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If I were a female or lgbtq that told of the systematic oppression that occurred to me and my gender, than I'd probably still have my job & never would've got mistreated by my female coworker & boss.

En route to speak at 'Creative Bodies / Creative Minds' in Graz, Austria. It's the sister conference to - & I'll be unveiling the actual dates of THIS biennial conference (Spring 2019) while in Austria. Watch this space!

.: Naina Lal Kidwai, Ritu Anand, Shailaja Chandra, and Aparna Jain discuses Women in workplace Roadblocks and Solution at the Shangri-La Hotel.

Kashmiri women today at : , , Ahmad Mahjoor, Samreen Mushtaq and Mantasha Binti Rashid discuss the experiences of women in conflict areas with at the Shangri-La Hotel.

RT if you are a strong woman leader and yet quite often the only lable you get is "Boss Lady" Can be demeaning at times. Let's stand for leaders. Proud to be one in my own context.

ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Council Ministers gathered in a special retreat to discuss strategic ways to promote a of prevention () in the region, by addressing the causes, including , inequality, and religious discriminations.

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Lack of data makes it difficult to understand the true depth of among women. Our report with helps to put together a clear picture of the impact of poverty on

Nisha from talks about the perspectives of global . Climate Change is not a gender neutral phenomenon. It impacts girls and is a barrier to womenโ€™s empowerment

There are only 2 genders. If you think this is false feel free to reply to this with your argument. (just feel like discussing this topic)

"The main characters bravely share their real experience with gender identity and mental illness." This award-winning looks at the and love's journey beyond . Order at

In the last 20 years, natural hazards have affected 4.4 billion people, claimed 1.3 million lives, and caused $2 trillion in losses. But through inclusion, we can change this:

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would jolyne’s male name be jole?

Tonight at work I got accused of being “homophobic and genderphobic” because of an incident that kicked off. This was about 4 hours ago and I’m still shaking with rage. I’m so confused and angry how somebody could think that of me? I mean they were drunk but they weren’t *that* drunk.

When you’re trying to explain yourself but they’re having none of it.

I guess the way they were accusing me of being uneducated on a subject that I would say I know a lot about upset me the most. It wasn’t a case of “I need educating I’m sorry”. I fully stand by what happened and wouldn’t change what I did. Unfortunately I can’t say exact details or Anything like that because of the circumstances even though I feel like it would help me vent. I’m sorry guys I’m just really really mad

Chocolate Kisses || Park Jaehyung

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Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 361 (I swear I didn’t almost type 365)

“Fuck it’s 23 degrees Fahrenheit outside and I’m eating chocolate frozen yogurt from Costco, remind me why I’m doing this again, I have no clue either.” You said, you were currently filming a live on Instagram since it would still be a while when your boyfriend, Jaehyung got home.

You saw many comments of concern for you pop up immediately.

“Don’t worry guys~ I have an electric blanket that I’ll use after this, plus the shit Costco sells is too fucking good to pass up.” You said, groaning.

You were a relatively famous Youtuber and model, and you absolutely adored anything sweet.

“One last mention before I end this live! For my lovely Youtube fans, I’ll be filming a behind the scenes of (videos of your choice) so stay tuned for that! And for my modeling fans I’ll be working with BlackPink’s Jisoo soon for a secret project, don’t miss out!” You said with a wink.

hearing Jaehyung’s car pull up in the driveway, you said goodbye to your fans and ended your live, then continued to eat your frozen yogurt.

When your boyfriend walked in, the first thing you saw was him pouting.

“Really babe? You did a live without me?” He whined.

You rolled your eyes and finished your frozen yogurt.

Grinning, Jaehyung walked up to you and began tickling your sides.

“Fuck no hoe!” You said, pulling away and almost punching his arm.

Jaehyung laughed his ass of, knowing that this would be your reaction if he tried tickling you.

“Now lISTEN HERE HOE! Why would you even try to tickle me?? I feel so betrayed??? You’re trying to make me weak or something??? The amOUNT OF DISRESPECT YOU HAVE FOR ME-” You rambled.

But Jaehyung cut you off with a kiss.

Slowly, he lightly bit your bottom lip, asking for entrance, and when you opened your mouth a little, he slipped his tongue in.

After a few seconds, he pulled away, and the both of you stood there, trying to catch your breaths.

“Babe, Chocolate is my favorite thing to eat, especially if i get to eat it coming from you. Now let’s go cuddle shall we?”

Masterlist || Request me shit you oofs !!!

okay so funny story, I was actually at Costco eating a chocolate frozen yogurt when I wrote this uh

My sexuality is


I want to be allowed to express and describe myself as autobinary. I have the capability to fundamentally adjust my expression and thoughts to inhabit my idea of gender, there is masculine and feminine to me, and there are women and men to me, in aggregate to a significant degree. I might redirect my gender expression, sexual attraction, and/or my romantic interests at will, within largely rational actions. I may codeswitch in the same way as many people, but my identity shifts to meet them.

I know Quill’s a womanizer (or a femalealienizer?) in both comics and cinematics, but honestly I hc him the same way as I do with canon Rick Sanchez.

Because Rick is definitely pansexual, he literally got laid with an entire planet. He has been seeing so many things in the multiverse that gender doesn’t matter to him as long as he is in the mood. But apparently he took a long time to realize that. It’s not certain since the flashback/memory could be just Rick’s trick, BUT the moment he created the portal gun, his life changed for good.

Now, Peter grew up in the multiverse. Quill’s MCU storyline is a bit different but the fact that he spent most of his life in space is enough to change a lot of previous perspectives. Different cultures, languages, species, everything is chaos in the multiverse. And environment is a huge factor to build subjectivity. And you’re telling me he would only hit on female aliens after all that? A perfect space Don Juan’s persona? Nah.

I can only assume it would be a great way to explore him. Indeed it would.

If a man chooses to wear pink, he is not mentally ill.

If a man chooses to grow long hair, he is not mentally ill.

If a man chooses to stay home and raise his children, he is not mentally ill.

If a man asks you to call him a new nickname that happens to be very “girly”, he is not mentally ill.

If a man asks you to refer to him as “she” and “her”, she is not mentally ill.

Each of these, on their own, are not so terrible as to indicate a diagnosable mental illness, so why do you believe that all of them together suddenly do.