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Read 1 get 150 subj grasp site opines: In the is always the looking but in it is the - women. How does this effect '' men?

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Professor Renée Adams busts the myths around representation of women on boards, risk-taking, and returns:

Are you attending the American Educational Research Association's Annual Meeting this year? Join GEA for a reception to celebrate , & scholarship on April 6th, 16:30 - 18:30

Eagerly waiting for the leader award winner tonight at the ⁦⁩ gala dinner

Mindy kalings late night has sparked a number of conversations around diversity race and in the workplace so lets begin another one.

Since 1970, has been a pioneer in water sanitation and hygiene programs that have a positive impact on , , and . 6: access to clean and safe water is a basic human right. 

Congratulations to ! Nominated for the Positive Role Model Award for Gender at the 2019 National Diversity Awards!

On my Susquanna river tour past the monstrosity, our river guide said, wild geese and migratory birds used to flock here; they don’t anymore.

💪💪💪 : L’Académie Française s'apprête à accepter la des noms de métiers ! Il était temps

Mocht u twijfelen, bij kunnen ze u perfect vertellen welke fiets voor een meisje is en welke voor een jongen.

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Avoiding unconscious bias in recruitment might not always subconsciously occur. share 6 initiatives to avoid unconscious bias and raise gender pay gap, here:

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It be like that sometimes (these are all based on things I’m personally dysphoric about so you may not relate. If that’s the case good for you)

These could also apply to trans women/trans girls so ladies if you relate ily too

so any daemians wanna give their two cents on the gender of daemons? when I was really young I decided my daemon was a girl, but then as I started seriously contemplating and interacting with my daemon I decided he was male. But just 20 minutes ago a distinctly feminine voice yelled at me to stop being so hard on myself. It didn’t feel like another daemon or some other thing, it felt like Kal… this is also the first time in a while they seemed to speak independently from myself. so now we’re both confused about their gender.

There are 2 genders.

(With the exception of hermaphrodites)

What are your arguments against this?

I’m not saying transgender people are invalid, I’m simply stating that there is no proof of genders such as nonbinary, demi-boy, demi-girl, etc., existing.

Please only answer my question with facts and research, not ad hominems or stating that “it’s who they are, you can’t change that.”

These are pointless arguments and I’d just like an answer.


Yeah so apparently I have Aspergers, so that explains a lot.
However it does make me feel less sure about my gender, since one of the symptoms in girls with Aspergers is not feeling particularly female or male so yeah now I’m kinda having a gender crisis wondering if it’s actually just my autism tricking me

Phases are VALID.

In the LGBT+ community, the word “phase” has become such a negative term. Some of us may have been told that our sexual orientation, romantic orientation, or gender identity is “just a phase” and we’ll “grow out of it” or, “get over it”. In that context, that idea comes from ignorance, but there is another side to the story. You see, phases DO happen. They are VALID. Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender, or any and all other identities is not a choice. However, accepting yourself as that identity IS a choice. You can’t choose how you feel, but you can choose to embrace it or refuse it. It’s all a matter of how honest you want to be with yourself, or how honest you are ready to be with yourself. It’s a process. Every single one of us, both within the LGBT+ community and outside of it, is in constant growth. That’s life. You live, you learn, you grow, you change. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes, certain identities are stepping stones. Before I came out as lesbian, I came out to a select few people as bisexual. I genuinely felt that way at the time. Later on, I realized my attractions had changed, and that is perfectly valid. Identifying as bisexual gave me a way to “dip my toe in the water” so to speak, and begin to accept the possibility of liking the same sex. It doesn’t mean I was confused. It meant I was growing. Years later, when my gender identity began to change, I identified as queer instead of lesbian. I identified as gender non-binary, because I didn’t feel like I “fit” into the female or male categories. Two years after coming out as gender non-binary, I’ve come to accept myself as a trans male. Again, all of those identities are valid and countless people who resonate with them stick with it. Just because you identified as a certain thing for any amount of time, and don’t now, doesn’t invalidate those feelings.

I encourage you to do research. Speak to people with various identities, if possible. Everyone has a story to learn from. You never know what will be eye opening for you.

