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The flower necklace in 18k yellow gold and natural white round cut diamond

undiscovered : is home to a World Heritage Site, which includes over 900 painted images in 17 caves. Discover more: by Hannah Fitzpatrick for

I'm very fond of fresh air and royalties. If your business is looking to get more locals as a customer, give Royalties a try!

Beautiful greenish aquamarine crystal on feldspar matrix with smoky quartz crystals. Photo: Aslam Umar

Incredible huge polished Jade from Mountain Jade in Rotorua, New Zealand Photo: Mineralism

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This large labradorite from Nain, Labrador shows a beautiful iridescent optical effect or ‘schiller’ known as labradorescence. Photo: Alan Hart

Unique rosette Pink Smithsonite crystals. what do you think about it?

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My version of pilot(kinda) pink diamond and rose *rose is skinny because i see rebecca old early sketches in 2011(?) I think. ~ ~ ~

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Jeweler’s Hands: Human Dragons

The Dragons are far from human. They are cold-hearted and sometimes cruel and will have no trouble allowing humans to sacrifice themselves for a Dragon cause. Humans are dynastic, family orientated creatures that crave other human contact. Dragons prefer solitude and operate with other Dragons only when necessary. Only the Gemcutter, Amber Drop, and Ruby Heart seem to work in tandem with each other as if they were one being. One thing remains solid, however: There has never been a human Dragon. For a Dragon to become human would mean a connection between humanity and Dragonkind that has never been made since the beginning of time. If this connection were made, who knows what would happen? Would it mean disaster or something better than anything humankind could ever imagine?

-From The Annuls of Stormbreach: (Notes made by Citrulline, Queen of Stormbreach circa Pre-Masculinist Period) Human Dragons? Not possible!


Gawd Iv’e been GON!

Why? Fam stuff. Also i forgot to upload this for TWO WEEKS!!!

So leme introduce Kiko! my beby boi, Hes an Ore Dragon, An Opal one to be specific, a near extinct breed of dragon i made, they have a lot of lore that i aint gon get into now but i will talk about Kiko!

So hes a past king of the dragons, duh. He was chased off when the invasion came and let his wife run the throne while he crystallised (just a power they can do) And he eventually wakes finding out tens of thousands in the future!!! He eventually learns how to adapt and manages to get home! Though he dont reclaim the throne he is adored by his people, mainly cause hes an adorable idiot!  



Circa 1930 - Art Deco Platinum & Sapphire Engagement Ring by VermaEstateJewels

$8,600 on etsy

Here is an extremely well kept and beautiful art deco masterpiece. This piece has it all, and then some! The center diamond is an extremely white G color stone, that faces up even whiter! Its really difficult to find antique cuts in such high colors, and we definitely love this one! The cutting pattern gives a floral feel, and flashes great fire with each turn of the ring on the hand. The setting is handcrafted in platinum, with awesome filigree work on the side gallery as well as intricate engraving from the band to the head. There are 4 antique cut diamonds on each side of the ring and inbetween these diamonds are rows of natural royal blue french cut sapphires. The center stone is set with fish tail prongs.

Flower Crowns

Pg 1 . Pg 2 . …

I haven’t done comics ever since My Black Pearl (which I never finished). So here is a new one! I’ll be doing 1 to 2 pages everyday.

Also I took inspiration from @ryctone to have a single coloured background. (Hope you don’t mind.)

Sarid and Jadeiln (middle and right Gem in first panel) belongs to @ask-topaz-and-agnaaura. Yes I realized I forgot Sarid’s Gem, and I’m really sorry, but it was too late when I realized.

Looking For People/Friends to Chat with that are into stones,crystals and minerals. Whether that may be because that person may be on the witch side or healing side or someone who studies them or just collects them :)

Hello! I am looking for some more people I can talk to about topics above. I am newer to the community/ this hobby and would like to meet some more amazing people who enjoy this as I do and talk to them. I am open to different ways of communicating, other than Tumblr. So please let me know and comment/message me if you are interested!

Thank you for reading my post :)

Hope you have or are having a nice day!

Crystal Balls and Spheres

Crystal balls and spheres are crystals that have been shaped and polished into a spherical shape. The roundness of the crystal ball symbolically represents a sense of oneness, wholeness, completion, karma, and respect for cyclical energies. The shape of the sphere sends energetic light vibrations in all directions. The smooth surface of the sphere facilitates clear communication and helps to keep the energy flow moving. Crystal balls and spheres are excellent tools for divination. In a practice called scrying, one intuitively “gazes” the surface and into depths of the sphere using the crystal ball as a “window” to gain information. The energetic vibrations from the crystal ball connects to the energies of the conscious body, making the intuitive visions “seen” from the third eye chakra strong and clear. Crystal balls help to empower the mind with awareness and direct supporting healing energies through the conscious body. Moving energy through time, Crystal balls and spheres may enable one to see circumstances from a different perspective. Crystal balls may be effective in purifying and healing any leaks in the auric field. Crystal balls and spheres are excellent “hand comforters” to use in times of stress. Holding a crystal ball brings its healing vibrations into one’s auric field allowing for a shift in the energy fields. Crystal balls and spheres are also excellent crystal tools providing a focal point for meditation.

Imagine having an Easter egg hunt with my crystal sphere collection! I’ve collected them over the years and they mean so much to me. I wanted to share a picture of my collection with some information because I think crystal spheres are perfect tools for anyone to start with! Feel free to DM me with any questions! The majority of spheres I got off Etsy!



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