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130 million girls are out of . discusses how the G7 can meet its ambitious goal ambitions:

Incorporating a gender lens into our view of financial inclusion can yield useful insights, as shown by this great report from the team at

Are you a working with clients - or do you need to develop in this area? hosts 'Working with & clients' with . Sat 14 Jul. For tickets & more info:

In recognition of the need to address board head-on, has appointed three women among seven new additions to its governance Board

In recognition of the need to address board head-on, has appointed three women among seven new additions to its governance Board

Are you at Adaptation Futures 2018 in Cape Town? Come see speakers from , , & STARTING NOW on -responsive approaches to ! More info here:

in 's : Articles bylined by 23% vs 41%; featuring just women 15% vs men 43%. with much larger |s; articles: women 16% vs men 58%, photos: women 22% vs 44% men.

Can you recognise cases of Based ? What instruments can you use when dealing with the ? Learn more on through self-paced online module. are invited to register on the e-Net!

Are you at Adaptation Futures 2018 in Cape Town? Come see speakers from , , & in ONE HOUR on -responsive approaches to ! More info here:

Only three days to go to support our work in schools for balanced teaching about Please support our fund raiser if you can

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exists in various forms; , identity, and other social stereotypes. Such preconceived beliefs impacts the way we hire, the way we lead, the way we influence others. How can we overcome these biases?  

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How to figure out if I’m trans bc I high-key hate my boobs but I still like being feminine but also I’ve never been in a relationship so I have no clue whether or not that’s true so I’m just screaming out of my ass and hating that too??

One more reminder before I go to sleep (much later than I probably should, whoops): you do not have to prove to any gatekeeper that you are Trans Enough (or Not-Cis Enough, if you don’t identify as trans, which is also extremely valid!) by showing that you’ve had the Correct™️ experiences of dysphoria. You are “trans enough.” I believe you. You’re not “faking” it: that requires a conscious effort to do so.

I wish people would be kinder, but where they’ve failed, I’m speaking up: if you identify as trans, then you’re trans enough. I love and support you, and I hope you get a hug or other preferred gesture of affection from someone you love very soon. ❤️❤️

No such things at all

David’s gender fluidity is not comic, as it often happens to the others. It’s a very serious sensuous charm. He doesn’t just make an attempt on the mutual agreement about gender, orientation, sex. 

After David, there are no such things at all. 

In fact, you don’t have to break eroticism into categories. You have a right to be who you are. 

The fucking irony of truscums calling people racist because they defend non westerns non binary genders as valid parts of the human experience, only because they alone have decided all those cultural genders are actually homophobic, sexist and transphobic, therefore invalid. Not a single word with the people on those cultures or who use those especific non wester non binary labels. Nah, just take all to the trash, they are all trash. 

What a way to completely shit on any other culture that isn’t your own and claim you do so for the sake of the people in those cultures. It doesn’t make any sense. So all those cultures are only ever going to be acceptable as long they conform to your western understanding of it? There is a word for when you do that, you know, and isn’t clever.

When I was very young, some gay friends of mine threw a cross-dressing party. My boyfriend at the time, with the help of his mother, did so well that a lot of straight men were unnerved; they needed to know that the lust-inspiring, simpering siren in the tight slip was not compromising their heterosexuality. I was not nearly so convincing as a Rod Stewart-ish man with charcoal five o’clock shadow, and I was a little taken aback to realise that, to me, impersonating a man meant manspreading on the sofa, belching and scratching personal parts, glowering and cursing. There was a sense of not having to please anyone and not having to be likable that was fun, but it wasn’t necessarily someone I wanted to be.
—  Rebecca Solnit, Rebecca Solnit: if I were a man

You’re a 22 year old MALE arguing female fertility on a post about over sexualizing 15 year old girls and your main point is that we basically marry at and live to older ages than we used to so it should still be okay technically?

Please get off my blog.

Your pedophile apologist mindset can kindly​ never ever get fucked unless it’s by a pinecone

How to deal with your dysphoria, Kai addition:

•Eat Veggie Straws until it physically hurts

•Try your hardest to ignore it by watching watching random buzzfeed people eat an absurd amount of things even though that little dysphoria demon is hovering right over your shoulder and you definitely can not ignore it

•Give up and just go to bed to escape it

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I feel like Lainey isn't a good lgbt+ public figure since they often queer bait and have allowed their husband to exploit their sexuality. I personally don't doubt their choice of labels, but it does seem like their identity-especially their sexuality-is used for views and attention. But only their attraction to girls, since any attraction to men would make Onision lose his shit. And they're androgynous, but only acknowledge their masculine side and refuse their feminine. Does that make sense?

I mostly agree. Taylor does use their sexuality and gender to bait and it’s gross. And Gerg absolutely looses his shit even if Taylor mentions admiring a dude in just a platonic way (like that one musician guy a while ago because they liked the band he was in who’s name I’m blanking on).

And right, it was recently that they said they don’t identify with agender and are now demiboy or something leaning toward male-identifying. I still don’t believe it, but we can agree to disagree, no worries. It’s just weird how against feminine things they are, but still go through with using makeup and wearing feminine clothes and other traditionally feminine things (not that that, in itself, is bad, it’s just weird how adamantly against it they are and do it anyway).