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Do you know a person you can call an angle?? Would you like to give her something unique? Check this out;A sweet angel made of Agate And Kunzite .

@ $47. This necklace of quartz spikes & Czech glass is named after the Hawaiian word for heavenly flower.19.5". enter SHINE2019 for 30%off

At StoneBridge Imports, we are all about positive energy. Let us match you with the right stone for your unique spirit.

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Set of 3 natural Clear Arkansas Quartz Crystal Points, mineral…

Rocks connect us to the great mother. Nothing beats breathing her in, physically, in an outdoor space. But the world has a way of holding onto us. Culturally, a lot is demanded of us. Acknowledging this, we are better for it. Decisions become clearer. Choices, more in tune with the natural light of the earth, the universe, our reason for being. ◇
White Jade is a lucky crystal, carrying a nourishing energy that is very healing. It purifies auras in accepting + kind manner that encourages the embodiment of these traits. It is an extremely tough crystal, historically used in the manufacturing of tools. Metaphysically, it brings insight + awareness to its wearer. ◇
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Just a few of my own personal crystals ~ ✨

I’m quite new to the crystal community but here are some the things I’ve collected ~


Green onyx - I find it’s a good stress reliever and just has an all around good vibe

Amethyst - a good starter and a good calming crystal it sets the mood for crystal activities

Selenite - perfect for cleansing the space of negativity and brings a safe energy


White bag - full of rocks and crystals I found long before I knew the crystal community and tumblr even

Black bag - full of my runes

Bell - just something I found it has a soothing sound

Being out in the Norwegian mountains has given me so much inspiration.

Beautiful doesn’t even do it justice out here, it feels like I’ve entered a different realm ✨

“Lupine” will be available as part of my Poison Locket collection releasing 3rd February 6pm GMT. Moonstone embellzed in 925 Sterling Silver with a poison locket for storing herbs and other magickal things 🌙

Aquarius Zodiac Astrological Crystal Gemstone Gift Set, Clear Quartz Crystal, Amethyst, Nephrite Jade, Agate, Hematite

A Great Gift Idea available in CrystalsofTheMyst Etsy shop - 

I have a question and I hope someone out there can help me cuz doing my own search has led me nowhere.

I have a White Howlite bracelet that I try to wear every time I leave the house. Lately I’ve been noticing some of the stones have started turning yellowish brown, mostly where the beads meet. I was wondering if anyone knew what was causing this and if there is anything I can do to clean it or prevent it from happening further.

Please advise!