In summary, let yourself feel and experience the things. Allow yourself to try different labels, no labels at all, different pronouns, different names, etc. There is nothing wrong with trial and error. Give yourself time.

Gender is irrelevant and if you don’t want to be a girl or a boy then by all means wear a carrot suit you can be a carrot today I won’t judge but also if you feel pretty and want to wear a flowy skirt I’m all for that you’re beautiful and I love you and if you want to wear a tank top and be muscular go for it you’re strong and I believe in you because gender is irrelevant unless it makes you happy so go be happy and be whatever you wanna be you pretty muscular carrot person

About “respectful redesign” and “realistic portrayal of women”

First of all, BOTH men and women get sexualized. It’s not just women. Think of the countless times a man in fiction who is slightly muscular ends up flashing his biceps and abs “just cause”.

The reason why one of the trailers of CM showed Carol in a more realistic light is not because the director of said trailer was a woman, but because she was a STRAIGHT woman. They are not attracted to women, hence, they are capable of portraying women in a more down-to-earth way(same applies to gay guys), as opposed to bi/pan men and women and straight guys.

A lot of said sexualized characters happen to be from fantasy or comic books. If we’re gonna complain about them looking unrealistic(meanwhile, MJW and Gwen looked very realistic), let’s think of two options. Either we whine about even 17-year-old boys having the body of a Mister Universe and women looking like 90s catwalk models and complain about how getting spider abilities after being bitten by one is unreal/you can’t be resurrected by a cat and even if it was possible, it just wouldn’t give you feline traits or we shut the fuck up.

There are three reasons why men and women may look too perfect:

1 it’s fiction

2 the artist/author/etc is attracted to people of the same gender as the character

3 it was meant to be this way so that they’d stand out among “ordinary” characters.

Also, women who love makeup and heels do exist. Men who like working out and being active are a thing.

Get the fuck over yourselves

I’m with my mom’s family for a funeral right now and it sure would be nice to be gendered properly

I’m not mad, because it’s not purposeful or malicious

Just a little tired of people not remembering even after I remind them multiple times


“Boys shouldn’t wear nail polish/makeup/pink clothes”

First of all that’s wrong


(Also on a side note i’ve not been feeling like a guy for a while now, like i’m happy with my body and all but i can tell that i’m not a guy? Can anyone help me with this cause i’m super hecking confused and have no idea what i’m doing and idk if it’s just a phase or whatever but i need some help with this-)

Recipe for Turnbout (3-3), part 2: Jean Armstrong and gender

I’m sorry if this game made anyone feel invalidated because dang, I felt really awful at some points of this case. Jean Armstrong is awesome and I’m not sure which pronouns Jean would prefer so I’m avoiding them, but Jean self-identified as a man (I think) and as a woman (I’m sure) in Jean’s own mind or feelings, so I’d roll with guessing a non-binary gender identity. For someone my age (I’m old and rickety, yo) this is a bigger deal than it might be for my Gen Z kids. I really love Jean. I love how Jean is unafraid to be Jean, to have masculine and feminine feelings, to love pink and frills, to be buff, to be plump, to wear a beard, to be really good at eye makeup.

So when the judge asked, “Are you a woman?” and when Gumshoe identified Jean as a woman in a way that seemed like it was supposed to make us laugh (and thank you, dear Phoenix, for at least trying to *correct* Gumshoe because it made me feel a little better), those things made me feel rotten. Hey, I’m not the straightest arrow in the quiver, and speaking as an old person from Gen X, I didn’t know any words for any nonbinary or noncis genders when I was a kid. Or a young adult. I didn’t really know they existed or could exist. Which led to a lot of thinking I personally was probably wrong and broken inside and pushing feelings down into a little box with a tight lid because there was no safe place for them.

Anyway I wish the judge had asked what pronouns Jean preferred, instead of what gender Jean was. And I wish Gumshoe would get a little education, not that I can be *too* mad when I know I needed the same education, though.

I don’t want Ace Attorney to be hurtful because I love it. But like anything, it’s not perfect. It has flaws. I’m sad.

In conclusion, I love Jean Armstrong and you mess with Jean, you mess with me.