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undiscovered : is home to a World Heritage Site, which includes over 900 painted images in 17 caves. Discover more: by Hannah Fitzpatrick for

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undiscovered : is a happy medium between a bustling city and quiet village. There are plentiful natural springs and in the area. Discover more: by Hannah Fitzpatrick for

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i can never find any good crystal tutorials for my friends to use so i went and made one myself, i hope this helps others!

Rocks connect us to the great mother. Nothing beats breathing her in, physically, in an outdoor space. But the world has a way of holding onto us. Culturally, a lot is demanded of us. Acknowledging this, we are better for it. Decisions become clearer. Choices, more in tune with the natural light of the earth, the universe, our reason for being. ◇
White Jade is a lucky crystal, carrying a nourishing energy that is very healing. It purifies auras in accepting + kind manner that encourages the embodiment of these traits. It is an extremely tough crystal, historically used in the manufacturing of tools. Metaphysically, it brings insight + awareness to its wearer. ◇
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Gem harvesting
  • What do you guys think? I honestly think those gems in the wall are harvested gems and not security or whatever. But not as a reward, maybe Comby was transformed into that as a reward, but most of the other ones looked uncomfortable. Take Lapis for example, she was harvested, to harvest a gem means to embed them into a material for a source of power. But who ever ever said it wasn't a punishment? Like they couldn't fit inside their own purpose or something, since if they were off colors they would be shattered on sight. Homeworld resources are running out, The Diamonds wouldn't waste resources on an extra "security system". There are already topazes and probably more quartz guarding the exterior. But then there's still the question of the gem cut and color. It gives the idea that they're a special cut of gem. However this is not the case, the gems were most likely re-cut and recolored manually or through a machine or system, since gems are like machines, they could be re-coded or rewritten. My evidence for all this information is the context we get from Pearl and Lapis Lazuli in the episodes Mirror Gem and Ocean gem, also the mention of Gem Harvesting from Peridot in the episode Catch and Release. Do you have any opinions?

Last night I had the weirdest dream in which I saw the upcoming episode of Steven Universe (you know, Battle Of Heart And Mind) in the cinema with a shitton of people.

The thing is, the first part of the episode consisted of a “debate” in which Steven and Lars (who had conveninently gotten there just in time) had to defend why the Earth deserves study and cooperation with humans and also why cross-gem fusions and off-color gems were valuable and shouldn’t be shattered.

The really interesting thing is that during the debate there was a REALLY BIG LOT OF NEW GEMS THAT I RECALL IN SOME DEGREE, so I’ve decided to show you all of them (or at least the ones I remember for now) before the episode comes up and nothing of this comes up.

The most vivid gems I remember were the Pink Rubies and one that we’ll see later. They were just like this, exact colors. As “Pink Diamond” had returned, during the debate, most of Pink’s old court was present. These were the main Rubies that were seen in a couple of tense shots where Steven looked up at them and they looked at him mostly angry and in disapproval. There were like 12 or so Pink Rubies, but these were the most notorious ones.

The Jury that should decide after the debate was formed by types of Garnet. Precisely, these ones. They were named as they were presented, and there were one or two Spessartines (I remember gem placement inconsistencies, so that might be product of the dream itself or actually different gems), three or four Tsavorites and one Pyrope (although there were more Pyropes in the crowd as part of Pink Diamond’s court).

Then there were these two Zircons, who were the mediators of the debate. Pink Zircon was siding with Steven and Lars while Green was with Homeworld. I don’t know why they were siding but meh it was a dream what do you expect. They also presented evidences, data and witnesses or declarations (it was also kind of a trial).

The opposing team, defending the point of view of Homeworld was conformed by one of each of these gems. They appeared as if they were coming from a warp pad, and then their names were said, as if presenting them. Goshenite was an elite gem, equivalent to Aquamarines but on White’s court. The Aventurine was a defective one (in the same way as Skinny Jasper), and a type of Quartz guard like Jaspers or Amethysts. Maxixe was a companion class to Peridots. Heliodor was Beryl’s assistant, who was an elite gem from Pink Diamond’s court, and one of the supposed “colony managers”.

