big snuggle of a hug when we got home. She clasped my neck and Mrs. D’s neck so dang tight. It was adorable. She held out face and gave us big fishie kisses. It was the absolute best.

A huge thanks to Pop Dog and Tutu for being there for our kiddos in our absence. The kids love when they get to see their grandparents and it sure it helpful to have some time to be away from the madness to spend time with the one you love most. Mrs. D and I had a great getaway. A huge thanks to our friends who helped coordinate the trip as well! 

Also, a huge thanks to Frankie’s Tiki Room. If you are in Las Vegas, do yourself a favor and check it out. You’ll hula out for the night, I promise :)