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Το caption δικό σας. Εκφραστείτε ελεύθερα! :)

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Ich bin kein Roboter.

Review: “In the Dark” by Andreas Pflüger

This is an amazing thriller / crime novel with an unusual twist. Ever heard of a blind detective before? Not only was it diverse, but also really interesting. Since the blind protagonist was also the narrator, the writing style was not very visual. Even the narration consistently relied on all the other senses, giving the reader for example not much of an idea of what the characters actually look like. It takes a while before you notice something lacking at all, and in the end, it really feels more like a refreshing change of pace than something being wrong or bad about it.

While the blind narration was unusual and interesting, I was a little skeptical about the limitations of the protagonist - in that there seemed to be none. You always hear about blind peoples’ other senses being sharpened, but some of the things happening here just seem implausible. Aside from that, it was a great story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about a bad guy as intelligent as the likes of Sherlock’s Moriarty - smart, witty, manipulative, always three steps ahead. Those are the best kind of villains. The good guys were great to read about as well: their companionship and loyalty, their training and work methods, the secrecy of it all. I very much enjoyed this novel and could not put it down. Hopefully, the sequel is just as good.


BREAKING, 24/01/2020: Multiple casualties in Germany shooting.

-The incident took place in the town of Rot-am-See, which is located in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

-The AFP news agency is reporting that at least six people have been killed.

-An unknown number of people are also being treated for injuries.

-The suspected shooter has been arrested.

-The shootings took place inside and near an inn/restaurant (pictured right).

-The shooter is a man who was born in 1993.

-The town has a population of just around 5,000 people.

-Police are maintaining an increased presence in the town but they believe the shooter acted alone and there is no ongoing threat.


Princess Antoinette Anna of Anhalt (1885-1963) as a young girl. 1890s.

Princess Antoinette was born on 3 March 1885 at  Georgium Castle  near Dessau in Anhalt. Her parents were Leopold, Hereditary Prince of Anhalt and Princess Elisabeth of Hesse-Kassel (1861-1955).

Less than one year after the birth of his daughter, Leopold died unexpectedly in Cannes on 2 February 1886. Princess Elisabeth never remarried and survived her husband by almost 70 years. She died in Dessau on 7 January 1955.