Beryl was the other gem I most vividly remember, as she appeared and I thought she was going to be a Pyrope and that’s why I remember her. It got quite an impression out of me because I remember thinking “huh that’s weird, they should have called her Bixbite”

A Kashmir Sapphire and an Opal were called as witness, and interrogated by Beryl and the Zircons, but I don’t remember anything they said. The “Unicorn” feeling of the Opal was amazing and it still is, I love my subsconcious sometimes.

The camera stopped on the Turquoises as they were mentioned (I think by Steven) as an example of “Different kind” gems that were permitted cross-fusion. He explained they were different enough for it to create a new variation, and so that’s why they could benefit from other, more distinct combinations.

Now on to the crowd in the debate. There were a couple defective Blue Topazes, a Pink Sapphire with her Pearl, and three identical Pearls that I think belonged to the previously mentioned Goshenite (they’re not pictured, but I’m sure they had their eyes covered like the Pyrope), because she looked up to them and they blushed, then waving at Goshenite. There were also a couple Pearls with their Jades (these are like the one pictured here).

There were many Jades in the crowd, and these new ones were introduced. I think they are Jades, like the “cog-skirt” gems from Together Alone, as they were named Jade in the captions. The white variations of these “Heart head” Jades had their pearls (from above) with them.

There were many other new gems that I’m still trying to remember and figure out, but these were the clearest designs I remember… I think there were three or four more blue gem designs, like three more green ones and two yellows. And some other colors here and there, I’m still remembering.

I’ll keep you guys updated.

Steven Universe rewatch

I got bored and decided to rewatch from episode 1 for shits n giggles, and of course, not halfway through ep 1 I have to stop and write about stuff.

So cookie cat is still foreshadowing because “he left his family behind!” And stuff, but actually it struck me as interesting how the gems explained summoning their weapons, and how we can explain why now.

Pearl talks about careful planning and hard work, and how for her, summoning her weapon is like a dance. We know now that this is because she wasn’t built to hold a weapon in the first place, and because dance is an instinctive part of who she is as a pearl. Weapon summoning was a foreign concept for her at one point, so naturally it took dedicated study to figure out how to use her preexisting “programming” to make it work.

For Amathyst, however, her “programming” is weapon summoning. She’s a quartz soldier, so she was made to be able to summon weapons and use fighting abilities like sapeshifting and dash ball without having to think about them in the heat of battle. She already came out of the ground possessing the skill set pearl had to work so hard to study.

When Steven asks garnet about this, wondering if he’s supposed to do two seemingly opposite things simultaneously, she first responds “yes.” She’s actually not entirely wrong; Ruby is a soldier type like amethyst, equipped with innate knowledge of weaponry and battle tactics, so on the one hand there’s an instinctive element to weapon summoning for Garnet as well. On the other hand, sapphire is gem nobility, and would never have had need for a weapon until she became a crystal gem, so she would also have needed to study and practice like pearl. Having understanding of how discipline and intuition do work together in this case, Garnet then gave Steven a seemingly cryptic, cosmic answer about channeling the universe through her gem, which actually sounds a lot like meditative concentration.

Steven, of course, found that he can summon his weapon when he feels love or happiness, and with the support of his family, which fits with Rose/Pink Diamond’s position as a leader. It also fits with her unique place as the Diamonds’ morale booster. Pink Diamond’s “programming” was to spread, and by extension experience, feelings of joy and community on homeworld, so although summoning a weapon may not have come as easily to her as it does to gems like amethyst and ruby, she still has an innate ability to summon weapons when these feelings are either bolstered or threatened. As far removed as the Diamonds were from any actual action for their own safety, they still needed to have battle capabilities just in case an entire one of their colonies was threatened, or they needed to take direct disciplinary action against one of their gems. It’s fitting that Pink Diamond, who played a crucial support role to the other Diamonds and spent most of her time on Homeworld, would be able to summon a shield, in order to protect her family and the cradle of gem society should they be threatened.

nonbinary guy + crystals and metallics

requested by anon

nonbinary: someone who doesn’t identify solely or at all with the binary genders

nonbinary boy: a person who isn’t binary, but who still has ties to masculinity in one way or another. also known as nonbinary man, nonbinary guy, or nonbinary boi