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So here’s the story about a castle where a girl slept for a hundred years. Ivy and wild roses crawled over the walls and  twined all over the bridge chains, and the rose flowers never wither. Dragonflies dreamily hover over the small sleepy pond surrounded by wild raspberry bushes.

 See those three gemstones? They are crenelations on the top of the wall. And that central agate is the girl’s heart, it has a key hole, but who has the key? The clock stopped long time ago, and everything is standing still in calmness and silence.

It’s a seedbead emroidered necklace with some jasper, agate and pearls. Pink roses are rose quartz. I used a lot of Czech glass flowers and leaves, there are also some glass Indian beads. Oh look, I’ve also made a pair of assymetrical earrings. They’re embroidered, too.

picked up this beautiful silver ring today <3 i really love how it looks with this bracelet. and it contrasts so well with my amber ring haha. i wish i knew what kind of crystal it is tho!!

if somebody could help me identify it that would be amazing. i think it’s blue celestite. it might also be blue chalcedony or blue angelite. geologists help pls ;-; it has a silky pearl-like luster


Only way to show up my earlier post is with a 5 ct no heat sapphire. Hey now. #zomacolor #sapphire #sapphireengagementring #engagementideas #gems #gemstones #noheat #blue #💙

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Big and bold 4 ct cushion icy blue sapphire. #zomacolor #sapphire #sapphireengagementring #iceblue #skyblue #gemstonerings #gems #gemstones

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Ametrine gemstones cut and polished from the pre form pieces we showed you in a previous post. 12+ and 13+ carats. They came out beautiful. Contact us for more info and pricing. #ametrine #gemstones #purple #yellow #gems #natural #naturalstones #color #fashion #fashionblogger #ring #necklace (at Ossining, New York)

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Meet Turquoise, that sassy fusion of Peridot and Hypno.
She is confident, caring, and will screw you over if you piss her off, but she is overall quite kind.
Her weapon doubles as a pendulum and can be covered in metal to become a deadly yo-yo
She looks like a normal gem due to her outfit covering Hypno’s gem and her flaw being hidden in her hair, however, there is a large monstrous mouth on the back of her head.