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Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Natural Amethyst & Pink Topaz Solid Sterling Silver Art Deco/Edwardian 3-Gem Design Filigree Ring Size 7 #41

Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: 1ct Natural Garnet Gem Sterling Silver Art Deco Filigree Ring Size 7 Design # 189

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Second session on this Buddha back piece. Buddha fully healed. Background was added in 7 hours. #bqtattoos #buddah @stmachine6 #stevetippettsmachine #justthetippetts @darkhorsetattooco @hustlebutterwest @saniderm #gilbert #gilberttattooer #buddahtattoo #space #geometric @geometrip #geoman #geomandala #mandala @beautiful_mandalas (at Gilbert, Arizona)

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Here’s a Ward Circle from the Demon Circle series by Peter V. Brett. I was seeing tiny symbols for weeks 😆 My client was rad enough to send me a photo after it was all healed up! Looks mint :^)
Peep a video of the tattoo:
Teacup shafford Japan Teacup Japanese three legs and saucer, geometric shaped, pale pink flower, Fine porcelain

For just $30.00
Teacup (without saucer) antique vintage Shafford Japan

Here is a beautiful Tea Cup has three legs.

Style geometric with flower and stuck gold sprayed, trim on the edge.

It will make a very beautiful Teacup collection or simply savored a very good tea.

No cracks or chips. In very good condition.

For more info, please contact me. I will be happy to answer your questions.