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How Will Transform the Future

has a significant amount of purchasing power. Learn how your can help capture this young audience.

In 2019 GenZ will outnumber Millennials & their behaviours influence others. What does this mean for those who sell to them? #2019

[] comment l'arrivée de la sur le marché du travail va transformer l'entreprise ? Tour d'horizon via

"Social video ads on devices are key for reaching younger adults, with 90% of and 83% of spending at least one hour a day watching videos on their ."

"Social video ads on devices are key for reaching younger adults, with 90% of and 83% of spending at least one hour a day watching videos on their ."

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Échanges avec les tuteurs de Lyon autour de l’accueil, l’intégration, le suivi et l’évaluation des alternants.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 97% of believe that they will own a home in the future, and 82% believe that is an important part of the American Dream.

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What are you doing right now? Are you working towards your dream? If the answer is no get up and get active. Take control of your life- chase your dreams. If not your inaction will land you in exactly where your destine to be.


Still crossing my fingers that they’re gonna save us all. #generationz #twoscreens #multitasking (at Urbandale Nations, Nashville, Tennessee)

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i have to do a presentation

i feel like i’m gonna end up backing out bc idk what confidence is but i still want to prepare for it bc the topic is something i’m passionate ab:

what affects young people today?

ik no one will see this probably but if you do pls reblog w something that you think affects young people of today. i have ideas but i want to hear what you think. pls don’t leave me hanging ty

(can be political, environmental, social, personal, economical, mental issues etc)


El 2019 no tiene porqué ser una repetición de tu año 2018!.
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Llevá tu Trading al siguiente nivel. 🔝#life #forex #lifestyle #generationz #generaciony #academy #aftertradingacademy (en Oberá, Misiones)

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First illo for ZEIT newspaper: on the ominous “Generation Z”, people born from ‘95 onwards.

How most of them navigate freely & curious but aware through the digital world and devices. How they’re possibly more political and tolerant than the generations before. But how they’re also more likely to rely on their parents opinion as the text mentions and are supposed to be overwhelmed by the amount of job possibilities, courses and options. I don’t fully agree with the categorisation but it was quite an interesting read. Very happy to be able to get some insight info from my amazing cousin Pia and to my handmodel Sarah AD by Ludwig Ander Donath – thanks a lot for this great collaboration! Text by Klaus Hurrelmann
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Mas allá de los comentarios de Auronplay vemos aqui in Nuevo movimiento de la generacion Z atravea de una extrema performizacion de sus vidas.

- New uses of the platform

-Generation Z performance as lifestyle

- Forward Snapchat

Gen z is a whole new breed

We thrive off of self deprecating humor. The funniest are the ones with sad childhoods, mental illnesses, daddy issues, and are most likely gay. Everyone is gay. We barf rainbows and shit skittles. We eat insults for breakfast and use them to power our self hate, which only fuels us more. We. Will. Live. Forever.


Young people! Vote! #vote #govote #millenials #generationz #registertovote

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Ja, ich bin wach, ich bin wach

Ja, mit der Zeit lässt ihr Schlafmittel nach

Ihr kriegt mich nicht ruhig, das schafft ihr niemals

Ey, das schafft ihr niemals, ja

Ich lass’ mich nicht kleinmachen

Damit ich reinpass’ in euer scheiß Puzzle

Bei dem jede Seite jedes Teils gleich lang ist

Fuck that, fuck that

Eine Perspektive ist schwer zu kriegen

Wenn dir niemand zeigt, dass du der Herr des Spiels bist

Denn nur der, der an sich glaubt, lässt sich nicht mehr verbiegen

Fuck, yeah, fuck, yeah

Ich werde mich nicht mehr verkriechen

Werde lern'n zu lernen und den Schmerz zu lieben

Denn wer lern'n beherrscht, der kann nie mehr verlieren

Fuck, yeah

Dat Adam - Wach


So my friend’s parents divorced and they told her in a three minute phone call. Which was such an asshole move but anyways. And she sits down and starts crying on the side of the road, and there was a shitload of people walking and passing her and not even looking at her and then you could see every young person stopping immediately and hugging and asking if she was okay and in like twenty minutes there was a quite big group of strangers all around her and someone bought cupcakes from the market in order to cheer her up and someone else played her favourite song and don’t you dare tell me that gen z is selfish and rude and doesnt care about anything.

I love gen z, I really do, but as an older millennial sometimes classified as gen x, I think it’s funny or maybe relatable? that they think they have this monopoly on feeling depressed and dead inside. Uh…we 90s teens were the epitome of apathy, flannel, goth, and feeling depressed. I mean I literally used to sit in my room with like 15 candles lit, listening to Sarah Maclachlan, scrolling through chat rooms and fan fiction on my giant desktop computer. Maybe our depression was more dramatic than theirs?? We were pretty dramatic given we were 80s kids with stirrup pants and she-ra.

I had a patient a few months ago who was like…18 and getting ready to graduate. And she was talking about wanting to travel the world but she couldn’t do it because Trump is president and everyone hates America now. And I was like, pssshh I still traveled. And she was like. “Well when you were doing that, Obama was president so duh you could.” And I was like hahaha uh, thanks for the compliment, but no, I was first in college 17 years ago traveling when W. Bush was president. And she was like “…oh.” Like yeah, believe me, everyone hated America then too. Oh also I was in a foreign country when he declared war on Iraq, so then I had to REALLY listen to people telling me how much they hated America.

I just think older millennials and gen z have a lot in common. We both were (are? Not sure how old their generation goes to) teens and in our early 20s with a really shitty president, everyone hated America, the economy was fucked (remember the recession of 2007 anyone?), and we were DEPRESSED and we had ANXIETY. also now that Trump is president we have to go through this shit AGAIN in our 30s except now we don’t have the time to sit around listening to sad lady music and writing poetry and figuring out our lives because we are working so much to pay our mortgages and buy health insurance for our OLD bodies that are falling apart.

Anyway, my point being I find myself relating to a ton of gen z posts and when they then say “oh but this is how millennials are” I’m like, not those of us in our mid 30s! We hear you, kids! It’ll get better, if only for 8 years when we elect the next black (woman?????) president. (Michelle? Oprah?) (that’s not facetious, I honest to god think oprah would be a wonderful president)

Oh 90s. I miss you.